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GOG's Big Deal Sale

GOG's got a new thing going on, creatively titled...

GOGs Big Deal Sale

Though it's not that big a deal I did feel the free game was pretty cool:

Congrats On The Game!

Also don't miss the category bar, where you can actually sort things according to criteria I wish I'd had been able to sort games on all earlier some-waaay-bigger deals! This is my favorite:

Them Categories

...though I switched over to Action on a whim and found a 95% discount there! So note: the sorting does not seem to be automatic and by algorithm. Each category contains a selection of (I assume) manual picks, and a good selection at that (I bought nine titles) - some with heavy discounts if you like such things.

As it's becoming tradition I thought I'd make y'all aware! Here.

Musicalish #204

Have another dose of D-A-D! One of the greatest live bands ever.


Musicalish #203

This is going to break the order of my Musicalish concert recaps (I've a few to catch up on), but I just heard these guys play and they were amazing. Maybe the best live band I've stumbled upon yet! D-A-D, AKA Disneyland After Dark (not Dad or Dead or The Eighty or Danish (cause that's where they're from) Something Something like I thought their acronym might stand for). You might've heard their song...

D-A-D - Laugh 'n' A ½... but they're way more than that! Listen on.


Tie Fighter

I'm no huge Star Wars fan, but this little tribute's worth watching!

Apparently it took four year's worth of weekends to make. A one-man operation. Inspiring work.

Brings me back to the days of - as intended - good old quality eighties of anime! I've got to get back to the world of Macross some day soon.

Just Stepping Bye

I'm almost back. Just one more weekend up North. Just a few more days to savor the wild and the wonderful. Just a few more days...

I've been back in Stockholm for a few days of work before then (as in: now), and a couple concerts if I've energy enough. If not: at least one.

Today was D-A-D. You know, that Danish band? The one with the nah-nah-nah... and you're misunderstood! At the end of the line... there's a laugh and a half... song, you know? No?

Well that was them. I've heard the song every now and then, but never knew who was behind it until I played the sampler on their Gröna Lund concert page for the year, and so I was hyped to hear them play (because I love that song), even if I imagined their music overall might be on the softer side and maybe not all my style.

Turns out that was the soft song, and they played it as their encore. From start to end it was non-stop rock, with plenty of wit and solo, and the crowd was great. Happy people. Heavy music. Great musicians. Definitely one of the highlights of the year. And tomorrow's The Hives.

So I'm just stepping by here in case I do decide to make time for one more, and then off and away again early morning after, but this time just for the weekend. Happy day (intended double entendre as in: have a); see y'all soon. And if you're in Stockholm: don't miss these concerts! There's just a few more left this season.

Just Stopping Bye

I'm... not back yet! Just stopping by the house with a computer for a few days. Flew in on Monday afternoon and tomorrow I leave again - back to the blueberry wilds.

It's been a week of work and two concerts. I've been up at 7 each day and home at 11 some days with music, with little time to blog and what nod, but here's something! The concerts were British Lion (with STEVE HARRIS - he drew the crowd, though the rest of the band deserve all the credit they can get, they were great) and Korn (which drew a waaay bigger crowd, but of which my expectations were probably excessively hyped up and I actually enjoyed the music of the former more). Both were great, though. I'm glad I stumbled my way there.

Summer seems to be passing without any chronicling at all otherwise, though there'll be plenty of time for that during the dark desert days of winter, as always. Better spend all attainable time under the short-lived all-but-surplus sunshine! Get outside! I'll see y'all in a few more weeks.

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