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Musicalish #174

Another week goes! Another dose of good music.


At The End Of The Hollow Point...

Savannah scatters and the seabird sings
So why should we fear what travel brings?
What were we hoping to get out of this?
Some kind of momen... tary bliss?
I waited for something...
And something died
So I waited for nothing...
And nothing arrived
It's our dearest ally,
It's our closest friend
It's our darkest blackout,
It's our final end.

One of those things I wish I'd written.

The Four Hour Doze

I fell asleep at 5:20 yesterday. Tossed and turned for four hours first. Eventually gave up and played some Advance Wars under the bedside light, fearing I'd get caught up in the game instead of getting tired, and close my eyes first as the early birds started to chirp and light break through the blinds, but I did grow tired, at last, and woke up a few hours later feeling rested.

Not as fully recharged as after a full nights sleep mind you, but with fresh eyes, a clear mind, no shortage of energy, and bowels all working like usual. Which are otherwise all the things a sleepless night usually messes up. My eyes did start burning a bit as the day drew to am end, but they've been worse on normal days than on this one.

I usually can't get by on less than 7-8 hours. Anything less and I'm really out of it. In a daze. Sleepwalking. Nodding off. Not working. Defunct. Broken to the point not even a power nap is powerful enough a fix... but today I was fine.

So what is this anomaly? How did I get by on four hours sleep without spending the day in a total haze? Was it something I did? Something I ate? Should I praise the great trays or pray, and have faith? I'm not sure what it is but i feel great.

Just a little fearful I might not be tired tonight either, and tomorrow will be twice the burden...

Snitch (2013)

Snitch (2013)

A son gets a ten year sentence for receiving a package of drugs a friend convinced him to accept delivery of, and to save him from jail his dad makes a deal with the DEA, to catch a criminal kingpin in his stead. It doesn't start out that serious, but it intensifies fast: from one gang to the next, from delivering drugs to money, from the US, to Mexico.

The Rock plays the lead, the dad, and Jon Bernthal supporting - somewhat criminal, sidekick. They're both family men from different streets of life, and this is pretty much all about how far they'd go for their families.

Also interesting is John Matthews (The Rock) actually having two wives, with one kid each, and toggling between them for the duration of the film. There's some crisis there, but he handles it unexpectedly well, as well as he handles the deal with the DEA, and getting accepted by a group of thugs, all the way to making a run for El Topo himself. The big cheese. The Parmesan of the underground.

It all happens a bit too easily, but they manage to still keep it believable, and there's nothing wrong with either action or emotional scenes. The Rock doesn't really play the immortal tough guy you might be used to, and it's weird seeing him of all people in a somewhat more vulnerable state, like his toughness can't help shining through. Because he is tough. He looks tough. Even when he acts like he isn't, it feels like he could be tougher than he is... and that does get in the way of the plot progression a little. It all seems somehow a bit too simple, and superficial, even if he puts on his new character well.

It was a good movie though. Tense. Well-paced. Well-filmed. Also with a clear message on how unfairly drug crimes are punished in the US, with prison sentences for small charges higher than even those for rape and murder. And it all works in such a way that when one gets caught, they rat out the next in line to reduce their sentence... unless, of course, they have no one to rat out, or don't want to, and their dad ends up going on a vendetta in their place, to bring justice to a fucked up system.

I do appreciate the message! And the movie: not bad.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Keanu (2016)

Keanu (2016)

This here is a hella hilarious story about a kitten, and a couple of guys who get kinda attached to it. There's love, there's comedy, there's straight up gangsta action a la Jump Street 21 style (before it went 22), great music (it's all subjective), guns, swords, Anna Ferris... it's got it all!

It's a kinda corny, kinda crazy, kinda great action comedy/parody with an unwilling and incredibly cute kitten as lead character, plot progressor and aggressor all in one. How far will the main characters really go for this one cat? An incredibly cute cat, but nevertheless: a cat.

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are a genuinely entertaining and complementing combo - even before they transform into their hardcore Allenwood alter egos Techtonic and Shark Tank, and they really bring out the best in the plot. A lot of the time's spent on either them bickering with each other, or with others, but it's all genuinely enjoyable, and that neither of the characters being a bad character probably helps.

It's not a movie with great depth, just great entertainment, and so I'll leave with a simple review. Looking for a cute, creative, catty action movie with occasionally relentless tension and some pretty crazy scenes, but nothing all too dark or deadly? Here you have it, and it's great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Blue Lagoon (1980)

The Blue Lagoon (1980)

Oh hey, this was that movie! The one I saw as a kid that gave me nightmares.

I remembered just fragments of it. The forbidden side of the island. The skull. The jungle. The dead sea dog with a crab crawling out of his mouth (I'm pretty sure I'd remembered worms, though).

Of course I remembered the nudity too, and the the more disturbing moments on the road towards adulthood without any adults around to guide the main characters on their way. I'm not sure I knew what all of it meant back when I watched this, which is no doubt one of the reasons the movie left such a profound mark.

And maybe those impressions still linger, because this still feels like so much more than just a love story, about a boy and a girl - shipwrecked, cast onto a deserted island, where they grow up, and learn to live, and love, learn about each other, and eventually uncover a horrible truth about the beautiful desolate island that becomes their home. I think I thought of Creature from the Black Lagoon with regard to the title this time, but it was something different entirely. Happy to finally have stumbled upon this old thing, and to finally see it for what it really was.

It all takes place in the South Pacific, in the Victorian area, starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins as the Lestrange siblings. Leo McKern is with them a while too - but he soon succumbs to a barrel of rum, and drifts off to another life.

Everyone fits their role well, and they seem so tied to the time of the movie they might as well have been from it. They go about their new life, and love, and eventually even family (didn't think that many movies actually tackled that taboo, but lately I'm stumbling upon one after the other) with an often clashing naivety and hormone-beridden anger.

It's interchangeably wonderful and terrible: their exotic prison as mysterious to the viewer as their changes are to the main characters, and we're taken on an adventure as much of the place, as of their self-realization and maturity. It's a majestic, and macabre, and in the end tragic tale, with the natural, sunny scenery and characters in stark contrast to the topics the movie takes up. It really is more than just a love story, I realize; even more so after I've written this.

Supposedly there is a sequel, so I suppose that one's up next...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle
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