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Musicalish #71


Everyone Thinks Of Changing The World…

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.


It's Close. It's drawing nearer. Drawers, clothes. Look in the mirror. The truth is exposed. Are you weary or wearer of very few fears? I haven't seen the mirrored me in many overdue years. Each penny is a new share. Each cent is a wrinkle flattened, twinkle twinkly fathom what's in reach. Everyone to their own and all to each. Life's a beach.

Week 21 – On My Mind Random & Relevant

Loopia raised their prices! Again! Just recently they lowered their prices on domains, and I thought all was well and swell, when out of nowhere they shell a yearly fee for using their DNS services. The bummer of summer.

In other news I've been hooked on Team Coco, or as it may be more popularly called by those who watch segments of the show in full: The Conan O' Brian show. I visit the YT page every once in a while and surge through twenty or so entertaining clips on all forms of random and/or interview. Canada Dry humor. There's probably enough clips left to last a lifetime, but probably not the most productive passtime either...

In more important news: 190 scientists from all over the world have gathered together to urge FN to do something about the dangerously uncontrolled levels of radiation pulsating through the populace. Here's a video presentation (feat. Martin Blank, PhD Spokesperson).

In life I've been at work at work, at work at home; unintentionally working on my tan during a very sunny fun but tiresome session of bike testing with a buddy. I've looked at and tried so many models I don't remember what most of them felt like. Apollo, Asapnäs, Sjösala, Crescent, Yosemite, Kayoba, Pilen, Stålhästen, Occano, Merida... there's so many choices, so many prices, so many opinions and options. And why are there no hybrids that combine a comfortable seat and hub gear with the lean mean frame, wheels and steering of a sports bike? Why do all sports bikes have a ridiculous amount of external gears susceptible to dirt and trouble, and thin seats, and no foot brake, and no packing rack or basket? And why do all standard bikes that do have such things have such a clumsy frame? Why is there nobody building this perfect build that'd suite the common traveler: one who wishes to work out, cycle short or far, comfortably, at decent speed, and not have to carry their bag on their back or lean forward as a battering ram when they go?

Well, anyway, I'm on my final phase of contemplation and research now... hopefully the bike buy awaits in a promising and foreseeable future... on Tuesday!

The weather's been great this week. Except when it rained. I've done a bunch of a stuff. I've summoned lunches much. I've plundered lunch abrupt and thundered back to something rushed. I'm feeling good but tired. I feel I could perspire. Maybe should drink more water. The sun it sinks but smolders. But nights aren't growing colder, and soon I'll lose my blanket, type slow and flow like banquette folks when they eat more than they can fit. And I should speak more Spanish. I really need to practice. And I should eat more Spinach. I don't why but that is. Good stuff and season has it.

Onto blog posts. There's been a ton of stuff these days that passed and I posted 6 movies reviews. Here's last week (vocally melodic composition and all). Next week's bound to be busy fo rizzy.

Wild (2014)

Wild (2014)

A young woman embarks on a journey to find herself. 60 days roll by, full of flashbacks, trials and tribulations, and Reese Witherspoon wandering around. Wondering, pondering the truths of life, occasionally stumbling upon interesting (or dangerous) people and new realizations of the world.

True story? It's based upon an auto-biography, apparently, and reminds me a bit of Into The Wild. It's not just that it's based upon a book, but there's a call to the wild theme they both have in common, a venturing away from civilization for some bigger purpose... though in this case Reese Witherspoon is a very reluctant and unprepared venturer.

It was a good movie though, consistently interesting despite the limited cast (though there is much than In The Wild). It ended with Simon & Garfunkel's El Condor Pasa - If I Could, an inspiring and incredibly suitable song at that point... beautiful sceneries, song, sex, drugs, abuse, a fox leading her along the trail, rain, snow, sun, and then at last she's at the bridge of times past. But I haven't really told you the whole story, I think. ;) Inspiring, depressing and unexpectedly refreshing watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Old CyberD MySpace Logo

Old CyberD MySpace Logo

Soo apparently I had an old MySpace profile with this logo on it! No idea how I made it, if I just added the text, if I made the background... but here it is now, and the profile: long gone. Hashtagnostalgiawithhashtagintextbecauseineverusethesethingsanditsprettycrazyhowmuchpeoplepackintoeachoneofthesedespitelackofspacesbetweenwordssotheyarenearimpossibletoread

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