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10 Years Of 13 Fridays

I've kind of made it a tradition to post something on days like these, all the way back from 2006. Guess that makes this the 10 year anniversary huh? Party time! And before this post, I'd posted exactly 10 posts in homage of this eerie numerical coincidence! I don't usually spend these particular days scared of doing whatever I'd planned to do these particular days, I'm not superstitious... but you never know rite. O_o

Well maybe I am. But just a little.

Most of my latest posts about this date haven't been particularly informative or entertaining, but for the sake of completion, here's a list of all my Friday 13 posts through the years: 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2006. In 2014 I missed it, and finally, here's an old poem in homage to the date at hand.

Which one of these was most popular? No doubt the 2009 post, which at the time of writing has 5,000 hits more than any of the others. I wonder what I'll do with that one if I ever decide to review the movie with the same name from that same year hmm... looking back, that's one particular year I wish I'd have written something a bit more meaningful. Seems like a lot of users' first impression of this site might be what they get from that one post.

Most years, there's just one Friday 13, but some there are more. 2009, 2012 and 2015 had three Friday 13s each, which is a bit weird considering they're all three years apart, and the only three with three Friday 13s since 1998. Before then it was even longer between bouts.

Since 2006 I've missed: July 13 2007, March and November 13 2009, April and July 13 2012, December 13 in 2013, and most recently February and November 13 in 2015. In the future? Well, maybe this will be the final full Friday 13 flashback. Feels like some one's gotta be the last, and there's no better time than now. :)

Moving on to other dates... how about a Monday 24 next?


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