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King Of The Streets (2012)

King Of The Streets (2012)

King Of The Streets is the story of Yue Feng, a skilled street fighter who accidentally kills a dude and spends eight years in jail. He gets out, and attempts to puzzle together the pieces of his life, with varied success. Apart from the awesome martial art sequences, all in which Yue Feng excels at what he does and seems near unbeatable, the movie is also philosophical and somewhat dull. Things are never looking too bright from Yue, even though he keeps on fighting, grinding, helping out... is this life? Is this what it all amounts to? Is there a message behind this fateful story?

What makes it all somewhat special however is that Yue Feng is played by Yue Song, both the actor and director of the movie, a guy as skilled with martial arts outside the movie world as he seems to be within it. And yet this movie is thus far the only one he's made. It's a good movie. It doesn't look low budget. The action feels real. The directing easily on par with some of the more well-known martial arts movies out there. So who is this mysterious man? A street fighter like the one he portrays? Is this the story of his life? And if so... is this the end? His one and only cinematic hit? IMDB doesn't have a single review, forum or FAQ entry for this title, and yet it has the full cast list, the cover image and a good rating. The mystery just makes this all the more memorable! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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Google Inbox?

Google Inbox

Google just came out with a revolutionary little service they plan on eventually phasing out Gmail with. Call me a roadblock in the path of progress, but I don't like it at all!

It looks like the social media I try to avoid. It filters out control the same way Windows did with their latest (and not very appreciated!) eight, and while ease of use is the news, it's a forceful truth! What if you want to do more with your incoming mail? What if you need that traditional customizability and power that we've started taking for granted in online email interfaces? It looks like it might be useful on mobile devices, but I can't imagine it'll suit everyone's tastes or needs the way the current interface does. It's easy to hide certain features if they aren't needed, but harder to add them if they aren't there.

If it was an entirely new service I would've been excited, but hearing it might replace that perfect interface I've stuck with through so many feature-flushing revisions makes me despair. I'd like to try out the new interface, but I fear that if I do I might not be able to change back. My Gmail might become Inbox. And even if it doesn't, they might think that I'm willing to change. Just like they've done with previous revisions and updates. I don't want this change. Gmail forever.

Vanilla VS New

Vanilla VS New

And that's why you should check out the Anniversary Edition! ;)

Alpha Prime

So I played through this game a while back. Now posting a few screencaps!

Prime! Alpha!

Is That... Me?!

By The Bar

Hubbardium, Huh...

A Strange Hall

A Strange Hall Prolongued

A Strange Hall Pt 3


Vampire World

I dreamt that the world as being taken over by vampires.

My brother was one of them. He came to visit sometimes, and told me about a club where all the vampires used to hang out. I think it was he that recommended we find someplace else to stay.

At the time we were living in a two-story villa in the suburbs. The house didn't seem very safe. There were glass doors everywhere that we had to keep closed. Once when we came home from a walk a few doors were open, and we snuck inside, fearful of what we would find.

Dad was standing beside a wall, apparently dazed; we were afraid he had been bitten but it turned out he had just forgotten to close the doors. We ate good food: salmon and rice, shrimps, salad, and we planned going shopping for more salad. If the world was turning chaotic we would need more supplies, especially food, but we never did go shopping.


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