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2016 - May


Boom. A new month is in the room.
A new month, and I still got tons to do soon.
The sun shines outside, it hides the blue moon.
A new month. A new month and then it's June.
Time! It won't slow down, it won't go round.
I tried to take the long road, but do I belong? Who knows.
I guess I'll know when I grow old, but age is such a long road.
And such a high toll to pay for new folks, and who knows?
Who knows if you do grow. This world, is too cold.
Who knows.


May 1... just rant a bit about how time is going faster than I'd like it to? This new month just started, but it feels like I shouldn't have passed more than two months so far this year. It should be just at the end of February. Maybe the start of April.

I'm emailing support today about a package that came to the wrong location, one part of two packages, which I assumed would be just the one. I received a receipt for a third that was on the way, but nothing's happened with that. I'll figure it out. Night.


Just a little bit of writing before I slip out into the morning sun. Soon as I've sat here a a while, and my bowl of morning muesli is done.

It's the start of a new day of days, full of daisies and things that sprout, like beans without a doubt, I mean go out and shout... and have fun! Life may be short so you'd better enjoy this one mile run.

And I won't be running in Kungsholmen, I'm really not in shape. Maybe I'll make it to Hässelby, if I make it before it's too late.


I got... something to write about so here we go!
I got a bowl of muesli it's a little bowl!
I got a piece of bread it's right beside it all!
it's breakfast time today so I grow wide and tall!
And then I'm going outside cause the sun is high!
Not a single cloud to shroud the violet sky!
But it's more like clear blue now, I just couldn't rhyme with.
Anything that doesn't rhyme but rhymes I don't have time with.
I thought I'd try a warm up, to get my wordly rhythm.
Early morning it stays hidden.


I might as well write up a hundred words as well while I'm at it. It's becoming a habit. A good one at that.

Usually the 750 is all that's on my mind, and everything else turns into a mush of musing. Nah, not really. I do try. I do do the best I can. I do the best I can in all from do-dos to DDoSsing Dodo fansites. Nah, not really, I've never DDoSed a site before, and I don't plan to. You can stop reading this now, FBI. CIA? NSA? Who are you?

Either way, Good day.


The world is a dream. A world of dreams. An endless stream of things we see, and hear, and think we perceive... do we dare to believe? Are we scared we'll achieve: purpose? That all will be clear on the eve we desert this measly surface, and transcend ourselves with surplus? I wander, I ponder, I'm me. I see the world, I perceive, I feel, new feels emerge... but I'm not sure what to believe. Not sure if I should smile or if I should grieve. Not sure. I'm not sure anymore than I was at the eve. I leave.


Ah, I just wrote the best review I've written in a long time. In case it one day disappears, I think I'll share it here as well:

Woah! Man! It's been so long since you took it piano like this I'd almost forgotten how soothing such music can be, just skimming the keys with ease, like a breeze, so fluent and free. Serene. Beautiful. It's got just the right atmosphere, like the world before, when it was pollution free, the air so easy to breath. So many feels, soft like a fleeting dream yet sturdy like a beam of steel.


I'm supposed to get out on a walk now, but wait, the sun is shining to fiercely. Will I get burnt if I step out the door? There are thin clouds in the sky, barely enough to shelter me from the thrashing rage of this solar monsoon, this monstrosity, this eye in the sky.

Most days I'd appreciate your radiance, but today is the fifth day you've been gracing me with your shine almighty, and my skin can only take in so much. I am growing more red than I am a tan, but maybe a short walk, is OK.


Yeaaah I'm just gonna write a bit. I closed my eyes, felt tired, thought I'd rest... well alright I quit. I can't rest now cause I'm too tired of it. I've been resting all winter, now I want to do things! I want to get out! I want to view things! Soothing monuments of serene green scenes: beauty moving!

And if I have no energy I fall asleep and let it replenish me, then some day Zen I'll be. Contemplative. Mediative. Meditative. Calm. And I hold the whole world in my palm. Careful, don't touch it, you might crush it.


I'm writing today with the intent of writing something quickly. I thought I'd see if I can finish up a post before a minute has passed by and the counter which is the computer's built in little task-bar clock switches minutes, which means I'd be going over 100 wpm not just in typing but also in thought, which is something I'm not sure I have done before... so far i. Argh! And there it shifted.

20:34. Though I'm not sure where I started. Maybe next time I'll actually give myself a full minute. Till next time, then, friends.


I'll just leave this here. Just a little note. Just something I wrote between despair. Just something I wrote while I bent my knee to fare up these stairs to cleaner air. Just left this between somewhere and somewhere... where is this? Nobody cares.

Where is bliss? Somebody would like to know. I dunked my soul in the casket of junk and trolls, but that's OK, I trump with prose. But not like Donald Trump, cause that guy... is like a skunk you know? Easy to remember.

The sun is high today, like an ember. I write just for show.


I got words on my mind yo! Words on my mind! They're all over. They're crawling like ribbons. In a flurry of lightning my brain is storming, furry as an eve of bears.

But I just want my tomatoes ripe. I want to pipe down. I want to live the pipe dream. I want to see a new dawn, fresh as a spring bud in Venice.I don't want this post to be featured because it makes no sense, so hold on, STOP I say, don't you click that button!

But like when the phone rings: it is your call.


Here I am again, but where am I really? I'm by the computer. I'm on a chair. I'm in a room, but it's not my house. I'm comfortable, sort of. I'm grungy. I'm getting a tan. I'm leaning over. I'm near-sighted today. I'm a bit tired. I'm refreshed after a quick shower, after a quick session in the sun,after a brisk walk, after a longer morning computer session. I'm not at work, but am I free? When I am at work, am I free? What is work? Why do I say 'at work', when I'm at a place, and not necessarily working? And it looks like I wanted to wander more in wonders, because this just hit 120. Words.


It's a cold day today. Cloudy. From showers of sunshine it went to gray and icy in just one night.

My buddy Bear's grandma died last night, and he came over for a short walk this morning, so all of a sudden the setting is suitably somber.

I don't know what I should feel though. I don't know how close I was - though I'm sad to hear she's gone. Though the silence eventually turned to laughter and chit chat, it's sobered up again.

Hope it's OK to go about my business as usual though, and grieve in time. RIP Inga.


I really wasn't planning to keep writing these things on a day to day basis, when each new day comes, here I am anyway, typing away is if my life depended on it, as if it's such an important routine that I wouldn't be able to live without it. When I open my first tabs of the day, the list just doesn't feel complete without this one in it, even when I ponder just flushing away all the projects I have on my tray. It's just too much. There's not enough time. But for a mere hundred words? Why not.


A new day, and a new word. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then some. And then none.


So, I've got some things on my mind. Things like a cranium, and hair.

No for real though: aliens.

Nah I'm just messing around. I mean really, my life is a mess.

It's no matter what I do I can't clean it up. No matter how much I vent, I can't come clean! No matter how witty I am in the things that I write, it's not witty enough to make the cut. I feel like I could've fit some joke here. By now you're probably expecting something with each line. But I've got nothing.

And here's the final punch.


A great day! A new and great day! It's barely started, but I know it's bound to be great today. Because I feel great today, and I have great plans today, and I woke up about an hour before my alarm clock would've forced me to, and got out of bed half an hour before my alarm clock would've forced me too, and have showered, and am looking forward to breakfast, and am sitting here finishing up the routine tasks I have to do before I tend to all that greater stuff. It's going to be an awesome day today!


Rise up, world! Rise up sunshine. See the trees. See the waterfalls... but see the waterfalls fall, and the trees get cut down, and wonder: what are we doing to our planet?! Why are we living like we are living? Why are we taking more than we can give? Can't we save this world before it's too late, or is our only way out to escape this place, to explore the final frontier that is: space, and find some other inhabitable home? There's much we could do, to stop this, to keep living in peaceful co-existence. Us and nature.


What a great day. I just drift on far away ways. I lift with the air, and drift up there. Hey hey. Earth is a great place, so soft and smooth and subtle, and it gets even greater when you drift in your own bubble. Just seeing your things, not seeing foul and morbid, doesn't matter if you don't see more things cause the things you see are your things. And me I'm morphing, morphing into something awesome! I don't know how I'll turn out, so you'd better take precaution. What's popping possum? What's up? In this wide wide world.


I take to trends, but hey! Look up at the stairway! The ladder to the clouds. Gray all day we're here, ey? But it don't matter much, because our speakers blare with mixtapes, and liven up this cityscape that's transformed to a shitscape. Storm the pubs and hotels. Reform them like you're old hell-beasts now come to Earth, to devour their flesh and Cotell, might be your competition? But why when my advice is so broke would you ever listen, and maybe go to prison? Do whatever you want son, whatever you envision. That's the mission. That's it.


Like a lemon. Life is like a lemon, because:

- The first time you taste it, it's sour.
- The second time, it tastes a bit better.
. The more you taste it, the better it tastes!
- Eventually you relate the taste to positive effects it has on your health, and like it even more, but...
- If you get too much of it, you don't feel too well.
- It can be fresh or rotten.
- There are many things you can make of it.
- And it aint really anything special until you squeeze it a bit and get something out of it.
- Lemon aid.


Sunday just blazed by.

You barely understand how days fast so pass. I mean pass so fast. One day they're there, the next day... they're gone. It's tragic. Daily funerals for a day. But you don't have time to mourn them. As it should be - you simply move on, and you take life day by day. I mean, you take each day. You take its life. You kill each day. You let them pass, then the night falls, and you're left to wallow in your solace silence and misery, until the next day comes along. A new day, to day.


Day go, hey yo, the new day is way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way high. On the highways of life days stray by. So much filler, but you can't escape time, don't you see the great sign? Listen to the great sign. It's just the way way way, the high way way of life.


I just woke up. Recently. Minutes ago. I opened my eyes, and I looked at the clock on my bedside table, and I decided it was time to get up. The time was 8:45 at the time. It's 9:22 now. I still haven't eaten my breakfast, but I've done all the other necessary morning routines, and made a pizza salad while I was at it. Cabbage was getting old. The same one's been enough for two pizza salads before this one. Third time's the charm. It's time for words,breakfast and a morning walk. It's a new day.


Words. How many do we have? How many do we lose? How many do we circle, before we become obtuse? I'm sitting in a robe, but is that an excuse? Today I have so much to do. So much to do. I barely have time to get dressed and flush anew: the ways of the day. The wish, the rush, the view. It's tarting soon. It's starting now! I'll go out with a BANG! A WHOOSH and KAPOW! Like Alakazam! That's just how I live. I take and I give. I make and I build. We all make mistakes: LIVE.


I chose today to write a story, because it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. I sat down, and opened up my notepad, and then my thoughts drifted away, like grains of sand over a dune, and formed the billowing cloud that we know as chaos. The one that envelopes the world in a second Ice Age. The coming. But really, the fifth one might be the new thing. It might bring things back to the origins again - to where it all began. Meanwhile, I'll be wandering around in dreams, wondering what it all means. Until time, is over.


The time shifts go so fast. One shift, two shift, three shift, time go blast! Run along, run along, run and then crash! Sing a song, sing a song, sing a song dash! I feel like I'm rash. I feel like I'm venting. I'll grow greater and greater until I'm a president then. Unprecedented commitment with a rented hat! I bet you can't shit with that.

I had a long fall, but then I filled the sink hole and now I'll cement it. Then make a monument and climb up cause I'm relentless!. Someday, I'll be up at the top.


I write a bite, when the morning light, settles in my room! But it's much too soon!

I take a bite, of something I like, but it tastes like poo! It tastes like poo!

I jump around, like a kangaroo. I'm not really hungry I got thangs to do.

It's morning time, I guess time for rhyme. I guess time to clear. To clear my mind.

I stayed up late, playing something new. Well it's new to me. Final Fantasy 2. For the DS Lite. Just something I like.

I played it late, with a light at night. Good morning.


It's another day! Another day! A new day and some other day! Some people like some other sun, some people like some other shade. I'm sitting here, I'm lifting air, I'm thinking clear, I'll get prepared. For something something something like a sunning time today. It's my session. It's my lesson. Better get out and make an impression. Better get out and shake indigestion; better get out and make things clear. As clear as they can get on some other day, some other day, when sun and shade is fading away in a radiant display of wondrous waves of summer.


Last day of month, and I'm typing it on another day for once. I thought I could have this done before, but the time it passed, now I've no more. I thought I'd write a line or two, and if that rhymes is it something new? Not for me, not mine, so divine lines! What's up? The sky! Take your time and fly! It's going down. It's going down. It's going down like a quarter pound in the second round. I'm striving to do something with my newfound sound, maybe I'll surf in and place a post on Grounds. Seeyouaround.

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