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Change Canvas Limitations in Fireworks

This is something I've been having trouble with for ages! And finally, stumbling upon yet another Q&A thread at Adobe on one of the whims on which I search for answers, I found the way to fix this incredibly annoying limitation. The limitation that: Fireworks canvas by default only allows a max width and height of 6000px. Why do they have this limitation? Because the program is intended to be used for website images of much smaller resolutions. But it can be used for so much more! Like... everything. And it's much easier to use than Photoshop. Anyway, to change the setting:

  1. Open up %APPDATA% (or navigate to Documents and Settings > USERNAME > AppData)
  2. Navigate to Roaming > Adobe > Fireworks CS# > Fireworks CS# Preferences.txt
  3. Open file, search for MaxDocSizeInPixels and change the integer below it to whatever you like

That's it! You might want to close the program while you do this, btw, or the settings file may be overwritten once again... or you won't be able to save... or you'll get a bluescreen of death. Who knows. Also keep in mind that since the program by default has this limitation, there's no telling what'll happen if you allow yourself too much freedom of canvas size. Program instability or high resource usage is a possibility. Big thanks to the source of this solution. I'ma go draw some huge 100,000px artwork now. Later.

Rumble Bee

I woke up at four, a buzzing noise slowly morphing from an obscure element within my dream into something real and perceptible. A fly? I swatted at it in my sleep and the buzzing grew even louder, and nearer, almost menacing, and in a stroke of genius I turned on the beside lamp.

It was a bumble bee. A huge beastly bumble bee at least two centimeters long, now drawn towards the light, flying whimsically into the bright-lit bulb, consequently dwindling down to the floor and crawling along the carpet, but soon flying at it once again in a buzzing rage. It took a round before I reacted: opened the window as far ajar as I could and prepared a paper to escort it out upon, but the bee was wild. Ss soon as I neared with the paper it roared towards me, buzzing more intently than ever before, and as I reared away it returned to the lamp, frenetically attempting to breach the glass. I thought only moths did this type of thing.

Apart from the loud buzzing the world was silent, and after the bees last attempt... it stopped. The buzzing stopped. I looked around the bed, under the bed, around the room at all foreseeable corners but it was gone. But was it really gone? If I went to sleep now, would I wake up with a loud buzzing in my air and a body full of blemishes? I realized I had one on my shoulder already, though it didn't pain at all that might've been what woke me up. Or maybe the confused bee would fly right into my open mouth while I was sleeping? Not A pleasant thought. So, with no bee to see, I dragged my covers the adjacent guest room along with me, sealed the door and slowly drifted back to sleep and dreams of bees buzzing ferociously.

I woke up somewhat rested, late morning, and upon entering my room again the bumble bee was back on the carpet, smack in the middle of the room, dazed or lazy by a restless night. It was easy to escort onto a piece of paper and out the window. As it refused to let go, I let it drop a story and watched content as it regained composure and zoomed away a few feet below the window. Out into a new day with clear skies.

Week 16 – Sun Sun Sun!

This week's been awesome. I woke up one morning with thick mist outside the window, and frost on the ground, and yet later that day it was boiling. That was yesterday btw. The sky's been clear all week. Sun, sun, sun; apparently more to come! :)

I took a quick road trip with a buddy on Monday and found a secluded beach not too far off - which I'm hoping/planning on making a frequent visit. My employer was sick one day, and on Thursday we had half the day off (Easter) so there's been plenty of free time. Plenty of free time is relative though. There's been time to... stay up late playing Dead Island. Yepp. That's the newest addiction. The sunny summery resort within that zombified post-apocalyptic presence of a game reminds me I should get out a bit, into the land of tan, along the sands so grand, maybe even clad in sandal... nah I use sneakers as a speaker. But in conclusion: it's been a good week. And the latter half of it's also been dedicated a great deal towards Easter celebration, a couple of long walks, huntin' eggs, eating the type of stuff you usually eat and then type up stuff. It's been a feast, and I've just got one assignment left so I'ma be like a beast and write till I sleep.

For this place I wrote 10 movie reviews, and this and this. Nothing much; I be still catching up and other stuff. And here's last week.

The Art Of The Steal (2013)

The Art Of The Steal (2013)

The Art Of The Steal is about a heist. Kurt Russell plays Crunch Calhoun, a driver unfortunately framed by his brother and set up for a ten year stretch of jail time. He abides his time, gets out, goes back to working and does OK... but he wants more, he wants that final job that they'd all be remembered for. At this moment fate stumbles into his life in the form of an eye-patched man holding a gun to his head asking for his brother, and so all of a sudden a new scheme unravels! One for greater riches than anyone of the involved parties yet imagine. And he reunites with his brother, for good and bad...

Along with the people bad-mouthing each other and messing things up (that's what separates a movie like this from a classic like Ocean's 11 - where even bad manner is done with style) there is a surprisingly elaborate plot, plenty of intrigue and plotting, planning and execution for that big heist that's going down. And it doesn't go quite as planned - there's more than one surprise along the way.

It's a good movie! The dialog could've been better, but the script's good, it tells the story well, reveals bits and pieces of a larger scheme that eventually falls into place and goes a full circle around the message delivered during the beginning stretch: that it's all about trust. If you don't have that, what have you got?

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

News Attack (1989)

News Attack (1989)

When I see 1989 after the title of a movie I'm automatically intrigued. Since I've seen all the good movies from 1989 already (or so I think) I see these additional titles with low expectations, with the hope that who knows - maybe fate might throw a gem at me this time around, and this time... well this time was like most times lately, it wasn't bad, but not spectacular either.

The movie is the story of a group of reporters: of a woman, of an (evil) businessman and a sinister scheme these rowdy reporters eventually uncover. Contrary to what you may think, they don't spend the entire movie running away from the bad guys, but there is one pretty intense final chase where I am in awe over how good shape these guys are apparently in. I don't think Hollywood actors ever run this fast, like they're really being chased by hounds from hell, running from their life, just running, running, running - one of them runs on a roof too, and it doesn't look like there are any wires or safety nets... that's the one stunt of the movie.

In the end it's a bit of a sad story, but it as a good watch. I hope reporters still live by the motto the reporters in this movie did: not anything for a story, but rather: say the truth, and do good; tell what needs to be told. The characters bond and all of that, and it's very Asian in how it builds up a sentiment for the characters before (potential spoiler) something happens to them. In terms of filmography it's very natural. Not that much happens, there are no explosions or stuff like that, nothing fancy, but it manages to keep the tension all the same. I'm actually surprised. I don't think I skimmed at all, and this in one of those particularly stressful phases of life in which skimming movies almost comes natural to me. So, it might've been better than I'm giving it credit for! That's the news.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Love Guns & Glass (1995)

Love Guns & Glass (1995)

Here's a pretty gritty HK action flick that I feel could've held some real potential if they hadn't attempted to throw religion into the mix. It goes from potential classic to somewhat mediocre somewhere along the line: maybe when religion becomes the theme rather than a key ingredient to forward the plot.

The first time the Bible was mentioned, just in passing, as something that 'Christians believed in' I was a little amused that the concept of Christianity isn't that obvious to some/most/many (?) Asians, but then all of a sudden they have a Christian wedding, the main character (former triad boss - attempting to better himself and live a decent life) makes all types of vows and confessions and comes to realizations and all that awesome action somehow falls in shadow of faith.

Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against religion. I believe it could've been an inspiring element but towards the end there's just too much. I also want want logic and clarity. I want to feel compassion for the main characters and both respect and relate to their decisions, but when religion takes over it's somehow beyond my control and I'm no longer as actively engaged in the story as I could have been.

The movie has some awesome action, intense gunfights and fistfights and bloody uncomfortable bloody scenes. It has plenty of relationship drama, strong personalities and conflict. It's a killer thriller with both tragedy and true love, at times bordering on cheesy, but along with the somewhat generic drama there is also a tale of vengeance brewing in the background, and incidents that leave everyone affected. It's real close to a 4. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad
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