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Sand Sharks (2012)

Sand Sharks (2012)

The movie begins with the ocean: vast landscapes of sand, greenery and foamy waves... and a couple of guys riding their bikes in a haze of dust and debris when *poof* a shark pops up and eats them. Jumps right out of the sand and: eats them.

Until then your party isn't on the sand, it's on ice.

...and that's why they made Ice Sharks, huh?

Sand Sharks actually was better! Not only are the sceneries better: warmer, vibrant, full of life, but the angles are better, the CGI is better, the plot progression overall is - albeit a little bit cliche - not bad at all. The script is on point. The scientific bits are on point. Wordplay. Entertainment value and props. It's all there. Apparently it's also a sequel to... this one movie I forget the name of but greatly enjoyed so: if you liked that one, whatever it was called, you can expect more like it here! It´s a bit like the Tremors franchise but: with sharks.

Unfortunately bad special effects start kicking in after a while... and together with limited party loops that cuts down the mood... a lot. It's low-budget most definitely. It's a B-movie. But it's an entertaining one too, unfortunately lack of production quality and consistency eventually brings it all down low, despite some both goof-looking and good-actors, cast members, and one killer beach party.

But compared to Ice Sharks? Yepp. Definitely better.

 rated 2/5: decent

Ice Sharks (2016)

Ice Sharks (2016)

A research station at the edge of a glacier is attacked by super-evolved sharks who've been kept locked within a little lagoon way North and are suddenly let free as the ice melts, and one by one the research team become shark bait, as the station's first cut off from land, then sinks to the bottom of the ocean, and when at long last they do their best to get out of it and to the Icebreaker that finally hears their distress call and waits above.

Sound good? It's not, really. For a while the movie had vast and icy sceneries going for it at least, but that all disappears as they sink into the waves, and suddenly they're not even affected by the cold. Loose ends, lack of urgency and a mediocre manuscript make for a pretty boring movie, though there was potential with the theme.

The actors aren't the best in the world either, but the worst part: the CGI. It's not good.

This is what I like to call a C-Movie. You do so once but never again. I wonder if Sand Sharks will be any better...

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit

Dead 7 (2016)

Dead 7 (2016)

Samurai 7 but with zombies? Why not.

Well, technically it's five brave men and two ladies, who fight the zombies and their killer empress Apocalyptica, lady of the mountain.

It's a gritty, part sci-fi/part Walking Dead-type grunge movie where, just like in the originals, one after the other the characters just die away until... watch the movie and you'll see until what.

Maybe you have to be in a certain mind state to appreciate tragedy, but it's got one of those endings that, no matter if the movie leading up to it wasn't perfect (choreography and consistency is the one bit that could've used improvement), more than makes up for it. It has that ending that: honor. It has that. So close to giving this a four just for the end but...

 rated 3/5: not bad

If You Want To Live A Memorable Life...

If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember.

New Year Stuff


Was meaning to include this in the New Year post earlier. Seemed like the right kind of contemplative, and unusually so for XKCD. Even with the bits of comedy. No matter: here it is now! Source here.

In other news: I got a cold. Ugh. It's been such a long time coming though it almost feels good to get it out of the way! Resting up this weekend.

Chutney Art!

Chutney Art!

Courtesy of this amazing dude. Check out his cartoons too.

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