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End Of Watch (2012)

End Of Watch (2012)

What an emotional ending. Damn. I was expecting something (even the title seems to imply it), but not that. Or maybe I just wasn't expecting to warm up to the main characters so much. Jake Gyllenhaal shows he doesn't have to play a psycho as he did in Nightcrawler - he's a man with emotion too, and so is his partner Michael Peña. Somehow I have a difficult time seeing Peña as anything else than cheesy, but that's probably just because the first movie I watched with him gave me that impression, and though I've forgotten the movie, I just can't shake that impression. Lately he seems to be in all the more serious movies. Anyway, he and Gyllenhaal come across as lightsome, but genuine personalities, so maybe this movie is all I need to shake the stereotypes.

They play cop counterparts and partners Brian and Mike in this movie, and thanks to Brian's un-coplike obsession with videotaping his life, the frequent first-person camera footage feels natural, almost appreciated (though I tend to prefer panorama over close-up), and it's not just them, but the bad guys too. The bad guys aren't one single group, but there is one main group of antagonists, and then there's a pair of protagonists: cops, buddies, and brothers. It's an uneven match-up from the start.

It all feels authentic. It's a grimy, gritty life in the inner city of yay in LA. Not the typical cop movie either, and it's a good movie - cops or not. (It's a slice of life with personality and brutal action sequences when you get them. IMDB sums it up like this:

Shot documentary-style, this film follows the daily grind of two young police officers in LA who are partners and friends, and what happens when they meet criminal forces greater than themselves.

Aaand that about sums it up. Overall I really enjoyed this one; despite the downs, it left me feeling inspired. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Fury (2014)

Fury (2014)

It's another war movie, but this time it's about tanks.

It's intense. It's brutal. It really encapsulates both the madness and that strange addiction of history's most savage of battles, but why do they have to throw in the blue-eyed noob amidst the slaughter? Of course, we wouldn't relate if there wasn't a character we wanted to relate to: a good character. An innocent. A hoy who has no place in the war, with eyes that shine with fear (and an irony of Aryan blue) and a naivety that keeps him out of the group; makes him a danger to the other guys in the tank they call home. It´s an inspiring story, but oh so angled. Why can´t the tough guys dominate these movies sometimes? Why can't a serious movie have serious tough guys?

Saving Private Ryan was just the same, and add to that pretty much all other war movies I've watched. They throw in a symbol of sanity amidst the chaos - like you´d throw a boat into a stream, and as you watch the boat, you forget about the stream. The stream rages. The stream is savage. The stream: would make a good movie. Hope they´ll make one of those some day: a movie without the bias, or elements we've grown to expect from movies of the sort.

That said, it was good, and I did feel for the blue-eyed noob, and Brad Pit put on an awesome performance as team leader. It was a gut-wrenching journey, and though the official description glorifies it maybe a bit much, it was pretty mad, and it's in war-time you find the greatest contrasts. It's savage, but beautiful, it's heartless, but gentle. It's gritty, it's grotesque; it's great. If you're looking for war: sinister, savage, styled, authentic and glorified, here's your movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Week 5 - Better Than The Book

Started writing this yesterday, just fixing it up real quick tonight, so if I say today below I mean yesterday. Alright? Moving on...

So many good things going on today. That album/EP a good buddy of mine (and me, to a limited extent) has been working on the past year and then some - that I'm featured on, is out! Now! Get it while it's here, or listen to it on NG, SC or YT. It's been a long time in the making, and I'm proud to be a part of the project. Turned out fantastic. And with that, the music page just got a miniature overhaul too, not big enough to merit a link, but it's still there in the menu.

Apart from that hugely groovy news, an author sent me a redeemable gift code for a free game on Google Play, a talent scout just sent me a PM, and I just got back from a party. It's been a good day, and all this even though I woke up with a headache and didn't get out of bed before 11. Started late, but went up running; haven't slowed down yet! And the headache vanished somewhere along the way.

Normally I'd post this weekly thing on a Sunday (which I am apparently doing anyway, with minimal revision), but why not make it while I'm in a good mood for once? Not that I won't be in an equally good mood tomorrow, but as the motto foretells: why wait. No, I see no reason, no reason what-so-ever, to wait. I'm doing this right now. Right away. It's a grand occasion, and I am hyped up about the future, and life, and the day, and everything both general and specific. I feel great.

I didn't write my 750 Word post this morning (copied/pasted a previously written one due to lack of time) so maybe that's why I'm rambling: my quota of words hasn't fully been fulfilled. Or maybe I'm just in a great mood. BTTB is out! Get it while it's hot! Or wait till it cools down a bit and get it then - if you fear the burn.

Not just today, but the whole week's been pretty good. Internet went out on my first work day, so I had to leave early, but on the second we attended the Autogloben fair/exhibition, and the third was the most accomplishing in a quite a while. I won't speak of work though. I mean, I'll speak of no specifics; share with you only this vague impression of accomplishment, probably only marginally connecting with potential readers here; speaking as if I was writing this for myself but without the freedom to be entirely open about anything because this is all going live in a moment. Online. Always with a trace. Impossible to erase. Always possible to regret. But I don't think I've posted any such posts here yet. *Knock on how much wood a wood chuck could chuck*

I spent a couple of days at my sister's place too, sleeping over and recording a bit, and though I barely slept anything at all the first night due to unforeseen electrical problems, and Internet problems, and an overdue order, and noise, and headache, and had to work the day after, and the bus was late, and I missed my train... it turned into a pretty good day anyway! I rested up the next; tackled the upcoming ones as if they had nothing on ME. Like they were XP to gain, and I'm NOT going from 7 to 10 yet. I'm a 7 vet. It's been a diverse and fast-paced set of days, and though they went by all too fast I am content with the content that got sent.

On the blog I've written a bunch of (6) reviews this week, and this, and have a few more revs in store for the following few days. Movies are a favorable pastime these days, it seems; other hobbies and projects in the works are left behind... and maybe that's exactly why. Because I have much to do that I fear starting, and stall. Not all, though. I'm getting there. Slowly but steadily. Catching up on all I miss.

I spent today celebrating a friend's birthday though, with games, semlor and good food, and tomorrow will be another fun day: Sunday. Feels like the week concludes with this post, but if I end it early that means I'll have a day left over, free of all obligation and trifles! Hope you all have a grand weekend; speak to you soon! And here's last week. (I'm adding in the week numbers in titles again btw, just feels better that way.) Till the next set of days!

Musicalish #103

Lotsa music lately, so here's a double edition of these here Musicalish posts - content straight from my stream of subscriptions I do like and feel a need to share. Right here...


Baby (2015)

Baby (2015)

Here's a solid action movie, from Bollywood... but without dance scenes! It might have bits and pieces of inspiration from other movies, but there doesn't seem to be more in Baby than in your average Hollywood flick - which is another surprise. I think I look for inspirations in Bollywood movies in particular, because we know that Bollywood movies sometimes do copy more than most, but this was not one of those movies. And maybe most aren't? I need to let go of that stereotype... until it does apply.

Main actors Akshay Kumar, Rana Daggubati and Tapsee Pannu (and a few more) put on a good show. It's choreographed... a bit cheesy, maybe, but with style! Not much action, but lots of suspense! And when there is action it's pretty intense.

Two lose ends: The code name BABY, which they make such a key part of the movie at the start, drops out of focus entirely until the end. And then there's the relationship. We don't even see husband and wife meet again, but hey, at least he survived the knife wound, right? Wish they would've tied those two together better, but overall: good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Maverick (1994)

Maverick (1994)

Here's a pretty light-hearted Western for a change. A tale of poker, romance, cheats and thieves, all with the fancy flair of gunslingers and brawls and good ol' Western fun! You get nice views, plenty of comedy, and charming main characters all the way (like Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster).

It's not the type of movie I usually watch, and maybe that's why I enjoyed it more than expected. Don't expect to roll over laughing: but maybe a few chuckles and a consistent smile. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle
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