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GOG's Black Friday Sale


It begins! Though it's not even Friday yet. BG here.

On top of what it says above: MDK is free for the first 48 hours. No budget required. Check (it) out.

It Snows!

Winter is here! Finally! Or at least stopping by for a brief visit.

The train was, oddly enough, on time today. We had our commuter chaos earlier, with the first frost (I planned to write about it then), but now things are rolling along smoothly. Only as it brakes does the train slip on the tracks, and come to a halt slow; with a squeal. As does my bike after a careful ride from the station.

It's just two curves and a long stretch, though. The long stretch goes fast. The cars slow down carefully by the speed bumps, where the road narrows and allows passage for only one. I blaze by first. Traction's great until you have to make a turn.

Coming back from work each day to a bicycle saddle coated with ice has been a bit of a bother, but as long as it stays below zero all day such things should be forgotten problems now. There's no moisture in the air with true winter. Make way for dry and cracking skin calamities instead!

Though there's little chance for true winter yet.

Today was great and bright, but it'll probably be gone tomorrow. Best/worst case: a thin coat of ice remains, with blotches of flat but stubborn snow that allow hopping between to avoid a slip.

I hear winter in Syria is tougher than here in Sweden. On colder winters they have similar temperatures, but no houses made to withstand that cold. On the other hand we have similar temperatures during the warmest summers, but no air conditioning to vent that heat. I shant complain. I'll take the cold.

I doubt most people rejoice so much when the snow settles here, and the icy wind blows, but I'll be that one exception. And all exceptions with me!

It lights up the world! It glows. Yesterday I went to shows. Today...
it snows.

Magic XMas

Magic XMas

I went to a magic show yesterday! First one ever.

On a frosty evening we straggled into the city, to Älvsjömässan, and arrived in a glittery mirror-masoned casino-like foyer - all meant to mimic good ol' Las Vegas. A thick smoke curled along the floor of the long corridor we passed in our way there, and whisked away as we stepped through. The hall was quiet, but beyond the entrance a live rockabilly band played and people gathered around small card tables and bar disks waiting for the show to begin. Mostly family's with little kids.

The show itself was split up in two 45 minute sessions, of which the first featured such a variety of artists as Aaron Crow, Sonambul, Gerald le Guilloux and Jean Garin. The second act featured Jidinis, accompanied by a wide variety of beautiful ladies.

Aaron Crow started the show with a little somber swap up of sword-containing jugs, then came the others with screens, doves and fire, mind reading, and last but not least: complex trapdoor apparatuses, mirrors, and lots of dance! Broadway style. It was all about the show.

It took a few minutes to get hooked, but for the first half the artists keep surpassing each other, until Crow once again ended the show with a lethal yet very entertaining dance - wielding diverse weaponry and chopping up stuff held by selected members of the audience whilst in a blindfold/face full of tinfoil. Finally, he made it seem like he was about to strike a dim-lit candle with the sword - the only source still lighting the stage, but blew it out instead. Darkness. Laughter. Applause. Great act.

In the latter half of the show I was surprised to hear Jidinis speak with a heavy French accent. If you didn't know him before: would you picture him as French? He's the one to the right above. I have nothing against France, but it was not the voice I'd linked to his image at all. Explains the ladies.

Overall it was a flashy and fantastic performance, and even if you know what tricks they use their mastery is impressive! Slight of hand, code and repetition. Impeccable. No one missed a thing, even if the show itself stalled a few minutes due to 'technical difficulties'.

Robert Bronett hosted the event, and presented the artists, and was the only name I recognized on the roster - though I'm glad I've been acquainted with the rest of them now! If you haven't been to a magic show before and don't think it's all that much to see, think again. It's all about the performance and effect, and I'm really growing to appreciate the art.

Time to keep an eye out for potential equally greatly discounted tickets to some show with Joe Labero! Or Dynamo. Would love to compare the artists I just witnessed to the ones I know. Wonder how they'd go.


It's a strange thing.

I woke up around 8:30 today. I know did. I think. I'm pretty sure. A few minutes later it was 10:56, and though I felt awesomely refreshed I also felt awesomely disappointed I'd missed so much of the day!

In my dreams I wandered a corridor, and tossed and turned in bed, and woke up at five and couldn't go to sleep again. I went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but for some reason (I blamed it on the tiredness in the dream - though I knew it was something else) I pelted the counter too much with the pitcher and the glass and woke up my mom, who came downstairs bleary-eyed wondering why I'd decided to get up so early.

I managed to spill a bunch of water on the side of the stove too, and for a while, as I drank my glass of water, wondered what made this strangely calming running sound... till I realized it was the water running down the stove - running through the gap between stove and counter.

I looked around to find something to soak it up with but it took a long time before I found the dishcloth, and many swipes before I'd gotten away all the water, and of course I couldn't reach all of it. It usually takes a long time before I find the dishcloth. People hide it in all the strangest places in the kitchen. Behind things. Where you can't see it. Realism in a dream.

Somehow I'd managed to spill water on the left hand side of the stove too, where there was a bed of flowers (marigolds I think) lying to dry, and managed to wet a part of those in the process. The dishcloth left a trail of silky-white milk-like substance after it - I assumed it was from the licorice/lemon yogurt I'd tried before bed, IRL, so I swiped away a part of the flowers with it. Didn't look too clean. Shame about that, but when my mother came down to ask about my earliness she didn't seem to notice.

Before this early-morning visit to the kitchen I know we'd been about. Doing something. I can't recall it now. We were outside - the whole family, and it was cloudy and ominous and I'm pretty sure it was a nightmare but I can't remember the details... so that's why I woke up at 5... in the dream. When I woke up at 8:30... outside the dream? When it was really 10:56.

Well, better later than never! Guess I'll try to get a move on and see how much can be accomplished in half a day. Good day. (At least it started with a dream.)

Musicalish #221

Oh my! Some new music.


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