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2017 - June


The new month started up North!

At our summerplace. At the oasis of all places. At the place I grew up, and learned to live, and used to want to spend my entire summers but... am wishing there was a bit more company to keep during the time I do. Family's good, but the other people I knew moved away, and on, and out of the idyllic countryside to the hustle and bustle of the city where we do spend most of our times, but... summer. There's only one place to be! Hope to be there as much I can.


The first tour up North was experimental. We were promised cold, and clouds, and arrived to a weather that seemed to fulfill that promise. Icy wind blew outside the airport, and we huddled in the car, unprepared for the torment.

On the way home the snow started falling, mixed with rain, and dad looked worriedly at the thermometer, that teetered on the edge of positive degrees. Summer tires wouldn't fare well on icy roads... but we made it home. The snow fell. The wind blew. The fire crackled. And the next day we woke up to...

Sunshine?! Warmth! A wonder.


Life up North is entirely what you make it.

It's hard work. It's full of gardening, and craftsmanship, and fixing things that break, and making things that shouldn't, and using your wit and workmanship for both boring and inspiring things. And then you put the lake in the boat and you man that ship.

I mean... boat in the lake. What was I saying? The time numbs your sense of mind. It tires. I mean you sleep like a log. I think I averaged nine hours a day. I woke up earlier and earlier, and then... later again. Short days.


Short but good days... and no 'shorts' days. For the most part we kept on our hats, and coats, and wool socks - but in the rare moments when the sunlight came about and warmed our day we planted our feet barefoot in the grass, and felt the energy of early spring seep in through our bones, and the sunlight through our skin, and the sounds of birds and wind through all pores of our body.

The snow and rain quickly faded, and gave way to sunshine through glimpses of cloud, and the days all passed all too fast. Good times.


Good times. Fun times. Then came the day our times were over, and we tried to get our shit together before the late night plane leapt up from the landing strip and flew us back to Stockholm... and here we are now.

I arrived somewhere around nine, just slightly delayed, but the bus had left and the next went in an hour... so I met up with a cousin, had some lunch, played some cards, and then we took the bus and train back home again! Home a bit after midnight. To bed just a bit after two. Good day,


A new day brews in Stockholm.

No work today. It's a national holiday.

I get up around the same time as usual despite the late night yesterday... and try to get into my daily tasks. Eight hours pass. Or... ten hours? More like that.

I still have a few tabs open from this morning.

I've fixed the garden. I've fixed lunch. I've taken a walk. I've shopped some salad and fetched two packages, and I'm recording three weekly verses, but I don't feel like I've done enough yet. I feel... slow. It's just one of those days.

Exercise? Should get.


Oh man, it's back to work again and... it really ain't that bad. Yesterday passed by in a flash, and I don't feel like I did much worthwhile other than type up a bunch of things and get obsessed about booking a flight, but spending way too much time on choosing a date, until eventually the prices rose and I left it for this morning... maybe I was just low on sleep yesterday. Can't say I was high today either but I get things done. Feel good. Get out of the house or you'll go insane, they say. Today's better.


It's that thing called time again. A few weeks ago it felt like I had all the time in the world, now I look at the calender here at 100 Words and it feels like half of the month is gone already. Not really, but getting there. Too fast. Sometimes I wish I could just squeeze in an extra week here and there, but if we really did have time in such surplus it wouldn't be any fun, would it? It wouldn't be how it is. We wouldn't have to prioritize. We'd obsess on the little things. Though, still do...


Backups. I'm starting to ponder actually paying for an automated solution, like BackBlaze. I'm still pondering because their backups aren't eternal, and I don't like the idea of having to fiddle with settings each time I leave on vacation, or maybe don't use one particular external drive in a long time, so as to prevent date from getting deleted after 30 days. Otherwise they seem like the ideal company, and maybe if they didn't have this limitation maybe they wouldn't. Nothing's unlimited, right? Other companies do provide it, but do they provide as good a service? Don't know. Still pondering...


Was a bit nervous about that helicopter ride the next day, but I really didn't have too. Makes me ponder how much time really disappears on preparations - in just getting hyped up for something that turns out didn't require that hype, and since you were so hyped down, when it's done you kind of feel... just tired. Just satisfied. Just like... it's over. I prefer the spontaneous experiences that hype you up beforehand, or right away. Like reading Blink 182's canceled concert's been replaced by Sum 41! Holy shit!! AWESOME!!! It's the hype without nerve. The right kind of hype.


I took a helicopter ride today!

It was awesome. I sat with two strangers, but nice people, and the pilot was a young but super confident and seemingly seasoned vet. You know: the pilot type. In control. Pilot glasses. Pilot shirt. Pilot posture. Made me for a moment want to be a pilot.

The trip wasn't all that adventurous. We circled the city, and saw the sights, and I tried to film as much as possible yet take in the view too as I did. Then 20 minutes was over, and we flew back. A good but really SHORT trip.


The 1975 today!

They weren't the style of music I was expecting. I'd heard rock. I came into a concert full of what seemed to be love songs, soul, funk, and pop music, but the guitars came in after a while, as did the dubstep, and ambience, and all kinds of different influences until after a while I was thoroughly enjoying the music, even if it was completely unlike the music I'd gone there expecting to hear.

No matter what the topic or genre: good music is good music, and these guys were something else. Like the eighties but new.


Monster Magnet!

They played on a smaller stage than the prior, which was a shame since they had a big enough crowd for the big one, and I came in a bit late so I didn't get a good spot (I came in a while before they started, as always, but it seems that sometimes you need to be there earlier), but the music was good.

It was rock. Nothing more, nothing less. Pure, basic, without particularly memorable lyrics or solos, but thrashy and heavy and eventually pretty hyped up music. They got people screaming in the end. Good show.


No concerts today, but minigolf, in the same place we played about a week ago, and I won! :D

It was a good day. Good weather. Good lunch. Good dinner, too, at the verge of when it was all over... all good things intersect, and good ice cream, and drinks (a new Festis), and delayed trains but plenty to talk about while we waited for them.

Then I came home and felt kinda tired, but didn't take a nap when I probably should have, and eventually this mild sore throat feeling came to be... foreboding. Ill. I don't like it...


Woke up with sort of, kind of, a sore throat today...

I don't like this sensation at all. That feeling when you're not sure if it's a cold settling in, and you need supreme rest and huge doses of vitamins, or you just happen to have a slightly sore throat. Something you ate. Something you sang. Tonsil stuff. The symptoms sometimes coincide, but... it does feel like the kind of soreness you'd better rest away.

So I'm taking it easy today, or trying to, as much as you can when you feel fine apart from that little gnawing sensation. Rest...


I'm up way early today. Feeling good. 8:23 at the time of writing, when I usually have trouble getting up at 9:15, though that sore throat thing... it still lingers.

I'm not sure what to do about it. For today in particular, since it's a working day: should I go to work anyway? Should I stay at home? Hope Google may give advice.

I feel pretty good though, all things considered. Feels silly to stay at home like this, but then again you don't want everyone else to get sick either, if I'm in that contagious stage... we'll see.


It's a new day! And that sore throat I had earlier is all blown away! :D Yay!

Still better not do anything stupid, though. I have mild sniffles. This is that time when you sometimes start partying hard all too early and break down your immune system right at the point of healing, and have to start it all over again, but I have things I want to do so I can't slow down can I, hopefully my immune system copes, all is dope and the day goes on like a marathon but you never know... the road is cold.


In retrospect: it feels like I fuzz about the flu too much. If I just kept on going, living like I couldn't get sick I wouldn't get sick. That kind of mindset is one I wish I would have and one that would work, like it seems to do for some people, but I'm not sure I'm one of those people that could make it work. I'm not sure everything relies on willpower, but on actions, too. You can have attitude, but no matter how tough you make seem like you are you can only be as tough as you.


So hey, yeah, another work day, another day in the life of, another day on bread and biscuits, another day I don't know what I'm writing, another day that takes its toll, another day to pay the piper, another day in the pipeline, another line in my timeline, another time to line up, another concert I missed on, another rush I went with, another stress I'm bent on, another vent I'd pent up, another track I don't know, some other blow I won't do, what's up with me why don't you? I don't see what you care for, here's your:


Rob Zombie!

Hell yeah. Once the rain and wind blew in and the air started feeling grim and cold it's like he woke up for real, and the atmosphere caught on. With the late night Swedish sunshine it just felt weird in the beginning... shock rock isn't the right type of genre to play in the light of day, which he did point out in one of his humoristic sessions of speech, but like a zombie it all turned before it was over.

So there's another concert I'm happy to have been at! One for the books. Gröna Lund.


Sum 41!

Hell yeah. It's the first time at Gröna Lund one of my favorite bands of all time play, and I've been looking forward to this ever since that fateful day a few weeks ago when I realized my favorite band was about to play at GRÖNA LUND! This after Blink 182 had unexpectedly cancelled their tour, and thus also the show I'd been looking forward to the most this spring. Turns out it was for the better though! Though I started listening to Blink 182 there's no doubt Sum 41's number ONE. And they were amazing.


I was so tired today. So tired. For some reason I've woken up around four two days in a row, and though I fell asleep after a while I woke up again a while later, and when I think I finally fell asleep for real my alarm clock rang and I got out of bed dizzy, zic zagging across the room, on route to a forceful shower before the day began.

Yesterday I couldn't fall asleep at all. Just kept checking the alarm, so I was walking around in a bit of a haze today, but... it went okay. Kbye.



It's the day of the year in which we all gather together and eat Sill and Potatis, and Lax and Snaps and all kinds of viable delicacies and have a great time, friends and family and all united... and it was no different this year. With Yahtzy and Corona. With sunshine and funtime. With good food and good mood. And then back home late night with a few things to fix up by the computer as usual...

Midsummer is not the middle of the summer though, as you might think, it starts now! Time for sun time. Good night.


I have a lot of catching up to do.

I start with the most trivial tasks, like this, and subscriptions, and email, and reviews, and all of a sudden the day is gone and I still haven't caught up on the most important things... well, not always, but some days. I should follow the advice I know so true: to do the most important things first. Right away. First thing. I know I should, but still I'd really rather get the small things out the way before I get to the big ones.

Main obstacle I need to overcome: priorities.


I'm up... at twelve in the MIDDLE OF DAY!

Seems closing windows lets you sleep longer than you might like, and when the weather is moody, and cloudy, there's no light to force you up in the earlier hours of day. I did go to sleep yesterday, but not so late to merit waking up like this! What did I do wrong?! My routines crumble. Fears for the coming work day arise. Will I fall asleep in time? Will I wake up energetic? It's time to change my routine, and time to change the setting:

Open windows tonight. Morning light.


Oh hey, here's a day I missed! One more for the journey. One more on the road to self-fulfillment. One more step up the great ladder of time, and onwards, and inwards (selfreflect), and outwards (I need to take a walk soon or I really won't get shit done today), or... wards? Hospitals, for old people, but I hope it's a long time before I grow to be one of them! Life is fresh and beautiful, and I am young, in the height of my youth, just a third of life gone and all too caught-up on timelines.


So my nephew's staying over a few days this week, and boy does the time fly when you're having fun! It's work all day, then after work home and back to work prepping passable dinner (a challenge when you're also trying to clean out the fridge before summer), and then playing games till suddenly it's past twelve, and then one... and you know you really need to sleep to get up tomorrow, but you still haven't read any Naruto. I'm starting to sleep deeper though. Cause and effect of: leading a busy life. Or leading a happy life? It's good.


The Burger King at the Central Station started billowing smoke yesterday.

I was on my way from work when they shut down all traffic passing through Central Station, just in case it'd spread.

This is troublesome because ALL traffic passes through Central Station. It's a very literate central hub for all passageways leading into and out of and through the city.

I took a detour, first by bus, then subway, then bus again, and made it to the other side of the barrier, met up with my nephew and... the trains started rolling again!

An hour late, but better than never.


The time with my nephew was intense! A bit more than usual considering it was also my last week of work this week, and I had more work to do than I've had in previous last weeks considering we're launching a new webshop this autumn, and a lot of prepwork needs to be done before our freelance firm finishes it, but I managed to combine work and play as well as possible, and hopefully my nephew had some fun too. Usually I'd be able to take at least day off, but now I worked longer than usual. At least my sister had some time to spare.

I'm going past the hundred word barrier here since that's how life's been lately, you know? But at the same time I think this visit kept me from getting as stressed out with work as I might have been if that was all I had room for.

Thanks for the visit; looking forward to the next one! Next up: summer.


It's the last day of June!

I didn't think this day would come so soon. All winter I look forward to the sunshine and water up North... but now that the time's here I feel a bit let down. I'm no longer stressed-out, but realizing I can't do everything I wanted. My site's not up to date. I don't have everything backed up with a 3-2-1 strategy. I'm not in shape. I don't feel accomplished and in place where I am right now... maybe summer will change that. That's what it's for, right? A break.

I break.

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