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2011 - November


For this November I'm just going to ramble on. I'm going to write a lot. I'm not even going to think about what I'm writing until I'm done writing because all I really want to do is to get this done, I want to finish writing, I want to move on to the next date and write another randomly minor interesting piece just to fill in space. It's not like this is spam. This is a genuine piece of text. Really. The only thing on my mind right now is to get it done though, so I can move on.


I've been a bit too stressed lately. There are so many projects I want to complete and it seems I don't have time for all of them. I've been filtering through old files, deleting tons, saving a few. I even had a hard drive go corrupt and kill a whole lot of interesting memories. Photos. Video clips. Stuff I don't like losing. In this digital age it's so easy to lose things, and at the same time it's even easier to save waaaay too much. I'm gathering files as if they were more important than life itself. Are they really?


Much of my time I spend posting in forum. Posting routine posts. Posting just for the posting of it, so I have posted, so I can look at the forum and say "Hey, I'm active here!" What a waste of time it is. I'd say I stopped doing such things but instead I moved over to 100 Words. At least the amount of posts I can make to fill in a void is limited here, limited to 100 words, and to two months in a row. It can't get more than that. So that's good. That's how it should be.


I haven't written anything here in ages. I thought it was time to catch up now at the end of 2011, so here I am, writing an entry about really nothing when I could be posting a blog about really nothing or doing something other uninteresting. But hey, that's life, we chose to spend great amounts of time of things of minor importance. All the time. Constantly. That's just the way humans work, it's all about priorities, and we can't prioritize for shit. I should be fishing, just sitting down, looking at the blue sky, enjoying life. Instead I type.


I keep on writing keep on writing and I'm fighting a desire to not write that's been lasting all day, but it's ok because the room is a bit quiet while I'm just typing waiting for my desire to not write to go away. I keep on typing keep on clicking on the buttons there is nothing I like more than having no regret at all but this morning I was called down to the hall and there... there was the end of a glaring set of stairs. So prepare for the day because it will be here very soon.


Wow, twenty-four days until I catch up. Kind of like Christmas, though not really. Speaking of Christmas, for a change I actually have all my presents shopped already, at least two weeks in advance. I haven't packed in anything yet, it's all lying in my closet, but I think there's enough for everyone and even some leftovers for use next year or other celebrational occasions that come up now and then. It's good being in time, feels great, and for next year maybe I'll even shop a little right after Christmas. Can never be too early! Also, low prices. ;)


I've been listening to Yelawolf lately. Don't know who Yelawolf is? Well, then you need to read this. To keep it short (which I guess I have to with a hundred word limit): Yelawolf is a young white male rapper from Alabama. He's been around since 2005 and has released I think three mixtapes, two EPs and now recently two albums since he was signed with Shady Records sometime this year. He's great at Staccato rhymes, likes to skateboard, party hard and play with words. He also seems like a pretty decent person, though his lifestyle is far from it.


So... back to Yelawolf, an artist I recently discovered and instantly became addicted to the music of. If you listen to hiphop he's someone you should listen to. I write a lot myself and play plenty with words so I always appreciate new wordplay talent, and Yelawolf has a very different style compared to other current performers. He could probably have made a career within a different genre of music too (in other words he can sing) so obviously that's a plus even with this artform. What more is there to say really? I don't know, a listen is recommended.


Time is way too fast. Time is way too little. I glanced at the alarmclock yesterday before falling into deep sleep and it was over 1. Now I don't really have work to go to, nor school, so no real schedule to follow, but seeing as I'm still trying to accomplish as much of both (work and studies) as possible during each day I like to get up early. Guess when I woke up? Wait, I'll reformulate that, guess when I got out of bed? 11. Yupp, you did read that right. And I guess I've slept about 9 hours.


Sleeping 9 hours in a day, err, night. It just seems a bit too much. Normally I sleep around 8, occasionally 7, in summer sometimes I don't need to sleep very much at all, but come winter it seems like I could sleep all day. Due to lack of Vitamins I wonder, and if that's the case then it's particularly vitamin D I need. Maybe I should move to Bahamas, or some other place where there is sunshine most of the day. Some place where I don't need to sleep 9 hours, because it feels like big waste of time.


Just recently shocked myself on an electric socket. Unintentionally. I was routinely unplugging an external drive and I suppose I must've touched the metal part of the plug before it was out of the socket. Ouch. Won't be doing that again. Since then I've noticed I'm a bit more careful than usual when unplugging (or inplugging) electrical devices... must be some kind of side-effect. Read about other people getting headaches and nausea and dizziness and all kinds of unpleasant aftereffects, all I got was a tingling sensation in a finger that lasted a few minutes. Lucky. Very lucky. Yupp.


I've been reorganizing my site a bit one of the primary decisions was to make the Blog a separate page. Sure, it's a major feature of the site, it's practically what the whole site revolves around nowadays, but that's only because lately I've only had time only to post a Blog now and then and make halfassed attempts at renovating the entire site that never made it very far. Not that I have any more time on my hands right now, I'm just trying to use it a bit more efficiently. It seems I'm moving away from point of post...


The point of the post (the last post) is this site is a whole lot more than a Blog, thus I've chosen to make the Blog a separate entity, and the question I have is: What do you call a Blog? Do you call it Blog? If you browse around the net chances are you'll see a lot of Blogs. Most of these Blogs don't need to make use the word Blog because it is in fact already the main feature of the site, it's the homepage, the page you land on when you visit. So you know without reading.


Additionally, writers will still refer to their site as their Blog, maybe on the common about me page, or in their posts, or on comments they post elsewhere. If the Blog is on a site where it is not the main feature (like it will be on this one), there will have to be a separate page for it. There will also have to be a link for it. Most people still call it a Blog, but if the function of it changes in accordance to the site maybe they'll call it News, or Magazine, or Updates, or something different.


About the word blog, and it's use. I've searched the Internet all over and found very little on naming conventions of the word itself. All people seem to speak about is what they call their Blog, revering to the title of the Blog, not the word entity - Blog. Synonyms tell me I could type in communication instead. I don't think it's very fitting. I brainstormed a few words and came up with a few of them, but none of them seemed to fit. Some alternatives I did find or made up and considered using: Log, Journal, Stream, Mindflow, Writing & Updates.


Moving on on the subject of the word blog, alternatives, and the redesign of my site. There is a reason why so many people use the word. It's common. Everybody knows what a blog is. Through the years the word has evolved from just a regular diary to something much more than that, a place to vent on both thoughts and events, creation, popular media, anything you want. It doesn't even have to be personal. Most large companies have blogs, and sometimes they don't even post about the company, they post relevant articles to draw people to the company itself.


Company updates or writings about various matters that are as impersonal as they can possibly get. If those things can still be called blogs I don't know, but the use of the word is what defines the word, so I guess everything goes. Since they are being used for that purpose, I suppose it makes it work. On a sidenote, is this entry a Blog? Should a Blog really be called Blogs instead, since the Blog consists of Blogs? Maybe I'll speak about that some other time. Oh, btw, for the redesign of my site, I chose the Blog word.


I just spilled half a can of cherry coke in my keyboard and the buttons seem a bit more sluggish than they used to be, though I suppose I should be happy my keyboard survived at all. :) It makes me wonder if the keyboard would survive a quick fall into a puddle, or a lake, or a journey through the rain, falling into instead of having something fall onto... maybe when I get a new keyboard I'll give it a try and see if this truly is an immortal piece of equipment. Maybe I'll buy an old keyboard to test. ;)


Speaking about keyboards: I've never worn one out. I have a fifteen year old keyboard for my old Mac that still works perfectly. In fact, the older it gets, the easier the buttons get to click. Instead of being worn out by old age it is being perfected into a more efficient clicking machine. The keyboard from my old (though not that old) computer still works. The one that came with the one I'm using now hasn't aged a day in a few years, I keep the old as backup, but I should probably have a backup computer as well.


On the topic of keyboards. People seem to find a need to swap keyboards every now and then. Do they accidentally spill some liquid on them every once in a while until they seize to function? Maybe they impulsively break the keyboard across their knee after getting killed in Battlefield? Maybe the keyboard starts looking so dirty they can no longer touch it in fear of the bacterial infestation it's keys have given birth to? IDK, it just seems to me that keyboards don't break, unless they are broken intentionally. Here's to another decade with the one I'm using. Banzai!


Did you do anything special on the 11/11/11? I wrote a blogpost about it, telling people to do something special, because it really is a special day, one of those days you'll only be living once in a lifetime. I should have posted something special here for the 11th day as well, but at the time that wasn't on my list of things to do. Actually I didn't do anything special myself, I think I had some assignment past deadline that I had to complete as soon as possible. Hmm. At least there's 12/12/12 next year. ;)


I've been editing video footage from Oni lately. Turns out I've recorded a bit too much. In fact there's so much footage I'm tempted to just play the game again and record some more footage instead of fildering through all this junk. The latest of my published videos (which are still not posted publicly anywhere, so don't start searching) are a series of 9 40-minute mixes with various footage that doesn't really fit anywhere else that I wittily labeled 'Leftover's. Oh, and there's plenty left over. I don't want to throw any of it away either, it's work. Much.


Recently I stumbled upon this nice Swedish site that sells American candy, among other things. We don't get a lot of American candy here in Sweden (I am Swedish btw, don't mistake) so it was a kick of nostalgia browsing through these lists. They have everything I remember eating and looking at but never really eating as kid, all the common brands that aren't around anymore in this country. They had a discount on Cherry Coca Cola too, so to everyone's dismay I ordered 12 cans. Just so you know I don't usually drink soda, this is a special occasion.


You know what's strange? They don't sell these things (I'm speaking about Chrry coke) in regular stores here. They have all the regular stuff, all the 'normal' brands, but never the ones that actually taste good. Mountain Dew White, Vanilla Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper - none of that. They do have Mountain Dew, Regular Coke, Beer, Pepper.... hmmm... maybe they just haven't gotten used to these insanely favorable exotic labels. Maybe they just don't know about them. Maybe they're just stupid. But I have a box of beverage under my bed now so I don't really care for the momentum.


So lately my connection speed is maxing out around 300kbps instead of the traditional 800kbps and obviously I wonder why. I checked BakaBT's blog for the first time in a long time and finally got to see some pictures of the people who work there. Seems like an interesting staff. I've learned that a Muai Thai fighter has the strength to kick through both Ash and Maple baseball bats and that soccer/football players do not. I've been watching Parkour vids until I just have to run. It's never too early to shop Christmas presents, so I went yesterday. End.


Prices on hard-drives are rising drastically due to the flood in Thailand, I saw the perfect computer on sale but it was sold out, Yahoo is offering disposable email addresses along with their paid plan and I'm tempted to upgrade, I bought a new cellphone for 1SEK (no subscription) that I'll probably never use and today the sun is shining so intensely I can walk around bare-skinned without even a chill. Keep in mind that the snow is usually piling at this time of the year. So currently such is life, plus working on site getting nowhere. Later.


I just bought another full year hosting, with a different host, with a new account, with a 25% discount for life and I really don't know what to use it for. Say what? It only cost 70SEK (that's about $10) a year, so I didn't really have much choice. :) Even without the discount that price was highly competitive! Last year I signed up with a different host for a full year and I haven't even used the account, at all! It expired yesterday. It was a reseller; I had big plans for it, but it turned out the host didn't.


Left speaker isn't working right today. The volume is waaaay lower than on the right one. Cables and connections and balance are all as they should be, so I ended up having to open up the speaker config, reduce the sound level of the right speaker and then up the overall volume a bit. Hope the left speaker doesn't start working like it should or I'll get partially deaf. Manually adjusting the balance by volume so it's equal for both speakers is much harder than it seems btw. It sounds about the same but it still feels a bit off.


Simon Pegg, you know, the creator of such masterpieces as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz? You must know, or at least have seen him in at least one of the many other movies he's played minor roles in. The third movie in the series of not really relevantly related movies as all he has thus far directed is called Paul, a story about an alien. It's a bit of a parody on ET and just as good as the previous subliminal parodies he's been making. Subliminal? Well, probably, but it's a very recommended watch anyway. Go watch it.


Things I want to do right now that I won't be doing because that wouldn't be particularly smart or/and time efficient: Play through GTA SA one more time. Browse the net for Hong Kong action movies I haven't seen. Beat the original Resident Evil once and for all. Throw together a batch of sandwiches. Get one more cup of tea. Box a little. Take a long walk. Eat lunch. Sort all my files. Do some schoolwork. Finish going through all posts from 2010. Add header images in the music section. Take a break. Get a job. Now, to December!

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