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The Cinnamon Bun Day

The Cinnamon Bun Day

Y'all know what day it is today?! We're beyond Fat Tuesdays now... but cinnamon bun day is a Tuesday too?! Get some fat ones. Shoop da woo.

Exploding Coolant Hoses...

So the coolant hose on my car exploded last month.

I was back for work for just a couple weeks, and on my first day on the job... *BOOM*.

I thought I'd driven over a water bottle or something. Saw a spray of what I assumed to be water from what I assumed was under the car, but should have known was the engine room.

I kept driving anyway, thinking not much more of it since no warning lights showed on the panel, and everything seemed fine. The engine sounded fine. The temperature meter didn't move - not that I would've thought to look more closely at it anyway. Then suddenly it starts rising fast, and the dashboard lights up, and I pull off the road and call a tow... and get taken to a repair shop that replaces the exploded hose, and fills the system with new coolant... and can't get it to circulate.

Apparently something's clogged, so they flush the system a bit, and manage to take out a mysterious orange sludge en masse, and it seems to be alright again! And so I drive home, and when I'm almost there the temperature starts rising again. Fast.

I pull over and notice the coolant tank isn't full anymore. I get a waterbottle from a helpful Polish trucker, and pour in as much as I can as the engine cools, and drive onward! And stop again. And wait for the engine to cool. And then finally get back home on the third stretch.

I call the repair shop and they offer to have a look at it again, but they're miles away now, and a drive there does not seem viable...

So that was early August, and since then I've been speaking to various savvy people about said car issues, and looking at tutorials to maybe fix said issues myself, during the brief moments I've been back in Stockholm again, commuting to work until said car can be repaired.

We came to the conclusion that the orange sludge was probably some paste used to repair a leak somewhere in the coolant system, so I ordered a new cooler. The engine seems alright (I was worried it might've been damaged by the long drive with potential overheating that the meter just didn't properly show), but doesn't run evenly on all four cylinders, and is leaking a little oil, so I ordered a head gasket packing set. Swapping those is expensive. I deregistered the car during September to save at least a month of taxes on it, but now it's time to finally start calling people as to hopefully find someone who can fix this cheaply...

And then I'm selling this car.

Oh and hey I'm back! Summer was good. Inktober's starting up again. I'm recovering from what I thought was a cold that I caught on the last trip, but just might be another bout of covid - my parents caught it too and they're dealing with it a bit more slowly.

How was summer y'all? Time to get back to this music doing; keep moving moving like a superhuman...

They Say You Only Live Once...

They say you only live once but that’s a lie. You die once and you live everyday.

Props Dwight Schrute on possibly saying this one first though.

Random GOG Giveaway: Dex (2015)

Dex (2015)

Here's what next! A little Dex. Cool/enriching. Here's the gifting.

Random GOG Giveaway: STASIS (2015)

STASIS (2015)

Since that's pretty much what the STATE IS of the blog these days. It's free if you want it! First come first TAKES IT. Now back to the oasis places...

It's Summer! I'm off! To the North with the wasps! To the great and the off grid to live and feel off lid! And get some sun and run.

See y'all in a month and some.

Also, recent updates.

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