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Week 28 – It’s Summer!

This week blew by in a blast of sunshine (and it's not over yet)!

I'm in for a short visit to Överkalix today - another premiere for this year - with little time left as I write this late. But it is; this week was great. Especially the waking hours prior to today's date!

Here's last week.

Happy 25!

Woot, it's my birthday! This post is scheduled so I'm probably off celebrating right about now, but feel free to leave a message after the link click. ;) It's probably an awesome day. 25 to life. In life! On life! For life! For real. Yeah.

Week 27 – The Wild Wide North

I didn't post much last week, just something about a file, and something just before departure... up North! To the wild and free! To where I like to be! To the wide and debris-free where I don't need to strive to breath! Where the air is clear and I'm never in despair or in dire need of a quick promenade just to sight my feet. Yeah. Next post might be a while away btw.

The flight up was booked: full. I arrived at the airport an hour too early (communal traffic was unnaturally fluent - I just missed one train) and a mere hour and minutes later I was up here - enjoying the feats and finesses (and lack thereof) - that this amazing place always brings with it. The first day was rainy and restful, but since then the sun's been gazing down mercilessly over shriveling plants and crisp green lawns. Last night the temperature didn't drop below 23C even indoors.

I've been repairing stuff and painting window frames, swimming around and hiding behind strawhats and long sleeves to fight what at the start seemed like an inevitable burn, but now appears a potential tan. I'm a son man. This latter half of last week. The former three days I was Southbound, cleaning the house in a haze, vacumming the last dusty grains at way too late, past midnight, checking my flight check-in in sight before bed bug bites I was too tired to fight. But wait... every day's been great.

We're in Kalix today mostly to buy a pump, to bring up water from the lake, 6500 liters/hour, and ease the fight we previous years fought against relentless draught, bringing up 2-300 liters on dry days by hand. Waaay too much. All that energy we'll now be able to spend on less routinous; more rewarding tasks! Woot!

I took my first swim of the year a couple of days ago, first in the lake; a few hours later in river - visiting my good buddy Andreas for the first time this year. I've eaten my first Shrimp Sandwich of the summer here in Kalix today, attained my first splinter and driven around on lazy summer roads for the first time in way too long. Life moves at a pace of its own, far from effortless, where rest's a reward many steps from stress. Happy Summer people!

Here's last seven-day stretch.

I’m On

I'm off? huh? This is where it all begins! :)

Waiting On A File

I could've slept forever! This morning I woke up at 5. And then... 5:30. Then 5:45. I think it was somewhere around 6 the next time I checked. Then 7. As it started nearing 8 I pondered getting up. I thought about it a few times. Looked at the time a few times. Finally, closing in on 9, I opened my eyes and... realized I wasn't so tired after all!

It's been a good day. A lot of tidying up. Last minute (and incomplete - but I think I got all really important files) backups. A Slim Shady LP looping inaudibly in the background as I hurriedly vacuumed the house, and now only the kitchen's left, where I'm about to compose my final meal, tortillas with a batch of various leftover vegetables, cheese, ketchup; quorn. I'm just waiting for a file transfer to finish first. So I can start a new, more extensive one, that'll hopefully last the duration of my meal preparations.

I've packed my suitcase, packed my bag, handed the neighbor a key, turned off heated floors and backup electricity and cleared the cookies on my gaming computer. Cause you never know. For the first time I'm taking one HD with me, with my most important backups, packed in my suitcase in a hopefully uncrackable and unbumpable see-through blue plastic box. I get paranoid just thinking about how much time would be lost if all my stuff was to for some reason suddenly disappear, or stop working, or who knows what... but better live in the now instead of in possessions, right? You aren't who you are because of what you own, but of how you live; what you do. And that's true. So moving through...

It's finally summer! Feels strange how I'll soon be standing upon the probably bare and dried up lawn at our Northern lake house, hearing the birds chirp, breathing in that air completely free of dust and pollution, seeing the reflection of trees wave on the surface of the water, feeling the damp ground below my bare feet as the sun slowly sets on a pink and blue horizon... though it's bound to feel even stranger when I'm actually there; experiencing it. Sights and visions from previous years flash through my mind, but this is a strange time to be reminiscing. The files are still chugging away. I should be down in the kitchen. My tummy's itching. I have leftover dishes piled high, ready to get polished till they're glistening. This is in: file transfer complete, so... I can eat.

Week 26 – Doin’ Stuff

So I watched one more anime episode after all, Hunter X Hunter episode 135. And I thought One Piece was heartfelt... this series might move past my all-time favorite if it keeps going like this! Intense. And shit, I watched the last episode of One Piece too, which turned out another suitable place to end so that was OK. Good thing there was no Naruto this week though or I'd have probably watched that as well. Vacation's coming up though, so soon these addictions will begone again!

In other news: the week has been busy. Two work days, though one was canceled last-minute. Took a trip to the city on Wednesday, ate a huge pizza, had a good time. Took another trip in on Friday, to a Fish spa (it was a gift!) and another restaurant, passed by my cousins place to fetch leftover food just before they rode up North. I'm usually way ahead of them, but this year's twisted. Took a long walk with a buddy this Saturday, and between these bouts of unusual high-level recreation I've been sorting files like crazy, posting old shit and hoping to get things sorted and old projects finished before I leave. As always it feels like I've been leaving way too much till last second. Why don't I ever start with stuff like this in good time?! Or do I actually have more time to focus on these things now that work and studies are both done for this semester...? Either way, what I don't finish now I'ma finish as soon as I get back. And if I don't need to do it, there's no harm in abandoning old projects, life is priorities, no need to keep and do everything. I need to tell myself that more often.

This week I've posted 11 movie reviews, 8 batches of game screenshots that have been lying around forever, an old TM2 review, a few old artworks, an old Maxthon Test, another Musicalish and a bit about GOG and Unity.

Next week... there will be no weekly post, probably, cause I probably won't be visiting a public computer that soon. I'll post something before I leave though, and hope most of the tasks I've set out for myself before then are accomplished. Even if they aren't, I know everything will be quickly forgotten as soon as the plane hits the sky. Just three days left now! Here's last week.

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