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2015 - December


I woke up thirsty today, so thirsty I felt hungry, sweaty from rolling blankets that were apparently all to warm on what had apparently been very unwindy and winding night. I had my window open, midwinter, but the room was stuffy yet. Fortunately I had half a cup of honey water by the bedside, which I eagerly gulped down, satiating this unexpected thirst. And since then I feel great! The sun shines, the nightly frost glimmers, and I'm up early for a change! Energetic and ready to tame the day. Ready to write, and then get to all that awaits.


New day! I woke up around 8, thought I'd just close my eyes for a minute more... and suddenly it's over 10. :/ I'm actually feeling less energetic now than I did then, when I decided to not get up but rather keep resting... but it's time to wake up now! Trying to listen to a motivational podcast while I write this. Hard to gather my thoughts while listening to something else. Good practice though, it's multitasking like this I need to learn! Listen through one ear, keep the other free and silent; susceptible to thought. Something like that? Maybe not.


Got a pile of oranges in front of me, just peeled them while watching the latest video of Walk Off The Earth... such a soothing tune. Perfect Christmas music. Not Christmassy at all but it gets me in a good mood! Makes me slow down a bit, because lately I have been HYPED. Maybe because I just started playing GTA V yesterday? Finally! After years of waiting, I bought the game, I downloaded it, I installed it (apparently it did both at the same time) and now... I need to keep my mind elsewhere because other tasks need doing. Soon...


I'm writing this thing early for a change today. Well, 9:30, it's early for me. Alarm clock beeped after I'd been lying in bed for... probably an hour at least, trying to gather some energy. Tumbled out of bed red-eyed and still oh so tired. A magnesium pill in the morning helps a bit; now some breakfast before I stumble off to the catch the train in just about... ten minutes. A new day of work awaits! Of grand adventure! Of administrative duties and creative tasks! I just wish I woke up with bundles of energy to spare.


I've been UOTD and I didn't even notice it! This fateful event happened on 06/13/15, this year, just before summer, one of those days that passed by in a flash: quick deposits, quick logs; moving on with other tasks! But there I am! On the list of legends! Feels pretty awesome.

In other news I just started playing GTA 5 recently, and so far it's great. It's awesome. It's familiar but still... not quite. It's a new plane but I can fly. Feels like this is a game that I might become addicted to. That's all.


One more day in December! I went jogging yesterday, so today I woke up feeling great. I woke up late, too, but such is the side-effect of going to sleep at ditto. Late.

Tomorrow it's time to once again force a break in this routine though. Get up early. Preferably all week. Preferably improving my wake-up time with a few hours over just the span of a single day. Not possible. Such goals require planning. But just like the impulse run I took yesterday, all long-term goals have to start somewhere. I'd better start tonight.


I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein last week. The last few days of the week the first week, and the first few days of the other week the next. My first impressions weren't so great, but the second ones were all better! Either the game gets better, or it takes a while to really immerse yourself and get accustomed to the controls. And to get the good guns. It didn't take too long to plow through either, which bodes for replayability. I'm glad it didn't have all the same unnecessary amounts of grind you'll find in newer games. Good game.


Another day another batch of writing. I woke up early again, too early, had to stay in bed till I was ready to get up at the time at which I planned to get up. A few hours of... sleep? Maybe. Rest, surely. Though you can rest assured I was awake for at least the latter hour of that waiting period. Just something about cold, hunger and sunlight that doesn't let you rest, even though I ate a meal late night, drank two glasses of water and opened the window juuuust a little. Minus five degrees today. Winter. It's here.


I'm really writing an entry each day now! Without really feeling obligated to either. This is pretty cool. I actually enjoy popping up this page and shotting down a sequential stream of thoughts as such. It's pretty cool! What would also be pretty cool is a Star Wars fishing rod. Why they exist I have no idea, and why buys them I have none either... but considering I think they're pretty cool maybe it's not so strange. If my Star Wars obsession was a bit bigger, and my finances without limit... just maybe, maybe I'd be fishing like a Jedi.


I stayed up way too late last night watching Bill Burr on the Conan Show, and this morning... I'm watching what remains I haven't watched yet. That man is just a genius. Such comical controversy! I'm not entertained by sports at all, but I'm still entertained by hearing him rant about them. That, and all other rants, like how overrated Steve Jobs was (ranted right after he died), how presidents don't matter, how the Internet is evil, all kinds of stuff like that. If you haven't already then go watch the show! Whenever you need a lift-up on life.


A hundred words!! Is what I'm writing. Yes it's alright in, a rhyme today. I don't know why, but I like lighting, it's so exciting, so unlike shade. Especially in this dark of winter, where all the light ends, and fades away, I need to brighten, my room a smidgen, or else I won't budge I'll become like a smudge in this winter filter. Looking distilled and dull like I've the thrill of a splinter inside my finger I linger like an old King but look higher. My motivation grows bigger and summer springs, as the light begins, to rise.


Looks like I caught the stomach flu! Last night was hellish, but I'm doing better today. Sitting by the computer after long moments of rest (catching up on lost sleep) not because I feel particularly invigorated by these tasks, but because my back hurts from lying so long in bed. Sounds like a grumpy old man huh. :) Well, old man. Not necessarily grumpy.

Last night really was horrible, couldn't get a moment's rest, but today I feel better. Weak, but at least not nauseas anymore. Sudden sickness gives you perspective on life too; makes you appreciate it more.


I'm feeling good today!! Not as good as usual, no, not yet, but so much better than yesterday it's like I'm on a different planet. I don't even notice the lack of sun. Well no, I do, that was the first thing I noticed when I woke up today... but the lack of sun doesn't bother me! Compared to yesterday I feel like a sun after a gloomy doom. Just holed in on my room! Well, I still am but... soon I'm going boom! Boom as a metaphor for: blast of energy. And I guess then we'll see: it's great!


So, I guess I sad hello a bit too early. Went to bed late night after having a pretty efficient day; my stomach started up again; the familiar nausea brewing. Sipped fennel tea and sat up, walked around, sat down, and eventually it calmed down enough for me to fall asleep. Today I feel OK again, but I guess I might be rushing recovery thinking I'd be back to normal foods just a couple days after day one. Moving on from boiled carrots, shredded apple and toast to blueberry soup and scrambled eggs today. Hopefully tomorrow will be all normal.


Ey! Pirates run astray. Pirates run the sales. Pirates roam the seas and say "Arr! We need to get cars! So we can ride these barks into the bay! And ride around on all these boulevards! And then we'll get a rocket! And then we'll go to Mars! And then we'll steal the moon, and sea all of these stars! We'll cut alien throats! We'll take the world and choke! Now all we need is to upgrade our rowboat."

Ey! Pirates run astray. Better run away when pirates run astray. Pirates run the sales. Pirate price all day.


Oh yeah! Good day. Great day. It really is. Positive. Affirmations. They make life better. It's awesome. Amazing. Fantastic. There's nothing better. Sublime. So groovy it's like it's not even a surface any longer. What's the time? It's timed no longer. Free. Airy. Clear. Landscapes passing by. Serene. What a scene. So green. Fantastic. Not too shabby, even in the shade. Not to damp, even in the glade. Not too much a ramble and a rant I hope it's not. But guess what: life can't get better, and yet the rest rocks. Thorough motivational session of words over and out.


I woke up early today. So much on my mind that I could sleep no longer, and when I was awake it was easy to stay awake! Even now, late, night... I don't really feel sleepy. Can't tell if this is the start of a good habit or a breakdown. Maybe a little bit of both. Maybe a glass half full or half empty type scenario. Least the people who claim to live off of only sunlight would surely claim that sleeping less is the solution, as long as you replace that lack of sleep with something greater. Awake tight.


A buddy had their email hacked today, so I ran five anti-malware scans and cleared my browsing history. Not that I was compromised, but it reminded me of how unhappy I was last time I was; how easy such things happen if you don't tend to your computer security.

I read up on an interest article on pharming/phishing, and how cookies should (in using best practice) store only a token to link users to their login cookies, which contain only a hash; never any personally identifiable information. So local cookies being intercepted by third-party sites won't matter. Hope the sites I use all use such practice.


A hundred words. A hundred words each day. I wonder if I've always abided by that limit, because even if there is a word count here, there is nothing that keeps you from not typing a few words extra. I actually typed up 111 yesterday, though 2 of those at least were BR tags, incorrectly counted as words. When the new redesign comes (if?), will the word count be revised, and displayed, and all the older posts on which I paid close attention to keeping the word count exact be broken?! Hope not! A fragile system to change, this system.


Lumbago! Damn! It's always something, but it's crazy how many something's it's got to be this Christmas. I'm preparing for those special days ahead, but I can barely bend down and put my socks on. Even sitting by the computer's a painful experience. I should probably lie in bed and rest up, but I'm far too stress... I mean I'm far too passionate. I'm too efficient. I want to play games and catching op on the Walking Dea... I mean I need to hone my creative crafts and update my site. Hope I wake up tomorrow this is all over.


Hey, I feel pretty good today! I feel my back, but my feelings are soaring regardless. My mood is high. I wish I could take the car for a drive and just fly a mile, and smile a while, with only roads and clouds in sight: A mile of life.

But I'm psyched regardless! Maybe it was the final episode of One Punch Man that I watched yesterday. Maybe the latest season of the Walking Dead. Maybe it was the final medal in that one game that I attained this morning. Whatever it was, I feel pretty good.


Christmas... is so close! It doesn't feel like it somehow. Because I've been at work I guess. I've never worked with such close proximity to Christmas. Back in school, vacation always kicked in at least the week before, even on the University level. And when I did start working it wasn't the kind of work you go to each week; can't take a break from. It feels weird. I don't mind the work though, I enjoy that feeling of being useful; making money at the same time (still getting used to that feeling!) but Christmas... is so close! Feels weird.


Today just passed by so I think I'ma blast rhyme. I'll just... blast it right through this wall like it's my last mine! I'm no mime, but then again when I write I don't speak, I just write all the week, and say things that sound wise, looking up at the skies, pondering if I should slow down and refine what I write this time, but it's alright cause I'm, always sublime in dealing with these words y'all know yo yo no I'm not right now. I clown around, I writhe in sound, I vent and then: all is spent.


I'm sitting here waiting for Christmas celebrations to start. Been a busy day, prepping the tree, packing and carrying down presents, preparing food; walking around with greetings... and a lot of sitting by the computer too, generally just pondering what's to come, with a combination of exhilaration and... dread? What's that feeling that should not be in these festive times? A premonition of too much food, a bit too much time spent opening presents, maybe discovering you don't get all you want, or all you give isn't all appreciated? And then, feeling empty when all is done? It's Christmas! Cheers.


The day after Christmas is always such a tiresome day... not just because the packing up presents takes half the night, but because we're all just exhausted from the build-up. From planning, and packing, and wondering what we'll get, and hoping for good reactions to what we give, and just waiting waiting waiting until finally the time for dinner draws nigh, and then we eat dinner, and then we put on our Christmas hats and gather round the tree and start prepping for the unpacking process! And it's always great! (Maybe too) many, small, unmentionable gadgets and edibles. It's Christmas. :)


Writing another hundred words today, because today is a good day! Today isn't a 'should' day, but a 'could' day. It isn't a 'must' day, but an 'I'll just' day. It's not one where I'm fed up, HEY, and not one where I just lay, it's one where I've done stuff already cause I feel no rush, OK? It's just one of those days when time isn't up, and there isn't too much stuff on wait. It's one of those days where I do a lot of stuff anyway, it's not tough, it's just great. A-Rate. Alright. Not late! Efficiency.


Another day another hundred.

Days are just blazing by lately. I'm getting a lot done, but it's all moving too fast, to the point where I don't feel I'm enjoying the days enough in the wake of what's to come after: an end to my vacation!

In just a week it'll all be over, and then it's back to work. Not that I don't enjoy my work, but the whole notion of leaving this newly attained freedom is enough to cast ti a folly melancholy. Well, better not think about then, just enjoy the now! Vacation.


Jingle bells! Smash bells! Crash bells! Bash bells! Rash bells! High bells! Tall bells! Small bells! On walls! All fall! Bells go! Hell no! Bell bonds! Bell wonder, if the yonder is funner than this summer...

But down under, on that other land on the other side of the sunny side of life, everything is always twice as nice. They just have a bunny problem. Bunny's hopping all over the place. Eating their carrots. Eating all fabric. Paying no tariffs. But pay Em no mind! If you go famous you go blind, unless you stay real. Ya dig?


Oh my, I promised I wouldn't start with the one word posts again, but time time time time time runs fast this time of year, it tempts tempts tempts tempts tempts me so! I shall not falter falter falter! I shall not fail fail fail! If I simply stutter a bit bit bit on the words words words then it's OK OK OK right? Right right right right right!

Anyway, I've been playing a bunch of Serious Sam lately. The first encounter, then the second, then I started plotting playing them again, in HD. No no no way, time out.


Good morning! Well no, it's not a good morning. It's a bad morning per say, but it could've been better. I'm not early. The sun isn't shining. I still haven't eaten breakfast. (I'm brushing my teeth though, still trying to make that an automatic morning routine.) As I write this I look out the window at a world of snow melting and feel like somethi9ng's over. The End. The year? That's tomorrow. The winter...? It's coming back though. Start of the New Year, I hear more snow will come, and I look forward to it! Winter isn't the same without.

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