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Week 37 – The Week That Passed Fast

So I've posted ten movie reviews, a bunch of music videos, something about GOG, summer and saving the Internet. Still haven't gotten around to posting all the poetry I've been scribbling by hand this summer, or writing in the new ones I've been scrambling together from the little that seems to be left of my imagination now that I haveth returned!

I've watched a few movies, but most reviews are of ones I watched before summer and never got around to posting. I'll actually be flying back up North in just a couple of days, just for the weekend, plane, car, car, plane, and I'll be back as if I'd never even been gone! It's going to feel strange visiting the place like a tourist, in the wrong season, right in the middle of working days and surfing daze! But I am looking forward to it, even though I'm hella stressed. During the past week I've been working, getting back to my daily Internetal routines, hanging out, catching up, doing stuff. Every time I wait with these weekly posts too long I realize why I shouldn't do so: they start lacking detail!

It's been an eventful week though! Not so eventful with the site, but eventful with sights, sun, sighs of life, fun and vice and plight. I've stayed up way too late a couple of days playing the new Wolfenstein Order too (way too late = past four), and the further I trespass into the morbid unknown of a menacing parallel future, the more I like it! It's different from the classics - not only in good ways - but the awesome eventually cancels out all else. Work's been good. Efficiency levels and unexpected obstacles high. The bike tire I fixed doesn't seem to be holding too well btw, considering I just got another flat yesterday. But that's not for this post! I'll see yall in a few days. Here's...

Last weeks.

Captain America – The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain America - The Winter Soldier (2014)

Awesome action, stylish credits, and a promise for a sequel. It doesn't matter that it's full of stereotypes - it's still all awesome. The plot, the characters, the action, the classic clash between bad and evil, heroes and villains, a world at stake, both grandeur and ample humanity portrayed... yupp, it's another Marvel movie and I love it.

Some of the action seems almost too sped-up, especially close-combat, but overall it's refreshingly refined and creative, and I'm glad they choose to do actual combat rather than CGI for most of the fights. They soar, they stunt, they fly, they fight, they flash by at the speed of light... they make the fights look beautiful! Great watch. And, when there's Nazis and elements of world domination/supernatural/cybernetic evolved - it gets even better. That's the secret ingredient to spicing up a real action movie. Indiana Jones, Hellboy, Captain America - I loved all of those movies. There's just something about that very perceptible threat, that most of us have never fully realized the depth and complexity of, that makes it all the more menacing; perceptible.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Need For Speed (2014)

Need For Speed (2014)

This movie was better than I thought it'd be. I'll admit, the introductory race didn't impress me at all - the race itself wasn't bad, but the acting; character expression was terrible. The black guy dead serious and then suddenly laughing soon after Toby's passed him? Doesn't make sense! The introductions seem planned but still aren't as satisfying as they could've been, and at the beginning you think it's clear that the movie will be as much about cars as about Toby and Anita getting back together... I guess not! What did Toby have against Dino anyway, until his brother gets killed? How did the feud start? Loose ends. In the first race, the cinematical movie music didn't feel suitable at all. There's a lot of joking going on, and I'm not sure I like how the whole story's turned into a spectator sport. Why can't there be a serious race without onlookers? Do we need to know that everyone knows exactly how it goes, at the moment it goes how it goes? Do we need their show of expression? That abundance of cheers and interference amidst the actual action: the race?

That said, the final race was awesome. Not just the filmography, the driving; the flawlessly staged crashes, but also the sceneries - it's like the classy NFS - Hot Pursuit 2 game come to life! The sceneries change rapidly. We're going through the forest, by the shore, over the rocks (the trip over the train tracks in the beginning is deja vu from a mixture of other NFS games - Underground and High Stakes the ones I recognize, though I'm sure they've fetched scenes from other games as well)... it's all just like how I remember it! What a kick of nostalgia! I wonder how long it took for them to find filming locations that could so perfectly convey that in-game atmosphere. And the cars aren't unlike, either.

It's not just one introductory and final race - there's a lot of eventful bonding and trouble of varied sorts until that point. With a girl. With the police. With bounty hunters. It skips past the trials and tribulations fast, though, and at times I feel like I'm missing out on the action, like the director chose to just flicker through these scenes so we would know what's going on, not so we would actually experience them. It's rushed. Too much, maybe? I think they could've skipped the bounty altogether: made it into something Dino arranged. With just one attempt, it feels like the bounty isn't taken seriously, that it maybe wasn't worth placing in the first place. The truck crashing into the picture was a nice one-time event though, a surprise and a crisis that turned the plot in the best (and worst) way possible.

The movie doesn't end perfectly, but it doesn't end badly either. There are inconsistencies, as if I fell asleep during parts of the voyage - much like the characters, but it was a fun ride and I'm glad I tagged along! Towards the end of the movie I'm pleasantly surprised to hear a Linkin Park track grow in the background, fade to jail, to credits... and to this review. It didn't always have the pace I'd expect from a movie with Speed in the title, but it was a good watch. Oh, the actors? They play their parts. I'm not sure Toby's the perfect fit, but he grows on you, and I'm glad Imogen Poots jumps in as a main character along the way. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Sabotage (2014)

Sabotage (2014)

This has to have the grittiest chase scene I have ever seen: when they coast along the city streets, the shooter in the trunk, blazing a trail through the city, the biker hitting the windshield, her blood for a moment blocking the view as they run straight into that truck. That is one awesome scene. Brutal, random and tragic, but that's going to be a classic!

Terrence Howard is a great actor. In fact, they're all great actors apart from Arnold (he's growing old too! :(), but the final scene more than makes up for it. That final scene = awesome. Maybe the secret to having a good scene with Arnold is not using dialog, since it somehow always feels like he's stumbling on his lines, or exaggerating (strange that don't fit in in an American movie innit?), but the plot is gritty; brutal. At times I just feel the main characters are all a bunch of morons, but that's the first half of the movie. The second half makes up for it with much to spare, I just wish it had been that awesome all the way. It's a thriller, crime drama action flick with some real shock value, intense gunfights; mouthing off that with time all goes one step too far. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Coma (1978)

Coma (1978)

Coma is a thriller about a hospital ward where not everything is as it seems. It features that girl from that one Dirty Harry movie, called... Geneviève Bujold (how will I ever remember that name!) and Michael Douglas (I thought I r4ecognized him!). It's a very down-to-Earth thriller, and the way it deals with the hospital feels realistic - the jargon, the procedures, the bodies and blood and all that comes with such an operation. Of course having the movie take place in a hospital makes the thrill all the more perceptible - it's a place where lives should be saved, not the other way around.

Our main character, Ms. Wheeler stumbles upon something she should not have stumbled upon, and all the while she uncovers more and more about the conspiracy she's now involved in - she seems all the more alienated and distanced from the outside world, threatened by those who previously revered and cared for her. It's not always as skillfully scary as it could have been, but it does give the thrill intended, and at the same time it opens up for both truths and possibilities within the current (and even more current at the time this movie came out, I assume) health ward, and what control over life and death they really have. Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

GOG 6 Years

GOG Hits 6!

Happy Birthday GOG, the best place to buy games on the entire world wide web! :D

No I'm not getting paid to write this.

How long have I been this big a fan? I've no idea, but apparently I've been a member for more than three years, on this very day! Unfortunately I'm broke and can't buy anything right now, but I'ma just leave this here for you who... oh wait, the promo'll be over in just a few hours. You'd better hurry. :P

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