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I'm flying off yo! To the farm and the grit. See y'all in a bit.

Happy Pico Day Again!

Happy Pico Day!

Quick doodle. :)

Couldn't settle on the right color combo so here's a bundle of alternative commemorative centerpieces of simplistic typography and Pico-relevant design for the grand and groovy event that's concurrently going down all over the globe today...


Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Awesome advent artistry courtesy of @Picochu.

Happy Pico Day y'all! :)

It's that special NG occasion on which we celebrate all the greatness and creation that one site has given us over the years.

If you want to read up on the history behind this event you can do so here.

I collabed on a track for it this year with @Aalasteir. Aw yeah(r)!

Happy 17!

Happy 17!

Over in Norway they're celebrating today! It's their national day.

I'm Swedish, so I don't usually celebrate this, but for some reason a buddy (also Swedish) asked if I'd like to join him on a 'syttende mai' parade at Skansen - a folk museum/park smack dab in the middle of Stockholm with supposedly the biggest 'syttende mai' celebrations outside of Norway.

I've never in my life even considered celebrating this particular day, much less paying a hefty entrance fee + transport costs to do so, even less so when I have an upcoming trip very soon, and mingling with large crowds thus seems a risky business (though mom just caught a bug so who knows how that'll go) and thus... I politely declined. There'll be other and all the more festive occasions to get together for, I'm sure.

Since the proposal did cross my desk screen in the first place however I suddenly feel almost obligated to commemorate this one somehow.

So here's to y'all Norwegians. Happy May 17!

May this day be the realest dream! In a good way, I mean. Like may these festivities be: all you could possible scheme or schedule.


Com Puter!

Ever heard of

It's a virtual browser-based OS! A free one, with 500MB storage and a variety of standard apps and games installed and ready to use, in a style that seems familiar both to Windows and Mac, and thus ought be easy to get accustomed to for just about everyone.

I haven't tried running my own stuff, or uploading my own files, or creating an account to keep track of them (you get a guest session created for you when you visit the site without), but first impressions are: I'm impressed.

It seems you can even use it for website-related work. You can publish things, and link to them, and being able to do both that and computing, for free, with seemingly no restrictions at all on bandwidth and use, with an interface as smooth and inviting as this, is pretty dang cool.

And the name! Genius.

I'm not sure for what yet, but I think I might be using this more in the future... the .com Puter.

Those Impertious Microsoft Updates

I've been getting fearful of Windows updates lately, cause recently they've been failing all the time. Both at home and at work. Both with Windows 10 and 11. Both on my laptop and stationary... not all updates, but some particularly annoying and persistent ones on pretty much all devices.

The issue at work was particularly troublesome, since it was a time-consuming update, and it kept failing halfway through, and it was at work! Each time it failed it spent even more time than it'd spent on the update subsequently restoring the earlier configuration too.

For a few weeks at least every time I'd get to the office and reboot the computer the update would kick in, and it'd chug away, and fail, and revert, and when I left the office and shut down the computer it'd try installing it again, so the next time I get in...

It just kept happening!

I tried troubleshooting. I cleared out temporary files, I restarted the update service, went through settings and CMD directives that might potentially fix things, but no dice. Eventually I just disabled updates for a certain period of time, and either I've yet to turn them back on again or this issue might've actually resolved itself with a latter one...

On my laptop I had to increase the HDD partition size for boot-related files for one particular update to finally go through.

My home computer's been upgraded to Windows 11 for a while, and so far it's been pretty buggy.

I don't recall the update number, but there was a notorious one that just wouldn't go through no matter what - I found out when I Googled the issue, and saw that at least I wasn't alone with it.

Today though? Windows just installed an update for me, so I rebooted, and suddenly all is good! It went fast too...

This is almost... unreal.

It works again.

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