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2020 - September


Ah new beginnings...

Hopefully I'll make better do with this one, because August hasn't been fun at all.

We had a platform launch at work but it just resulted in more work, and bugs, and the time leading up to it has been riddled with them too. A real infestation.

I'm leaving on the last bit of my vacation soon and I just hope I can iron some of the more important ones out before I leave, because it's always like this. never enough time, and never the right things at the right time either.

But I AM going on vacation.


I am going on vacation! I AM going on vacation! I am going on VACATION! I just need some affirmation.

I am going on vacation! In a few days, I'm contemplating! In a week or two! Need to plan anew! Need to step my game up - no more waiting! I say I AM going on vacation.

I am. I'm taking the plane. I'm taking the tram. Whatever the method, by car or by boat, below or afloat, whatever the station. I hope you understand that: I am going on vacation. I am going! I am.

Yes I am. Ain't that amazing.


I didn't mean for my 100 Words page to turn into such a vent-ridden diary-like item. More so something to freestyle on. Stay creative. Post new and captivating little tidbits of rhyme or experience for each day that passes by. But I guess this does work too...

I'm of a split mind when it comes to detailing your day to day like this. On the one hand: share everything. Be transparent. Be all you. Put no bars on your emotion. That's the artistic way innit?

On the other: keep what's personal to yourself. Care for your integrity. That.


Stressful day again.

Well... was it? I feel like it was. Not that I've been working my ass off all the time, but the week's done and unfortunately not all the dues. I'm keeping parallel conversations with a bunch of third parties that will hopefully be fixing some things that need fixing soon. It's just the way of my world lately. Each day new troubleshooting. Problems that need solving. When one's done two more come to take it's place.

And the root of it all? Magento.

If you ever get the choice between this and basically any other platform you may be presented with: Choose the other one.



I have trouble shooting. I have trouble relaxing. I have trouble bathing when time doesn't allow for a bath to happen. I have trouble moving. I have trouble wooing women I can't make a move with. I have trouble too with: too many troubles clueless. About the bubble that I live in amidst this rubble/ruins.

But can you ruin your own life? Can you help or just hold nice? On a throne and with no vice? On its own I think it's prone to be a bit more like a tomb than a no-life Shaq-like dude with energy to exceed his name, and since he even started rapping on these verses things have changed wait I'm out of words.


Back to work tomorrow and I'm not REALLY rested up in full this time... feel like I could've slept another day or two. I slept so long last night. I might not have the best bedtime routines, but still, when you're going over eight hours a night you realize that you really need to recoup. There's something going on in your body. Some kind of either physical or psychological healing may be required. Or a bit of both, mayhaps...

Fear of catching a cold, or worse: the rona, comes back as soon as travel times start closing in once again.


Started watching 1917 today.

I made it a bit more than halfway through the movie, and stopped at just the right place, at the second cliffhanger when he exits the apartment in the city of fire...

It's such an atmospheric movie. I've been stalling with seeing it because I had high hopes, and maybe feared they wouldn't be exceeded, but they are. It's a brim with both emotion and directing like that which I've never seen in a war movie before.

We needed something like this. Not least because all WW movies somehow only focus on the second war, but the first wasn't any less terrible.


1917 was great. Finished it today, but it wasn't really the same thing after the main two characters were split up. The chemistry gone. The acting somehow one-sided and not always authentic, when there was no balance between the two. Level of seriousness drastically increased but still, something was missing...

I appreciated the creative filming. The city of fire. The final frontier. It was all great, but in the beginning it felt like there'd be more than there was. Great movie thus, but not perfect.

I wonder why I'm writing a miniature review here. More on my site!


Pretty much the busiest day ever today.

Maybe not initially. Maybe the work pace wasn't. It started as usual, not too early, but for lunch I took my bike to the car workshop to get my car back - suspension fixed - and some time after that we started working on a newsletter. Worked until 8-9 PM. Finally sent the thing, took a one hour walk in the rain to get my bike, rode back in darkness, fixed up some quick leftover dinner and packed the night away.

Would've been just perfect if only the newsletter service I chose didn't require manual account verification, so I just have to sent that out tomorrow before I leave...


Vacation time!!!

I did say I was going no? Well today was the day.

Woke up a bit late. Just managed to water the plants and get things ready before it was time to leave. Time rushed by and I rushed to the train to the bus to the airport and flew away... and my dad met up with the car up North.

It was a great ride home. I realize the car I currently have isn't all as smooth to maneuver. The one we've had in the family for the past ten-twenty years now is so much better.


Meant to rant more on the car in the message prior, but characters ran out. A hundred, that's the limit right?

We've had a SAAB 9-5 for a while now, and I recently bought a SAAB 9-3.

Had to get the front suspension swapped right away. The right one was leaking oil. Bad. Had to switch places on the tires. Still have to get new tires. Bought new rims that are the right size. The brake pipes/tubes/things are rusted. Not sure how serious. The coolant needed replacing. Was just water.

It is a decent car but man... I was naive. Seemed alright when I bought it.


I guess I trusted the car was alright because, so far, I've only had cars that ARE alright!

The family one's always been great. Well-kept.

The first one I got myself had two issues. Leaking exhaust pipe and leaking oil. I had those things fixed. Everything else was amazing. It'd barely run 9,000 km. The interior was like new. I did some small fixes, swapped out a couple lightbulbs and the cabin filter, but that was easy enough.

When rust gets involved though... now that's a whole new issue. That's potential serious trouble. That's the kind of stuff that might have to get the entire vehicle scrapped, even if the rest of it looks fine.

Be wary of rust... check it when you buy it.


Checklist of unwanted flaws I'm keeping an eye out for next time i buy a car:

- Broken suspension (bounce the hood/trunk)
- Missing coolant (open to smell/check color)
- Black oil (open to check viscosity/color)
- Rusty brake pipes (same as above)
- Air conditioning leak (check for odd smell, and drive a while to see that it really cools)
- Bad tires (check wear, and read year/dimension on each one)
- Oversized rims (check the manual; compare to tires - affects fuel consumption, suspension wear, grip and possibly the chassis too)

To be continued in another hundred words to be written soon...


Checklist of unwanted flaws I'm keeping an eye out for next time I buy a car (part 2):

- Rust (get under the car - bring some metal rod to feel for rust)
- Water leaks (either spray the car with water or ask to testdrive after it's rained - check the carpets/under the carpets in both car and trunk for dampness)
- Broken lights (just turn the car on, switch blinkers and brakes and check all)
- Bad compartments (open everything you can; see that you really appreciate the interior at the same time)
- Broken antenna/wiring/radio (turn it on and try it)


Checklist of unwanted flaws I actually checked last time I bought a car:

- Windshield wipers (use them)
- Steering (take some curves)
- Engine (drive around)
- Comfort (sit down)
- Windshield (check for cracks)
- Trunk (check for spare tire/other stuff that should be there)
- Manual and service booklet (see that it exists - check the latest service date while you're at it)
- Doors (open all)
- Seatbelts (try them all)
- Exterior (look around)

Ask about winter tires and heating. Ask about recent changes. Ask about fuel consumption and potential other quirks or accessories.

Don't forget insurance, and sign the contract the right way.


Phew... cars, man. I actually did not sign the contract the right way last time I bought one though, shouldn't have added that in there. I bought the car via the owner's daughter, with a makeshift contract, sent a photo of my license via phone to him so he could send in the papers... in a few days. After he got back from vacation.

Totally NOT by the books in any way at all, but I did get to drive away with the car right away, the ownership came through, and that was that.

Also: unpaid taxes or other fees.


Unpaid taxes and other fees, arr!!

I ended up paying a slice of the taxes for the coming year, even though the previous owner's daughter gave me a rebate with the upcoming tax shock specifically in mind. I mean wait... I ended up paying a slice because she did that. Even though the debt actually fell on the first owner.

Kind of regret it though. I already knew about some of the repairs I'd have to pay for myself when I agreed to pay a part of it but... it was the right thing after all. I'm happy. She's happy.


Enough about cars, let´s talk about bikes instead.

Prices have been rising like crazy. I've been checking out auctions earlier, and second-hand bikes overall, and there's just no way to get any bike for much less than you might as well just buy a new one for. Though of course new one = cheapest model available. New though...

People are taking their bikes to work now. Cars too, but more so bikes when they can. People are getting out more. People are exercising more. This corona thing might not be all bad after all.

After all: maybe it won't.


The nineteenth was a cold day... not sure if it was the nineteenth to the twentieth or the day after, but one of these nights we had our first frost night for the fall.

Hella cold, but not as cold as I thought it might be! We went outside to put some covers over the crops, and I walked out in shorts. Jacket too, but shorts. T-shirt under. The air was thick and a plastic bucket was covered in frost already.

I went out later and the water had frozen over in our outdoor washing basin.

Overall though... just felt a bit cooler than usual.


Time's ticking away and it's depressing... I don't want to ever leave this place-

We've picked lingonberries. I've readied my car for the winter. Started getting my room ready. Packing the bag. Bringing out the suitcase. Unfortunately we only have one case here, but maybe I can get another one tomorrow and bring some kilos extra vegetables with me when I leave...

It won't last all winter but the hope is up till Christmas. My personal dose will hopefully last me until my parents drive up with the rest of the greens. Just a week or two. Be eating through.


I did get another case.

Two actually. We bought an extra one just in case.

My sister's partially paying for the second. Turns out the price for luggage increased drastically recently, with Norwegian, the airline carrier that otherwise has the hands down best price of all...

And vegetables taste so much better when you grow them yourself. Plus so much more nutritious. So much better in all ways possible. There's nothing like it, and I like this island... this oasis. The house is run down; could use a face lift. And insulation. But still... it is amazing.

Till next year.


Heading back again.

Back to Stockholm. Back to Bro. Back to the slums. Back to working at a computer for a living cause I could do with the funds. Back to shooting up lyrical challenges that you can't refund! It'll all be truth when I'm done. Not futureproof but it's fun. I need to rhyme, need to run, need my usual sun. D-vitamin. Winter's coming up quick, now's when the fight begins. No idling. Go on every day like you're walking a mile or ten. Trying to be a king but I can't file my taxes like one.

I'm done.



First day back at work was alright though. I work with good people. Good place. Good tempo. Got a new colleague too - for at least another month or two. Not sure if he's planned to be my replacement if I do move North, maybe...

I know I have to move some time. I know I shouldn't have mentioned my move unless I was totally committed though. Does mentioning it make me committed, or does it just make me a liar if I don't? A not very serious bloke.

There's not much for me here in Stockholm... but family. Hard to leave.


Get into a rage on the road! Drive fast, what age do you slow? Dive last. Let the pace and the flow roll past. Take the adjacent of roads. The dirt road. The hurt road. The highway of life's no blast. No search soul = no soul found. So go around. Let go ground. Let go your preconditioning and get out of the system when you're christened in a bind. Don't know what I'm saying maybe I'm out of my mind lately? Maybe I seem wise in the eyes of the... blind.

That was a punchline if ever wrote one though...


The weekends just go way too fast lately...

I've been caught in a blaze of stuff, but towards the end of the day in a game. I didn't plan to. The urge came, and suddenly I'd wasted away the entire afternoon.

it's not waste if you enjoy it, but the thing is I'm not sure I do. I feel like maybe I'm just distracting myself from the things that I do need to do. I need to get a move on. I need to clean the house. I need to get the car sorted. Dues amount and it's too much...


Oh whoops. Was looking at the calendar for this month when I wrote in the last day. Wrong day...

Weekends do be hella stressful though. Yesterday was a work today, today is a relax day (not sleeping too good lately though so lately I'm just tired) and tomorrow... well it's Sunday! The ultimate rest session coming up. The one when you're meant to hold the whole day free and just do what you gotta. Not too much not a lotta. Sometimes... don't even do an iotta.

I gotta get in a real weekend soon though. Just rest. Up. Get down.


Hmm. Oni. I love the game but lately... it's looking a bit old.

If I was a rich man I'd pay someone to remake the game for me. Same thing but with all new graphics. Same engine if possible, but updated for physics, for dynamic lighting, for a more breakable and authentic world around you.

Mods do exist, but they all just contribute individual pieces to what could be such an awesome new adventure. And some change too much. I don't want anything to be different, I just want it to be better. Visually, physically; maybe with a few extras mixed in.

But still nothing that changes a thing.


Played some frisbee golf today.

Went out with a buddy to a nearby course, first time playing - he'd tried it a few times, and won by far. :)

It was fun! A simple sport but... meditative, challenging, and plenty of exercise even if you don't realize. Towards the end of the day my arms were starting to feel sore. Did that little round really do that? Maybe this is just the right sport to get into, both relaxing and fun, and good exercise while you're at it without any added stress.

Got sunshine too. Free day today. It's been good.


Was made aware today, in the late afternoon, by my boss, who probably forgot about the deadline, that we have a banner ad for the cover of Motor Magasinet due for print tomorrow!

Oooh shit. I guess I'll be up a bit later than I thought I would. I guess I'll be getting some extra hours pay, at least... I guess I won't be getting a long walk, since it'll be pitch black when I finally get out of the house, but I guess I'll also maybe get in bed in a bit better time than usual because:

A. I'm tired.
B. Big day tomorrow.


So that's that! Another month just blazed by.

I'm not entirely satisfied, but it's been alright I guess. It's been tolerable. The last few days I've been practicing raps, and writing a bit more than usual.

Started all too late to do the necessary prep work for the year's biggest lyrical challenge: Inktober. A verse, written and recorded, each day for the entire month.

I'm not all hyped about it but I know I'll enjoy it if and when I really do get into it...

Maybe I'll up the challenge and involve myself here too. 31 rhymes?

Will do.

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