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Week 39 – Cold Week

So I got back to Bro on Monday. Late night. Home at midnight. Up till two packing up veggies/berries/fish; freezing (the empty house was hella cold all of a sudden - closing in on zero degrees outside); catching up online. I didn't really catch up until the end of the week. Actually, I still haven't really caught up, which is maybe why these weekly posts keep getting posted so late and I haven't even posted the remaining sixty or so poems I wrote this summer in the now very sparsely updated Project 2014 category amongst other things...

Anyway, the week: It was freezing. Monday was chilly. Tuesday wasn't any warmer. Wednesday was colder. I had the heater on the upper floor on, turned the thermostat up a few degrees, and again, and then some. Took warm baths. Walked around with thick woolly socks and sweaters and eventually had to abandon my shorts for something lengthier. Too cold for shorts... in September?? There's something seriously wrong with the world. O_o

My parents came back from the up-North on Sunday. I spent the entire three day weekend polishing the house till it sparkled, moving around old junk, juicing apples, varnishing a table and attempting to fix the wobbly wheel on a bike I'd previously tried to fix but instead made the wheel wobbly on. Whoops. I've probably spent a couple of hours just on that one wheel. Apart from that? I've been nourishing bad bedtime habits, watching movies, playing a little Wolfenstein: New Order and working on new music together with my good buddy Jabun! You can now find him listed under 'Buddies', to the right, in the sidebar, a few steps down, right after the legendary HJ - only remaining NG look-alike from the olden golden days still online!

My parents came back on Sunday and crammed the freezer full without managing to cram in everything there was to cram, so we rode off in the sunset (shops rapidly closing) and bought another one that's now settled in the shed. It was the last remaining specimen of a certain model at a certain place for a certain price! Woo! I went to bed at ten and suddenly I'm back to old routines again. The end. Course there's been plenty of other noteworthy events in the everyday and daily trials and strugglesome tribulations that the venture called life provides, but maybe... they're not so noteworthy after all since I'm not noting them. Also, I wrote 9 reviews, three quick posts and here's last week.

Musicalish #24

Just a buncha music videos streaming though, and an unforgettable concert at the bottom! No doubt.


The Raid 2 (2014)

The Raid 2 (2014)

I didn't know there was a sequel! :D Not until I searched for the 'best action movies of 2014', and tadaaa, a new build of this modern-day classic popped into my field of view (among a bunch of other good and not-so-good Hollywood titles I'd already seen).

The Raid 2 was... different. It doesn't take place in the same place. It's not limited to one certain locale, and it doesn't convey the same sense of isolation and fear - the sense of being trapped - that the first one did. But I suppose making more in the image of the old would've been a way to feed a sinking ship, that's already been done, and it was done once again with the somewhat-ripoff (but still awesome) Dredd movie from the year after.

Though I don't fully appreciate the skimming between sceneries, the occasional gaps in time (I feel a continuous flow of time usually makes the plot all the more perceptible) and the mesh of intertwined character fates, I do like the potential of new battle stages each scenery brings with it. And there is plenty of battle! There's a prison riot in thick mud, there's a fight in a car, and between other cars and a car following this car, there's a hectic brawl in a concrete toilet stall, a club massacre, plenty of minor skirmishes and encounters that serve the purpose to introduce some of the other 'contestants', and at the end there is that one final Raid. It's not as consistent, but it doesn't disappoint! The plot isn't bad, but it's the fights that really turn this into a work of art. Fights and relations. Masterful brutality. Despair. Fear. Loyalty. Life and death. And we get to see a couple of people from the last movie too, one you probably weren't expecting!

I like it, and I'm hoping for a third!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Mindwarp (1992)

Mindwarp (1992)

This movie was a mindwarp indeed! And for a movie from 1992, it manages the special effects with surprising dignity, sounds and sights alike. The masks are clearly plastic, but the people behind them do a good job at not seeming entirely human, and the props are part of what makes a movie like this so personal anyway. They're all unique, they're all works of art! The sound effects are creative, and it's refreshing hearing something other than the modern-day machinima-dubstep we seem to expect machines to emit (think Transformers). Here it's more like dolphins... and powertools. Nice!

The acting's great. Everything's great. The violence is perceptible, and it's got Bruce Campbell too! What more could you ask for? Maybe... answers. What's real, what's false? What ends, what begins? What really happened? What hopes and dreams does the main character really inherit? Does she dream her life? Is her life a dream? Are her dreams her life? Is her dream to live? Is her life to dream? Is it but her dream to live a dream, or her life to dream a life? What does it all mean? Where does it all lead? What does she really want? What do we truly learn? What was the message? Was there a point? What am I thinking? How do I rate this?

 >rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Mercenaries (2014)

Mercenaries (2014)

So this was that Expendables remake with all female counterparts! Cynthia Rothrock (the only one in the bunch who's been in so many hardcore femme fatale flicks she really deserved the spot) stands in the sidelines for most of the action, but Vivica A. Fox, Brigitte Nielsen, Nicole Bilderback, Zoë Bell and Kristanna Loken (I recognize all of them, but don't think I knew their names before this) don't disappoint either, even if the overused 'Bitch' and scrawny-looking representatives of the male populace (well, most of them) are a bit of a disappointment. I guess it's an intentional turn of stereotypes, but I wouldn't mind the best of both worlds either!

The CGI could use an upgrade too: it sucks. The plot is somewhat basic, though still captivating; with an occasional twist. The dialog's a bit more clever. The blood, bullets, etc - it's almost all fake. I'm a bit disappointed in the effects all being so digital... or at least not bigger-budget digital, but setting the lack of budget aside, it was entertaining, and the action intense. Not bad, but with an Expendables-size budget, more lifelike effects and a stronger cast... it could have been out of this world!

 rated 3/5: not bad

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

I had a real emotional moment with this movie! And I am now convinced: Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider-Man.

I love the way this movie mixes tragedy with humor. In one moment it's serious, and the next it's goofy, and the plot progression is as clever in whole as it is cleverly filmed. In particular I like how it finishes where it started off, which I was guessing it would already at the start of the movie. That a normal everyday thug transforms into a super-criminal and goes full circle on our hero, that's to be expected right? What I wouldn't have been expecting if it weren't for me reading up on the previous movie, however, would've been the tragic event that occurs to one of the main characters. If I hadn't been prepared, I'd have had a really real emotional moment with this movie. I think. And yet, hope clings, all throughout the moment I'm hoping it will be OK after all, even when I know it's not.

That's what I found so masterful. That's it's not just crisis and conclusion, there are multiple levels, there are twists, and there is real emotion seeping through the characters alongside the action, all the way through, through all the fights, through all the adventures. Maybe that's the secret formula with all Marvel movies, the reason these somewhat cliché superhero movies still end up so captivating and intense? And this one may be a bit more so than most others. Great watch.

 >rated 5/5: friggin awesome
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