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Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout (2018)

Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout (2018)

Can these movies get any better at this point? The action's as heavy as the script is elaborate, and car chases, human chases, helicopter rides, fights in enclosed spaces, charming ladies, spy intermezzos and intrigue all follow one another in what all boils down to another pretty SERIOUS segment of the franchise.

Tom Cruise is his usual self - which is great, albeit a bit predictable. I'm not certain but it seems Ving Rhames gained a little weight since last - he stays in the sidelines and plays his part as well as usual. I'm happy to see Benji (Simon Pegg) get a bit bigger space, and a bit more professional, all the while retaining just enough of his earlier comedy value. The characters are all an intricate balance, as are the two girls (or three? four?), and not to mention: Henry Cavill. That guy's something else. He steals the show, even though Sean Harris is the main villain - once again.

It's exciting to know Tom Cruise does as many of his stunts as possible himself, in that you'd better believe the action's as authentic as possible, and whatever stunt doubles participate in the chases we're in for a ride too.

It looks serious. It looks good. I'm sure they managed to squeeze in some special effects somewhere, but wherever they are I'm not noticing them. Mission Impossible keeps it authentic as few, and I believe it's mostly because - like the Bond franchise - they actually do try to keep as much of it as possible real. For real.

It shows not only in the stunts, but in the devices (of course they're props - but well-made props), the characters; pretty much everything that is Mission Impossible. Out of three movies I watched at the movies this particular day this was most definitely the best of the three, and not just because it was the most serious, and most uncompromising, but just because it's always all so thorough.

Shame about Alec Baldwin though.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Alpha (2018)

Alpha (2018)

Here's the story of a hunter, and even more so: his son. It takes place 20,000 years ago, with guest narration by Morgan Freeman. His modern English surrounded the ancient tongue oddly, but strongly, as always.

It was a good story, and filmed well, albeit sometimes with a modern flare that seemed unsuitable for such an ancient tale. The flashbacks, slow motion jumps and plunges; fuzzy sparks rising to the sky. Beautiful but unnatural sceneries stream by, and animals (all but the wolf... and hare), on a harsh and emotional hunt, but even more so: long voyage home.

It was good, but predictable, obviously angled towards a smaller audience (no blood, emphasis on moments that might rouse a child - like the insects, focus on family relations, simplified villains, etc), and stylized i a way that - though it looked cool - I don't feel had a place in this time. I would've preferred dirty, close and chaotic. The struggle under the ice as seen from the side is more movie poster potential than momentary immersion.

I do appreciate the natural beauty, monumental scenery and power - without having to resort to cliche, sex appeal or gore, but at the same time it's like they're somehow parodying our ancestors. Making their life both more, and less, than it really was.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Johnny English 3 - Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Johnny English 3 - Strikes Again (2018)

Johnny English is back, and bolder, better, and more brutal than ever! The comedy follows previous traditions in never taking it too far, but often going for either awkwardly entertaining or just straight over-the-top.

In a good way.

They theme this movie on technology, and as much as it's entertaining to witness (they make the wittiest out of it too) the clashes between Johnny 'Oldskool' English, and the new generation. It also feels like they're making a statement. Technology really isn't for the betterment of all. And I like that sentiment too.

Atkinson does look a bit older, but he's definitely still got it, and he's as fun to watch as ever. The movie takes him on a chase after a new-age villain together with his old companion, has him running into a femme fatale, driving around, venturing into a whole new kind of VR world, suiting up and eventually saving the world. All in classic Johnny English style!

There's just no one like him, and I miss the harmless kind of humor he ensues - for all ages no less.

Sceneries are magical, the soundtrack orchestral, the humor laughable (in a good way), and the essence of it all is flashy as ever. The chase goes as you expect it to go, which is one of the few details I wish they could change - that they'd go for something unexpected not only with the bloopers but with the plot progression itself, but that's one of very few things I'd like to change. For the most part it was a blast, either seat-sticking suspenseful or stead-flipping entertaining, and though the premise isn't the most advanced it's the humor that really does it. And the style. And Rowan Atkinson's pure genius.

Third and final? If it was it was a worth ending (though I can't say I remember enough of the first to fully compare), but I wouldn't mind if they keep it going just a little longer. Great watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Pitbull: Tough Women (2016)

Pitbull: Tough Women (2016)

The guys definitely have smaller roles to play in this one! And especially Piotr Stramowski, who had such a prominent role in the former, but apart from one intro bust scene he's not very present at all, mostly just there to support his wife, and daughter, and to keep things rolling. Because this time: it's all about the women.

So after the initial bust scene we move onto a different kind of bust scenes, and follow the lives of a group of truthfully tough women as they go about their lives, both within and outside the police force - and sometimes both. As with the earlier movie everyone's fates seem to interweave and make for a somewhat messy, but at the same time very authentic-looking tale of life. And the elaborate schemes the criminals resort to in these movies is another very authenticating thing. Some of this could be real... maybe all.

They're still not adverse to nudity or gore, and though those scenes aren't many the movie has a refreshingly uncensored atmosphere that way. It feels real. The new main nemesis, 'Sugar', played by Sebastian Fabijanski, puts on a great role too, and we get to see a few re-occurring faces from the prior movie too, at the end unexpectedly also Fear, who contributes some appreciatively crude comedy to an otherwise serious and savage film, where some of the humor probably doesn't pass translation, and character relations and dialog comes across just as tough as the action.

Maybe I'll learn a thing or two about Poland if I keep watching these though! And I hope they'll be making more. So far I'm enjoying every one, and the enhanced female presence here isn't a bad thing either.

All walks of life. All types. Expendables to Mercenaries. This seems to be one of those types of movies. Unfortunately, there's still plenty of lose ends, like whatever happened to the rest of the gang when Sugar meets his old comrades in a field of blood. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Pitbull: New Order (2016)

Pitbull - New Order (2016)

Now this main guy's tough! And tougher here than in the sequel, which makes me wonder... it's not the same guy after all is it? It's a standalone segment in the maybe one and only franchise to go to if you want a glimpse into the dirty underbelly of Poland, and the somewhat different forms of law and order they have there. And surely in many of their neighboring countries. And probably plenty of other countries too but not really first world countries, which you usually get your movies from.

It's refreshing to leave Hollywood for something savage, some times.

Compared to the sequel this one's all the more brutal, has some rough sex scenes too, and though Piotr never stops fighting for justice there's not such a big different between cops and criminals after all - they're both relentless.

It's filmed good. It's gritty. The script's a bit of a mess, skipping certain details you'd think to be key elements such as how they catch some of the criminals depicted, but at the same time it's a refreshingly unstructured film, all the while staying relevant to the characters and story. And you bond with them, too. Tough guys, beautiful women, and a both glorified and dirtied picture of the gang culture in these parts. Not bad at all.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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