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Airport 77 (1977)

Airport 77 (1977)

As the credits claim: "The incident portrayed in this film is fictional; the rescue capabilities utilized by the navy are real". And now that is pretty cool. And it looks like the plane is actually submerged, even if they probably aren't that far from land while filming (you only see one side of open sea after all), and the equipment; rescue process does look authentic, even if there's always that one guy sitting there shirtless doing nothing...

The story? A plane is hijacked, taken to the Bermuda triangle, and there it crashes. But this is just the introduction, the hijacking is quickly overshadowed by the new problem: they are all underwater. It's not about catching the bad guys. It's about saving the passengers, submerged at the bottom of the ocean, trapped in an aluminum vessel originally designed for flight.

As the water seeps in you just might start feeling the same desperation the passengers are. Even if their screams are clipped by oldskool recording equipment, all reactions aren't spot-on convincing, the blood doesn't seem very menacing and the piano guy just looks silly in those shades - the movie overall is convincing. The plot is both unique and elaborate, and a few key people in the crew make up for everybody else's lack of devotion and nerve. George Kennedy is getting less and less screen time for each one of these movies, but he's still there too!

This is definitely my favorite Airport movie so far.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Airport 75 (1974)

Airport 75 (1974)

The first sequel to the original Airport movie, the one that started the entire series, and what a misleading title it had!

As with the previous one, this was an intricately woven tale of character fates, featuring a plane crash - in this case that of a smaller plane running head first into a jumbo jet - and the stewardess's attempt at staying in control of that plane (a bit more realistic than all the newer ranbdom-passenger-lands-the-plane movies...) all the while new problems amount. There's drama, there's tension and there's even a little romance towards the end. And once again I'm reminded of a few things:

- News crews can be very annoying.
- Passengers can be very annoying.
- Watching annoying news crews and passengers can be very annoying.

George Kennedy from the first movie shows up again and helps save the day, though Nancy - the stewardess, is probably the one with the most screen time. Apart from some obvious green screen work outside the cockpit windows and some supposed close calls that don't seem very close - probably because they were filmed at a somewhat safe distance from the ground - it was one pretty suspenseful voyage through the airwaves. And they had a little musical performance on board too, courtesy of a nun. Now I'm wondering if she was a real nun or none...

As for lose ends, there's one: what happens to the pilot? Overall a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Power Outage

I was sitting by the computer yesterday, minding my e-business as usual when... the screen once again went pitch black. I say once again because this happened just a couple of days ago. But a couple of days ago it only lasted a few minutes. Now the power outage lasted three hours!

I took a walk. I quickly scooped ingredients for a cold lunch out of the slowly heating fridge and ate it in a rare kind of calm, away from the screen, not efficiently watching or doing something while I was at it. I helped hang up curtains and boiled water on four tea lights, found out both flashlights I usually use are broken, loaded up a new one from my little stash of incredible cheap China import give-aways with batteries, turned on my phone for music and settled down to play some Pokemon Diamond when... of course the power came back on again! Almost like it was a sign. Don't play Pokemon Diamond in the middle of a regular home-working day! But what can you do when there's no computer? Wonder what would've happened if I'd have tried to read a book...

Involuntary breaks like this give you something to think about. They make you realize how fragile our existence really is, and how dependent we are on certain items - and on electricity, to accomplish our daily tasks. It also gave me a headache, but I might've had that one coming on since morning anyway. Moral of the story? Make the most out of these small moments! Live life to the fullest! And also, if you're using a stationary, buy a UPS.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

I believe in ghosts. I saw them. In a dream.

They were as real as if they'd really been there, my grandmother and her sisters. They were standing in front of a red barn, dressed in their wedding dresses, holding their flowers, glowing radiantly white in the morning sun - dew still fresh on the lawn in front of them. I tried taking a photo but they didn't show up on camera, and when I raised my head from behind the screen of that little digital gadget - they were gone. Yet I knew what I had seen.

The illusion faded a little when I woke up, and realized that they weren't even standing in front of their own house. Where was that anyway? And shortly after my vision, we were once again at Grandma's place, just like old times. She was sitting in the living room chatting with these same two sisters, and I walked into the kitchen, looking around, thinking things were different since last time I saw her (since she died last year).

The royalty and crossword magazines were all piled neatly on the rocking chair, another heap neatly piled on a box behind it. I used to sit in the rocking chair when we came to visit, and catch up on what the princess and prince had been doing lately, or maybe read up on how to clean silver with a lemon or a bathtub with a half of a grapefruit - though the comics were always the real highlight. She threw away most of the old Christmas albums, but the 45 year anniversary edition of August & Lotta was always there, and in the last few years I read it each and every summer.

Memories come flooding back, awoken by my morning dream. I woke up happy and energetic, an hour earlier than I usually do (which is usually by the ringing of an alarm). And as I woke I slowly realized, maybe I don't believe in ghosts... but maybe I do believe in them after all. Even if they only show as memories, in our dreams.

Catching Uxie

Out of nowhere, a quick guide on how to catch Uxie on Pokemon Diamond with nothing but a pair of dusk balls! Or rather, how I did it. Tag along if you like!

The levels are totally irrelevant btw, though they might give you a picture of how high a level is required to do a certain amount of damage. This took a few tries, and was much harder than catching Dialga, but on the final and successful run it went like this:

Empoleon, lv60, with Hydro Pump and Cut to cut away some HP.
Goldduck, lv35, with Flash to reduce Uxie's accuracy and hopefully prevent him from knocking out my low-level PKMN below. I flashed Uxie a few times... till he accidentall KO'd Goldduck.
Kricketune, lv30, with Fury Cutter (by mistake! It sped up that last HP reduction a bit though) and Sleep to... you know... and finally:
Sneasel, lv32, with 2x False Swipes to get Uxie's HP down to 1 without him/her/it? fainting.

I then threw one dusk ball. No catch. Uxie woke up. Back to kricketune. Uxie back to sleep. Aaand one more dusk ball. That was it! Piece of cake.

Of course, this entire process is based more on luck than strategy, as the catch rate for Uxie and the other legendaries is incredibly low. I was throwing maybe 40-50 balls of varied sort on each try, till the point where the capture didn't seem financially viable any longer and I restarted from the save. But as it turns out, dusk balls have the highest capture rate of all (just set the NDS time to dusk if you're playing in day), sleep or freeze are the two statuses that increase the capture probability the most of any statuses, and remaining HP is multiplied against something in the catch-rate formula, so the lower the better! Even 2 HP makes a huge difference compared to 1. It's double.

Well, that's it for random PKMN wisdom for now! Onto the league. Onto the temple. Onto... some place other than Sinnoh? If not, onto Pal Park and importing all missing critters from previous games I guess I'll have to play a bit again to attain! And then, onto the next game.

Week 47 – It’s A Hit Man

Well no, no not really, no hit, just had to wordplay. :P You know.

Moving onto the weekly summary! I've been posting so much at the BBS this weekend I don't feel like typing up too much, but in short: the GOG sales are over, I got an invite to their brand new multiplayer platform, I wonder if you can use an old laptop battery as a UPS for a stationary computer, I stumbled upon a Buddhist joke, I just posted the tenth movie review this week, and here's some music and screenshots of Prey - the game.

In other news, there's a new Shady XVI episode out, the Cxypher was disappointing, the Naruto manga is ending (!), I've been updating the layout a bit, might not be getting that new alternative part-time job after all, have made my way all the way to the Pokemon League in Pokemon Diamond - after catching all Unown and 3/4 of the first legendaries aaand... life moves on as usual.

As usual. Days they fly away when the skies are gray, and though I'm nigh sighing and lying like hay doing null and no way, days still feel slow when I bide in shade. Rhymes on my tray along with vials of D-vitamin, it seems frightening, but I am OK. As long as I drink those vials I think I'll wake up on the brink of sunshine, time booming by like a sink mine, far away from the vile and timeless, the gray marshes where starch is, music either silence or a serenade of violins. I'm off to bed, soon a dreamland I'll be in, maybe take a swim in the summer lake, like a lumber in my slumber if I... find my fins. Wake up in the morning to the known aroma of fine muffins. Mmm.

Oh, and check out the NG animation beatdown trailer if you haven't! It's for an event you might want to go to if you live on the other side of the planet. More info through that link. Here's last week.

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