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2016 - October


Yo! October!

Who are you? How are you going to be? When did you get here? Where are you going? How long will you stay? Will you be warm or cold? Will you fall? Will you shine, like June? Will you rain down on me? Bear in mind I'm not taking my D-Vitamin supplements yet. I'm still counting on sunshine, so you'd better get my share. Thank you.

And when you're gone, how's November going to be? Any idea? Do you know her? You two go hand in hand, you know, but she's a bit colder. A bit distant.


I don't scream for ice cream no more.

Because I've had enough.

Or maybe it's because the weather's cold.

Maybe it's because it's friggin freezing!! It's a Sunday, and the sun's been sizzling, but as soon as the darkness starts calling the temperature starts falling, and we go inside and get walled in and stay in trying to gather together and stutter and shutter our windows and live in the moment and temperature's rising and all night we're freezing but in morning the ice thins and I grin and try things and stretch and rise under deceptive skies! Ahh.

It's a new day.


I made myself an ice cream challenge this year.

This month, actually.

A somewhat semi-popular brand decided to make a marketing move and gain a bigger slice of customers, by offering all their ice creams at the supercheap special and temptingly even price of 10 SEK a piece. So, I bought a few, and then a few more, and then I decided this might be a good opportunity to try all of them before prices rise, and once new ones come out I can savor those to their fullest. So far... 200 SEK deep.

Just a few more left...


I've been eating so much ice cream lately I'm starting to become overly conscious about my weight again. I need to take a jog or something. I need to start moving around there. I need to get out there and just GO GO GO and never stop or slow down until I've lost like a whole pound! Or mo'. I'm going to run, and run, and run and run and run until I hit the flo'.

And then... maybe I can finally eat those few remaining strands of ice cream that I've somehow missed. Still just a few more left...


The concerts are over.

Come the end of September I attended my last one... and it feels kind of sad. I wish there were more. Granted it is getting a bit cold outside, and you'd need to put on a thicker jacket if you wanted to go to more of these - which means the bands would need thicker clothes as well, but I miss them. I miss just vibing with the crowd and listening to good music after a hard week of work. It felt like a good finale.

Guess I'll persevere through the winter... and come spring vibe again!


Take it from me: attending a Chocolate Festival after work, at night, before you need to go to sleep and get up early for another day of work... it's not a good idea.

Well, at least not if you fully savor the delicacies available, and sample as much as possible, and try chocolate-coated coffee beans, licorice, acidified milk, many flavors of ice cream and fudge and sea salt and hot sauce and all that might possibly titillate your taste buds!

It was great, but... not before you need to sleep. They should start these things in the morning instead.


Did I mention the concerts are over?

And it's cold.

And it's cloudy too.

And the wind is blowing from the North.

Me and a buddy were plotting a trip to Vaxholm today, or tomorrow, but this weekend does not seem like the most suitable session of days to embark on such a trip. It's one of those trips on which you wish for a little sunshine and warmth - especially when you're heading out onto the windy archipelago. Hopefully next weekend. Or the one after that, if we get one last heatwave before the big winter.

Otherwise, there's always spring!


Days are flying by so fast I'm not sure where they're going. What do I have time for? I wake up, I do stuff, and then it's all over. I barely have time for games. I watch a movie every once in a while. I don't watch TV. I don't follow shows... apart from two ongoing anime series I've been following for years - Naruto and One Piece. I'm currently on a hiatus when it comes to my 750 Word sessions. I catch up with blog posts on weekends. I don't even have a fulltime job! Where does the time go.


Writing a hundred words is easy. Actually writing a hundred words is harder. Mustering up the willpower necessary to embark on this mysterious task. What is there to write about? What am I doing this for? Can I really match the word limit exactly, by the word? When I ask myself things like this I wonder if I really am creative, or if I should stop writing and do something else, like manage a garden. Build a fountain. Climb a mountain. Take a stage. I'm not sure what my call in life is but I'll get there! For now, I write.


I'm taking a vacation tomorrow. A short, one day vacation. I'll be going to Riga - just over the day, to eat some good food, and roam the streets a bit, and maybe buy some honey, and then take a late plane back to Sweden again. It's late. I've been at work. I haven't even packed my bag yet - though I don't need to bring much with me for just a one-day visit. It'll be fun! Butterflies be sort of trying to get into my stomach already, but hopefully I can keep them out this time. Travel like a pro.


Away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away and a way is made to new places!


I went to Riga yesterday. Just over the day. Up early morning, home late night, and I fell asleep like a LOG. So tired... but it was great. Good food. Cheap bus fares. Beautiful architecture. A clean airport.

It wasn't long, but it was a good vacation, and now that I'm back it feels weird to have been away... for just a day. It's like a dream. Like I just went to sleep the day before yesterday, and woke up today, and all of yesterday was in my head. Which makes you think about the Matrix? Right. The life. Trippy.


I'm feeling a bit stressed lately.

Don't I always? What else is new?

Each day I wake up is a day I stress. Sometimes because I don't get all the things I need to do done, but more often because I want to do more than I know I can accomplish. And thus: I don't accomplish all.

If I thought I could accomplish more, would I accomplish more? Is the limit my notion of how much I can accomplish, or is there an actual limit to how much I can accomplish?

Well, today I have accomplished this. It's a start.


That trip to Riga still feels like a far-away dream... so weird, having been outside of the country for just a day like that.

It's the plane, really. The plane that you get on, that goes up into the clouds, and takes you to your final situation without you having to even adjust your seat. You don't see the changes either, it all passes by unnoticed under the cloud, and suddenly... there you are! In a different part of the world... and yet it all seems so familiar.

It's magic. We can understand, but we can't really fathom. Planes.


I've been looking at that 'Tip Jar' thing to the right of the Rich Text Editor (non-Alpha) for a while now, thinking that they should probably stop using PayPal. It's really no good for them. It's not a good service. They take out a perceptual fee that's higher than other places. They sometimes lock accounts for stupid reasons - and take people's hard-earned money for themselves. Their interface is buggy, and I don't think they support Two-Pass Authentication yet, and I wonder when I started disliking them? Because they really have a pretty friendly name. Name's not everything.


I haven't read a lot of other entries here at 100 Words than my own. Not in the past. I don't read my own much either. I just write them down, and occasionally archive them in a text file in case something happens to them (to the site, that is), but yesterday I did start skimming through some other people's writing here at 100 Words - drawn in by one of the features on the front page... and read through them with a sense of guilt. Because they were good! The people who wrote them really put effort into their words.


I've always written my entries out of a sense of obligation, that I have to reach a certain number; that I have to write them all, not that I have to hone my craft and writing.

Plenty of my past entries are filler, plain and simple, no matter how I might try to pass them as arty and deep - to myself or others. Though not all filler's too far into the past, they're days I regret... and yet I feel I'll keep repeating my mistakes anyway, because it's just so easy to.

Discipline? Seems I need to strengthen that trait.


Discipline... how does that work?

The first step would be to get your priorities straightened out. If you don't have proper priorities, then there's no way that you can exercise proper discipline anyway - because there's nothing to be disciplined about. How do you spend your days? What do you need to do? What do you wish to do? What can you do - and can you turn that turn into a useful routine?

And you know what the worst part is? As soon as I've written this I think I'm going to watch a movie. And tomorrow, it's time for work.


Rise and shine!

It's like we┬┤re talking to the sun when we say that, isn't it? I certainly don't shine in the morning. At this time of the year the sun doesn't either; today the clouds are thick with rain, but maybe If I uttered such commands at the dawn of each new day the times might change?

It's worth a try! Anything to get you in better spirits. C-Vitamin. D-Vitamin. Sleep. More sleep. Just a few more minutes of sleep. Video games. It's the dark ages, where night is nigh... all the time. Knight and shine.


Apples, raisins, oats and quinoa puffs.

That's how I start my days nowadays. And a little lingonberries from the freezer, and black currents, and oat milk, and a little flaxseed, and sunflower seed, and maybe some other things in the mix I no longer remember...

It's healthier than most breakfasts, no? Yet we've eaten this particular combination so long we don't notice the health benefits anymore. It's just the way we start each day, and sometimes I wonder if each day would be different if I started it differently... maybe time to change a habit? For better or for worse.


Writing some words, just. Just writing, but writing justice with each stroke of the pen! As if it was a sword I wield! Held high from floor to ceiling!

What, do you find that thought appealing? Of Justice? Do you believe morals are in our genes: that it just is? No! I believe in writing wrongs so can get a sense of moral obligation and write our rights and pass them on as stories in histories and in time: make them the norm for which we conform and FIGHT!

Justice... it just is! With all our might. So I write.


Every minute is another chance to turn it all around!

I thought it was "every passed minute is a chance to turn it all around", but that doesn't make sense does it? Vanilla Sky got it all wrong. But maybe that's the point. Maybe the point is that the character lives his life by the wrong set of rules, and eventually discovers the rules he lives by are wrong, and finally turns it around.

Me typing this, I guess this would take... about a minute? Am I turning things around or not? Maybe next minute... I'll give it a try.


"The sun is shining today!"

That's what I thought when I woke up. Maybe it was shining during my recent half-state of slumber, and climbed back in behind my clouds after it had accomplished its mission: waking me.

Now it's gone, though. In hiding, again. On the run. From all of it's worshipers. All of it's fans. All of it's not so much voluntary loyalists, as slaves to its dazzling shine.

In the winter it's all too rare, but I did get a big bottle of freshly extracted D-Vitamin yesterday! From sheep wool. Time for an energy spoon.


They say morning's the best time to write, and I agree - it's easier at this time. Easier to write spontaneously. Maybe not to write your most polished and creative pieces, but at least to write! Just get it out there! Sell your soul for uncertain stats and online publications! Vent! Spend your angst and grime and embark on the new day as the fresh slate that you are!

I used to write 750 Words in the morning, and 100 Words in the afternoon, and other words in between, but maybe that was a bit too much. How much, is write?


I figured I'd write something. Something about a figure. A figure... so perfect! Like the number 9.

You see what I did there? No I don't know either. I must've been smoking ether... but I don't even know what the means.

The world's a dirty scene sir. So dirty, but so clean! Concrete and metal polished. Abolished of all but machines.

Are we living for real, or is this an illusion: is this all but a dream? All of these scenes. All that we've seen, our world bursting at the seams.

I've seen it all. And yet, lived but little.


I woke up in a dream state today.

Between 8:30 and 10:10 I pondered writing my dream down, then I kept dreaming imagining I was, until eventually I realized I wasn't and actually picked up my voice recorder to record it, digging as far back as I could go, but when I came to the start of the part of the dream I had dreamt since I first thought I needed to write it down... it was gone. Only the former dream remained, and I wondered if life is all a dream. Plus my neck is stiff today.


Getting into one of those phases where I do the wrong things instead of the right things, just because I need to do things to feel like I'm getting places. Writing my daily words here, doing monthly doodles, writing weekly movie reviews, prepping for a NaNoWriMo marathon, jumped into a haiku writing habit (it's a little forum game at a place I dwell) as well... all of these things add up to the total amount of time I use each day, and leave me with not-enough-time for tasks that are truly important to me. I want it all!


I drew up ten doodles yesterday, mostly with a brand new Wacom Bamboo I'm trying out. I was planning on doing ten, but a two hour time frame really wasn't enough for that. If I spare a full day then maybe I'll be able to catch up. It's Inktober. One piece for every day of the month, and I'm starting out about four weeks late.

It's never too late though! Going to be fun to doodle some more today, using a tablet instead of mouse was hard at first, but I'm getting the hang of it I think. Good fun.


How hard can it really be to write a haiku?

Not so hard, is it? Just five, seven, five lines. Usually I'd write a hundred of them in a flash. I used to do that before. Actually, I've been thinking about putting a hundred of them in a Flash too, for creative browsing, but back to the problem at hand:

I've started writing daily haiku's now, and today I'm stuck. Syllable count. Reformulations. The whole shebang that shouldn't be a bang with just a five seven five set of lines, and what kind of word is shebang anyway? I'll Wikipedia


So, it's winter time today!

I woke up to the change, and I guess the transition synced perfectly with my sleeping patterns, because though the time was different, my wake-up time was pretty much unaltered. It's all the same. The sun might be out longer today, but overall it doesn't make that big a difference after all. When summertime comes back though, and we're forced to wake up an hourly earlier instead... that's never quite so easy!

I hope winter time lasts all summer this year, and summer lasts all winter. If global warming's still around, now's the time.


The last day in October! And guess what else it it is? That one day! That special day! The one of treats! And tricks! And candy! And costumes! And grand traditions passed down through the years!

That's right! It's my sister's Birthday.

Oh, you were thinking of something else? Something about ghouls, ghosts and monsters? Well yeah, there's that thing too. We don't really celebrate that thing over here, but it's good to surf international sites and see the sights even if we don't live it. It's a good day, goblins and what-not or not. A day of celebration.

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