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Week 4 – Tethering & Winter Weather In

They cut our phonelines! Downtime! And so the week started via cellphone, which I realized (not) soon enough I could actually 'tether' to my computer! Use as a wireless modem! Make things a whole lot easier! In a week's time I've used over 3/4 of my monthly allotment, despite careful consideration on what to use this valuable mobile bandwidth for, staying away from most media, with plugins disabled by default as to not bring forth any unexpected losses. Might have to actually buy some mobile broadband until this blows over and Telia manage to fix their issue. Wifog isn't bad as a free alternative (if you happen to live in Sweden), but regular mobile bandwidth only lasts so long when applied to normal computer work!

In other news, a mysterious Frenchman who goes by the name of Dr. Pixel is attempting to review all games on NG this year, and just reviewed one I'd beta-tested! Short video review here for those interested. I did point out the flaws he mentions (the mentions I understand - the review's in French and automatic translation isn't helping) during my beta testing reports, but a tester only has so much power. Fun idea with video reviews on even the most obscure games though: they're the ones who need them most!

On the blog I've posted 6 reviews and some music. In life I've worked, shoveled snow, biked once in a soggy mush of melting snow that jammed the mudguards until I had to pedal even when I was going downhill, and occasionally stop and ease away masses of packed snow and salt with a wooden ice cream stick I happened to have in my pocket. On Thursday I decided on a whim to weight lift like there was no tomorrow and spent the day after in lumbago limbo contemplating potential kidney stones when maybe... it was no more than muscle soreness. Hope I'm not slowly morphing into a hypochondriac here!

Spent Friday at a tortilla party where the host accidentally spilled a batch of stew on my bright white T-shirt, and Saturday playing digital Minigolf with a buddy while most of the family partook in dinner table socializing downstairs. Not much to report otherwise. It's been a considerably better stretch of days than the previous, and I'm feeling devious, mischievous, like there's an outlet of craze to heave and free of us and besiege the world with until we reap the dust. Until next week!

Eraser (1996)

Eraser (1996)

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays John Kruger, AKA 'The Eraser', a special person in a special government department that specializes in giving people new lives. Witness protection kind of stuff. One special lady (Vanessa Williams) uncovers a sinister plot involving government officials, weapons (railguns!!) and the huge Cyrez Corporation conglomerate. What's supposed to be a simple case of keep-her-safe-until-testimony becomes something much more, and eventually escalates into an all-out war at the docks.

I've watched this movie before, at least once, but watching it again I wonder how I really got into the Anorld Schwarzenegger type of movies, because he really isn't that great an actor. Some might even say he's... not good. In the end the action scenes do make up for it though, and the railguns in particular - great mesh of special effects and actual explosions; other carnage. Only the Crocodile pit doesn't seem entirely authentic. All in all it's a blast of action with an intriguing enough plot to par. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad

WarGames (1983)

WarGames (1983)

What happens when a person is faced with a simulated order to launch a nuclear strike that could wipe out millions of people, that he doesn't know is not real? What happens when a teenage kid starts plays a game of Global Thermonuclear War with a military computer that doesn't know the difference between game and reality? What happens when the military command believes the computers Thermonuclear simulation to be the real deal?

An interesting movie, that's what happens!

Computers definitely looked different back in the eighties, but despite the differences in appearance and processing power, this is one of few computer-related movies from decades past (that I've seen) that's aged with style. It doesn't feel outdated even if the machines do, and behind the thick blast doors and strategical warfare machinima - with a little comedy romance on the side featuring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, there's a moral: that a Thermonuclear War is a game where the only winning move is to not play the game. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Knight & Day (2010)

Knight & Day (2010)

Same year as RED, this amazing movie came out, and the latter snatched all the attention! Just like it was with White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen in 2013, or how about Armageddon and Deep Impact in 1998. I guess these things happen time and time again... which is all the more reason to leave a review and let the world know about it!

Knight & Day is classed as a romantic movie, but it has plenty of action, and plenty of comedy, and two charming main characters: Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise - as Roy Miller and June Havens. The script is superb - it's simple, yet with plenty of twists. It's captivating, it's punchline poetic and easy to follow, and it goes full circle from start to finish. Just such small little details like the final: 'Some day'. Well, you'll get it when you watch it!

Romance isn't a genre I typically get into, not even when there's action involved, but every once in a while exceptions do appear. This one works. It doesn't get too cheesy or intimate, and as the character chemistry starts to bubble and brew we're dragged along on one exciting adventure. What's not to like? I've watched this movie a night and day now, enjoying every minute of it, and when it's all over it still gets me in the same great mood! Pondering if I should give it a 4 or a 5, but if I go for the former the only thing that might be holding me back is probably the choice of genre. Fo shizzle. Great watch.

 >rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Musicalish #51

Music. Yeah!


Enemy Of The State (1998)

Enemy Of The State (1998)

I watched this movie way back, a year after it first came out, back when I didn't know Thomas Seth Green was Selby, or Jack Black Fielder or even that Edward Lyle was Gene Hackman. Only person I did know was WIll Smith, and to be fair he still is the one guy that packs a great performance, but Hackman's close second. I've gained much respect for that guy in later watches.

This is a movie about a guy getting framed by the state, corruption on the highest level, monitoring, wire devices, censorship of freedom in its darkest form. Still as relevant today as it was 20 years ago! And still as great a watch now as the last time I saw it. Almost twenty years later, the devices still don't all look old and inefficient (the GB is one exception), the execution still seems professional, the chase still feels desperate and the paranoia still brews. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle
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