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2020 - October (Inktober)


Stranger times...

Time's have really been stranger. But rhymes are out there to be savored. Try to write a while but I waver. I wonder. I stray for...

The day's not solely dedicated to spitting that vapor. Like a viper. Contemplate Earth. Contemplate doing these every day, what a great surge, what a way...

And today is the great first! Of the month. The one where I'll make sure. That I'll keep getting better and greater. It's never too early or late for. Starting a challenge you hate or... at least one you love when it's over.

Let's go err...


I bang my chest yes! Though still feel this month will be a mess. Cause I don't stress less. I'm doing more, though doing my bestest.

But how much can I manage, even if I do play like a savage? Rhyme every day, and ravage my mind, for whatever lies there to salvage?

I don't know yo. I feel like I might just get out of control. It's not only that one verse it's this one, and one more extra toll. Out every day. I'm not in the grind. I'm getting there pray. I get there and find. That I...


Really get the thirst word. The word thirst. The third word. I searched first. I'll forward. The fore word. I'll nurse verse. All doors stirred. My mind fresh. My lines here. Just like air. I rhyme yeah. I've tried stress. Don't like it. I might just try mics this, month it excites yes. It's a bit better just rhyming it out! Than trying the doubt. Than lying here lifeless. With a burden in mind and on my chest. I'll search but what will I find? More burdens or fine rest? Like a surgeon I'll spine test precision all. Intricately lyrical.


Parents got home today. Four month vacation they've been off on. Been cleaning the house. Woke up late. Suddenly hopped dawn. So tired I'm powernapping. I'm tired but yes I'm rapping. I really took on the challenge. So you'll really know what will happen!

I'm going all out, I chose to madden, I chose to go rage mode for battle. And all of you who just can't handle all this madness better scramble!

I go so hoarse when I'm on the saddle. Haven't practiced in a year... is that all? Watch me. The rebel. Vandal? No.

Don't damage at all.


Let out some angst today. Everything feels so damp that way. I'm getting cramped on space. But also amped up; this challenge is the last that may... move me out of routines. Move me that way.

What I have is good, but what I had was great. I'm in a saddened mood, and what is sad is age. When you're surrounded by people who're growing tired and gray, and there's no thing you can do, and they'll expire one day...

Don't know what happens then. Hope they rise high and away. Or stay and watch over me.

So it be.


Come on now the days are fleeing! The days are flowing! The days are fleeting! This here's an omen! That future's seething! It's something living! It's something breathing!
Be our own hero! Go find a meaning! Go find the potion! That makes you see thing! Go to the ocean! Go see the scenes, and live the dreams, and really be in!

The moment. Own it. You never know when you'll lose it. This life is just a fragment of the bigger whole that truth is.

If you can't see the world, you need to break illusions.

Just as well. You breaking the fucking spell.


Lately I'm getting stressed with these. I'd like to step with ease. But I feel wrecked. More like in pieces than in peace! One day goes to the next. Next day comes I regret. Not doing more beforehand...

But how can you try your hand if you don't do what you want? And ghosts are here to haunt you. Your vocals aren't your strong suite. Just get back in the gauntlet and the song booth, and rip one out with strong shoes! With strong stride! Just go on! Go on hide!

You'd better. When Cyberdevil gets real with the letters.


Was plotting to do something lucky for Seven. My good friend Seven. Is she good? She's hellish. I mean that in the best way, like I chose my own name Cyberdevil :) One day she might be president, so revel.

If you're not from NG you'll probably not understand this man. And it's an inside joke with limited time span. She changed her name,. Yeah. That's how it stands. And if I say more then... whatever. Damn. Nobody reads this anyway. The joke don't matter any day.

What up Seven! Be lucky. Live good. These rhymes are. Not as they should!


Another buddy. S3C where are you buddy? Did you flee to the outback just to party buddy? Do you need another buddy to get it started buddy? is the air conditioner working, or have you become a martyr buddy?

It's all or nothing these days. It's all or something. It's a call for dumping up-pumping a praise! Just getting funky. A slogan we have on a juice brand here in Sweden though says: No Junk, Just Funk.

I think they needed more fresh. Sometimes... English ain't an easy language. To manage. Does damage. With slogans.

Where are you S3C?!


When I look back at last year... I wonder how things were faring. Did I have more time? Did I feel more in a clearing? Or is it the same as this year where each day is just more stressing, and it might be a bit more manageable if I was really resting?

In retrospect it's probably going to feel the same way. Like I didn't use time to the fullest! Like I felt a ways stray. Like I could've been more inspired and on point, but when each day you're really grinding out a joint: it feels crazy.



Gotta showcase those skills! Throw down for real! Low down between these hills just feeling the ground between my fingers! Living off of the Earth! Foundation of clout still lingers! But I'll kick it with new habits! I'll bite the bitter brew! I'll grab it! Let visions through! Ecstatic! Fully capable, automatic; even manual with a banderoll I'll manage! Do damage! Go savage! Go way over the top! You might ask me why, but why not?

It's cause I'm on my talent run. Gotta show you what I can do. Dismantle these here words and build a sandal. Yeah.


Beach life... I have such a strange connection with sand. Doesn't matter if it's in a desert or by the sea that I stand. It still seems to speak to me. It's in my head and in my hands. And I feel so redeemed and free when I'm with it...

But who am I kidding. If I lived on the dirt floor with the poor I know I'd hurt more. I wouldn't want to be there, with that dryness and that heat. I'd be slow during daytime, and maybe I could never sleep.

But looking from a distance those dunes... they really speak... to me.


Gotta rhyme till time ends! Gotta rhyme about sublime things! So much pressure in my rhyme, but so much talent. To match? To hatch? To wake up with this grind? I stray now just to find. My place on common ground. Don't know why life feels clownier when it just feeds me downers... sometimes I think I need to add some of these rhymes... to my lyrics.

And when I think that there's a disappearance. Of the creative strain. Creative vein. It just goes out of the picture. Out of the frame. Damn it we. Have too much vanity.


Yesterday it was X9 and today it's F-O-D! If you don't spend time on NG though you won't know who those be! One's a straight up legend, the other one's... unique. And he's been steady grinding on for so long, making pretty nifty beats.

First one's hard to rhyme to, the other one's a treat. But first one's a sublime dude(tte), the other one's a beast. First one''s a pinnacle of time too, and I'm proud to have played a piece, but the second I really sync with, and chime to, so yeet.

I don't even know what that means.


This week's been hella busy man... I feel uplifted though. I'm on a mission to get rich in this here pictured woe. Richness in experience and richness in rhyme. Even though I feed my deliriousness with the riches of time.

I try! To climb. I try! To scribe. I try to just get by and survive a while while I'm at it. Try to get in the grind so much my rhymes are automatic. They always say excellence is a habit.

And I believe it. But I really want to breath it. To learn it. To earn it. In time...


The Beast... man working with Quarl was such a feast!

Though why do I say man, why not woman/man at least? It's just a saying though! Don't play on the ailment road of all that's failed and cold and hey don't know how to say this but... let's get it straight now though.

No disrespect. If you're gay I wish you all the best of rep. You'll get rep if you do a set. No setbacks. Just rep that. Get a six pack. Hit that. Yeah.

This did not turn out as I intended to but hey what to you do... I love all of y'all alright? And working with Quarl: delight.


I will follow. If the day ends today, I'll go tomorrow.

Each new day's a new start, a new potential to wallow. Or to really pick yourself up! To do stuff! Don't do it enough! Doesn't matter how you feel, if you've a headache then use your gut! And get rid of it!

If you've pent up energy than pull the lid of it! Get and work out a bit! Get around a bit! Learn how the town is lit! The science of all, of human and bird, and you will find word, even in the most natural place...

I'll follow.

Now get the **** out of my face.

(Just playin'.)


Oh-Sama collab. An odd lad. But awesome. Inspiration strikes me when I'm around him, and I blossom! Like a flower... like a possum. Opossum? They're awesome. Oh Sama! Oh autumn! Give light to us forgotten!

The world is dark and damp but that don't mean that it's all rotten... there's too much plastic here for it to all rot. So fall not. Into the plastic sea where you'll be choked by caps and bottles. Just burn that plastic trash and light the flame of spittle potholes! And climb out of this grotto! In my mind the motto:

Stay hot y''all.


I'm on such a roll now. Larrynachos rolled 'round. Don't capitalize the L, and don't take an L, it's under control now. But he rolled down. The window. And told me to go indoors. And sit down and spit something, though maybe not too kind or kindled. But all of mind and vision!

Of strength and great ambition! And I now am in a position where I don't even try to be sitting down and babysitting Newgrounders! I found thirst! I want to create more stuff and be the one that they all crown first!

But how will that all be... come on come battle me.


Bat out of my business, and I'll bat out of yours.
Bat out of my ceiling, and I'll bat out of your floors.
Bat out of my meaning, and I'll bat out of your drawers.
Don't be hiding in your closet: come forward.

Bat out of religion, and find a place of a peace.
Where you're not just a minion, but wear your heart on your sleeve.
Where you are you and no one! Can tell you that your not.
Our individuality, we forgot.

And too often we're caught up, in trying to be something.
We're not. We're something. Better.


Dang that's cold... it's Ya Boy Noodles. Man I'm old. Youngin's come in. Toodles. Can still drive the corkscrew though. Spit rhymes like I pork a whole. Room full of forty-four year-olds. What the hell am I saying?

I don't want no harem though, I'll trade that for an awesome flow. I'll trade that to convey emotes that I can't ever truly convey. Some day you too will be gray. But pray we get through. The next room. Okay.

It's a cold day today but tomorrow... might be warmer? Go yonder. probe further. No murder. I mean better. The weather.


I do wonder about you S3C...

Are you out there in the wild and free? Are you out there where you'd like to be? Have you been so till this day? Or in an office slaving away? Trying to brave: new solutions for humankind to pick up? While the old pick gathers dust, always plain never sit-ups? Some things are forgotten but sometimes you need to mix up. Try new things. A stick-up? Go through things. A break-up. With routines. That you feel. Are sacred...

But still hurt you. Nurture what's true and what you deserve to nurture. I want to live... like a true learner.


Sometimes you just don't have the time! No time to stay up late. When you gotta get up in time. No time to sit and record. Even if you simply love to rhyme. No time to reward yourself. With any dank pastimes benign but...

I do try to climb up.

I do try to improve.

I do want to get places.

I do want to move.

I do want a future.

I don't want to lose.

I don't want excuses.

But I do want to be excused.

So that's why I distract myself and still sing the blues, but does anyone really like the sound of whine? Maybe I'm clever sometimes.


Got a blasting headache today... but still need to make something of this day. We took a half-broken TV to the dump. Out and away. We took a walk. Got out of the slump and tried to brave this headache... though it still is an I'd-rather-be-in-bed day.

Now I'm sitting here. Catching up with my rhymes. About to hit record. Can't save it for other times. The verses may not be great, but have been so amazing as of late that... maybe it's still okay.

And if I have time for else: get that out the way.

Tomorrow. More time for myself.


If you don't know conditioning, then you have slow conditioning.

Then you don't know the mission in, then how do you go on missioning?

How do you speak to people about the truth we should know, if you don't choose to know, if you refuse to show yourself to the true force and foe.

If you don't know conditioning, then NO conditioning! Can prepare you for the world. You're a slow emission then.

Slow convincing you. Let's go, this stint won't do. If you refuse to see the world as it is: you refuse to see the truth.


ninjamuffin99 time! You can't knock this guy with his hustle! He'll keep on going with prime shine! No matter the huff and puff y'all! He'll go until it's bedtime! And past too, no sleeping! When NM's in the room doin' the mixing and completing.

He's awesome, but a busy man, works his mind and grind. He doesn't take time to just sit and chat, but still doesn't leave you behind. I wish I had his will and that, someday maybe I'll get it...

Either way we're doing a collab today, and both of us: we wrecked this.

Check it out.


Stumbled upon a tune so ambient, so adventurous, so mysterious... wasn't sure where to go with it, but to go with it was precarious. I was curious. I was aware of stuff. I drifted into contemplation... and so I wrote for a while and ah, this one is for the ancients.

Are we alien? Are we human? Were we birthed in a foreign place? Are you of old thought? Or a new man? Have you found your purpose and place?

I don't really know what I'm in tune with, but it's starting to surface... at night sometimes, in mind sometimes, today: ajl the day.

Prometheus? We drift away...


I collabed with this dude last year too. New Found World, now it's New Found Groove. He's not online today, and maybe won't be soon, but it'd be cool to write something to this contemplative tune. With an upbeat vibe. With a feelgood pace. With an easy rhyme too. Don't feel misplaced. And I wonder if I have the time and faith, to do something better next year... but let's relax here. let's take a step here.

We crept up the stairs. We saw the sights. We leapt clear. Venture out on a great adventure? What, you're asking?!

Heck yeah.


Good Morning Supernova!

If she didn't have the cyclone warning maybe she would've seen this in the morning.

She lives way off in the Philippines, going to school and performing.

She draws amazing scenes, and has a knack for thought and learning. Really cool. Open-minded too. With a mind for visions and wording.

And for making grooves! With this one I rhymed.. Felt my voice awaken. Felt it all aligned. Felt the lyrics all came in place and I'm... happy how it turned out.

So Good Morning Supernova! Have a snack and get out and about, and have fun. Though she may not read this. School days in the Philippines are it seems a grievance!

If so Good Morning everyone.


Heavy metal hell yeah! Get out with a yell! Call up ancients demons! From the depths of Hell! It's soon Halloween too, so it seems fitting, don't you think? Though if you're of the old school, then maybe you won't tune in...

It's wild. It's crazy. It's got theKorndog on the hooks. Think my verses turned out amazing, and it's not all as dark as it all looks. The words may be dystopian and less contemplative, more so direct, almost violent, and abrasive, but I do think I still censored myself a little... kept the balance there. Not all tasteless.

But still hellish. A metal monument to relish.

Happy Halloween.


Inktober's done! Inktober's over! I wrote all day, I did get closure. I felt so happy, I lost composure, I played the final track again and again and again and...

Will it now be the same? Will I drift back to the same rut and refrain? It's been such an awesome month. I want to keep challenging myself. I want to keep playing. But I feel tired, inspiration wanes, I feel drained...

Really though. inspiration's still here and flow: it is the same. Maybe it's just the fear that's there, that I won't live up to my claim.

And keep on going! But I WILL.

October was a blast, November will be a thrill.

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