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2021 - October


Inktober, YEAH! And I just got back. And I'm not prepared at all. I tried a quick test run yesterday and went totally hoarse. Hope today goes better. And I need to find a parking place. And I need to sell off a few computers. And I need to fix my life. Work's not going too well and my working hours just went down though, so on the plus side maybe I'll have a bit more time with my verses this year. Later this month. First week or two finna be stressful. But here we go now. Today's the first...


Second day in it, and I'm beginning to spin it! Don't like the sound of my voicing, but I shall spit out this poison. I'll keep going till I finish, will not slow and won't diminish, I will plow until I win this, like the race I chose can't take my prose so I just gotta kill it! And I mean that as in: murder in a good way. Totally destroy. Get out and get some joy. Never pout just smile some mo'. This is what I'm spouting for like a fountain gorging in ground undoing floor. Yeah... getting back.


I want to do more beats but it still went acapella. I didn't promise instrumentals so what can I tell ya? Sometimes just want to write, and when I write it's without music, when I add it then I lose it, I just groove and get into this. But when it's about meaning... well then it goes like this. Then words are laid to silence. Evokable and quick. I won't quit no I'll keep going till my flow ain't slow as shit! And my vocal tone is knowing in the moment how to quip. I will come to grips. Yes.


So, for some reason I decided to get back into rhyming here, like I did last year. Not on the first though, I didn't have time to prepare that there. But after that fares this all in rhyming lingo. Just like a violent Dingo. Savage with spinal zingo. Don't know how I begin flow. Don't feel it all comes to me. But when I do begin yo. Well then I do be grooving! Sometimes I do need to remind me all my best work ain't behind me but that eukaryotic line was almost erotic! I guess I've got it I still go. Yeah.


Gotta keep getting more efficient, and I really gotta savor, had an unfortunate convo with a neighbor... today. But it'll surely work out. I'm not there on a pager. I do respond to phonecalls but I can say 'see you later'. She lends me her parking space, but appreciates I park there, yet comes to me with dues, and I somehow have a dark fear! That I've too much to lose. That those dues will get too huge. That she'll ask until I'm through. That a casket may be due! I don't mean to be get so morbid, just emotions that be storming.. It's just stressful. Time is money. Can I afford it.


Posted a REALLY short Inktober verse today. I'd planned something different initially, tried recording a bit to a guitar track, but that didn't really work. I couldn't get into the groove, or get my vocal tone right. I'll give it another try later. Time started running out and I really had to get to packing and preparing for the trip so I opted for the simplest thing I could find and it actually turned out good! Soulful. Experimental. It was short but all essential. Energetic albeit a bit loud, and though so simple I think I am proud! Ciao now.


And so we go! To the North! To the cold! To the free! To the roads! Where no cars get in your way! No distractions in your sight! Just living the life all day! And relaxing deep at night! And doing work that your body likes! No computer, no perks, no mic! No superficial things just close the blinds, and try to give this world some time... I think you'll like it. At least I'm getting psyched I am quite thrilled. I've been tired. It's been stressful. But now that the time has come I feel blessed full steam yes.


Time in the wild... it's so refreshing. Though it has been cold. And so this session. You wouldn't know when we were going, that halfway there it'd get to snowing, white to falling like an omen, lonely roads in Silent Hill tone... rolling on with air conditioning thinking we'll be living in a cold hellhole of a cottage, without power or wattage, I use that line a lot eh... two times. Two tries. To warm the house. First took time. Second went so fast we had to air things out. Still warm in the morning. I'm weary now. Peace out.


Just came back from the North today. Booked a plane in mid-day when the force was great. People flock all over. All the doors are paved. All the longest lines. All escorts and slaves. I don't know why I didn't choose a night flight again... but it all feels alright when I get back and I still see the light again. And have time to unpack, and eat, and rap, before I have to turn the take and get to work late... I'm back to civilization. I just surfaced. And I'm not happy to be here but... I'll keep it up.


Wish we get these line breaks fixed again. And the word counter. Nothing seems to be working here lately, though they announced the big upgrade and all. They did add a new message though - I think. The 'Enter your text below. Remember: EXACTLY 100 words. No more, no less.' at the top of the box. It is new right? It didn't use to be so clear and concise? The site's always been about a hundred words but people haven't always posted that exact amount. I haven't always. I do think I'd have noted the message if it was there... hmm.


Why did I write yesterday so boring? So yes I'm snoring! I woke up early this morning and I've working. Performing. I've been going berserk with my dues like I have nothing to lose but HUGE... things await me in the future. Got no teacher and no tutor. But I'm learning things like Superman. I'm going to be huge and grand. I'm running up the Hoover Dam. I'm blowing up! Ballooning man? Go all in. Cause summer is done now the world is falling... that would've been the perfect way to conclude, but I need words, so here go you.


These days they flyyy! Am I write? Almost typed up fllllly with the l instead of the y. Why? Why would I type that? But I'm a get right back now, just bite on down, and keep typing words till I fight my round. Till I find my place. Maybe pound for pound. Don't just sit too long. But get out to town. Hit the town and hope it don't hit me back cause that... wouldn't be good cause taking hits might make your triceps snap. Or your biceps snap. Or your thighs and back. Matter of fact. Word that.


They say thirteen is an ominous number... but I don't know about that. I just come with a thunder. I don't want to be a one hit wonder. I want to keep on hitting, just like I keep on shitting! Pushing out thoughts on the daily like a heap of kittens cuteness. And learn the Rubik's cube too so you know that I can do it cause I'm smart you know not stupid. I mean I may not know my algebra well but Al has pals down in hell... don't know what I'm sayin'- I'm tired. It's just my brain.


Yo! We're going till the road is over. We're going from the start and we will go till closure. We're going cause we know this road is worth the going! And we'll keep growing, and plowing through all troubled omens. And swim through troubled water. And not begin the slaughter. We'll live in peace and freedom. Demons we don't need them. We'll be no saints but try to be! To be kind and lively peeps! And we'll try to free the close-minded bastion... of the world with certain truth and certain captions. Ain't that the way. Live free! Live today.


Ugh. Last day of the week now, and what a day... I've been working hard. Since the office cut down my hours I don't feel like I've been working less really, just that I'm being paid less for it. The dues aren't fewer, it's just that there's less time in a day within which I'm able to do them. And just to get certain things done I do a little overtime occasionally, which I previously always took up on paper... the company's going through some harsh times though so what can you do. I'm still fortunate. Grind on! Fight on!


People like Wim Hof and Alex Honnold... so inspiring. People who really live with a conviction. Who put their all into their performance to the point they put their life on the line, but are in that regard also in total control over their destiny. I wish I lived like them. I wouldn't want to throw my life away, but I want to be confident to the point I know what I am capable of, and that what I am capable of is so much more than what I feel I really am. Right now. Kaboom pow. Go get it.


I really wasted this day. Sort of. I received two bad reviews on an audio piece. My sister came over and came with a careless comment. I got up early - which is great in some regard - but I also fell asleep close to two yesterday and have thus not been in ideal form today. And then I ate a bag of chips for lunch. You realize how it affects your mood particularly when you're tired and dealing with certain setbacks. The day started great - I recorded my daily verse early on, and took a walk - but after that I faltered...


Here's at least one due I can get done today! I've been working, and I've recorded my daily verse for Inktober (haven't edited it yet) and I have been responding and interacting plenty but... I'm not catching up. I was stressed out for a while to the point I had to just lie down. I took a bath. I've been breathing systematically and sniffing essential oils. Why can't I just be effective and grind on without getting worked up over things beyond my control, or being upset with things that weren't intended to be? Working on it though... slow but steady...


Been having one of the most stressful weeks in a while this week, but it really just feels that way while you're in the middle of one of those most stressful moments. If you keep going it all works out alright. You do get through it. Usually. If you don't break down and just keep on going, and make sure to actually relax when your body tells you to do so, then I do think you get through it all alright. I just get a little annoyed at my emotional instability sometimes. It's the smallest things that trigger me. And: lack of sleep.


Watched the Bond movie today. The latest. The one where he (SPOILER ALERT!) dies... and supposedly a female Bond's taking over in the next one! The one who was just introduced in this one. I don't know if I mind yet. Maybe I won't. Though I do feel like it's an unnecessary knock on a legacy to suddenly swap a gender just because that's what trending. What about the original; intended character? It's not like man and woman are synonymous. Like it's just the same. You're attracted to one (personally). You respect the other. And it's James Bond... you know?


It's a new day!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARR! Take it by the horns! Make it a horny day! What do I say? What? I don't know but I'll turn fresh from great rot. I will turn things around now. Flip old on new grounds, with a surround sound that bounces around the town like cannonballs. Free fall Neanderthals and get your act together cause this world's gotta get better or we're all... well, a word that rhymes with ducked. If we did the carnage we could parley and maybe farm grapes. And finally put an end to this dark age! Would be cool...


I am ALMOST on the verge of rushing some of these entries. On writing without revising entirely. Because a while back it was promised (or more so suggested, probably?) that we might be getting the capability to edit entries here, along with some other at this point very overdue functionality updates... but since then there's been no change, so maybe these promised changes won't be. Maybe too early to stop carefully monitoring my wordflow yet, to see that I don't shame myself with typos and other grammatical errs before - if ever - such functionality does come to be. So that's that.


Took a ride with buddy Bear to Ă…rsta today, to visit his grandma and help out a bit with her garden. We raked leaves, prepped furniture for winter storage, and then drank some coffee in her little abode by the garden. We call them 'kolonilotter' here. Roughly translated 'colony scratch cards'. But of course you can't translate roughly. Can you even translate? Basically people who live in the city sometimes have the opportunity to buy or rent a small allotment of land for gardening nearby, and with the better ones there's room to put up a little shed, or cottage, or similar. Twas a nice trip.


About to head out on a walk but I thought I might as well catch up on the daily hundred words before I do... I woke up t twelve today. Probably a little earlier, but I got up a little after, and of course the day's just flying by. Way too fast. I skipped breakfast, skipped the walk before lunch, had lunch, watched the One Piece episode of the weekend, have started doing some overdue logo freelance work, recording my daily verse, drawing some Inktober drawings... all things considered this day's not flying too faster after all huh? See y'all tomorrow.


It's strange how stressed up you can get over not stressing... the more easy you try to take things the harder it gets to motivate it, I guess? If you relax: you stress. On the other hand if you're just going all out and full steam and plowing onward it feels gratifying; you're getting stuff done. And your subconscious can easily differentiate between what you NEED to get done and what really is of little importance. Even if it seems all the more entertaining a task. It just doesn't work like that though. Internal priorities. There's no getting around them.


It's been raining, my sister hasn't been coming around, dues have been amounting, and I've been slaving away with work both on my free time and work time... though not really free time if it's work time is it? More work time. Less free time. Gotta appreciate the distraction though; that you do have something to do, and something that maybe feels worthwhile for a change. Racing along with the great Inktober challenge and doing a little logo work on the side... and selling movie tickets via Tradera - the Swedish eBay auction site equivalent. All rivers small and all. Good times.


Loooong day today. First work, at the office, as usual. Then a quick detour past my sister/boyfriend to help out with some site-related dues and savor a delicious fish-based dinner with gluten-free breading and roots oven-fried with butter and rosemary. Delicious delicious... good night. Got back home around eleven PM. Finished up my daily verse real quick and I am writing this the day after now cause time doth not wait for no one and I'm a little stressed really. But with the good kind of stress. That which you get things done with. I'm going all out today.


It seems like I'll be attending a webinar tonight! Twenty zero zero, as they say in army lingo. No wait... twenty hundred? Is that how they say it? Anyway, I'll be attending a webinar then. About adaptogens and oxidative stress. Important stuff. Somehow I've been getting into the realm of health and nutrition, though I really work with more web-related matter, but no mind, this is great, this is what I live for. I mean literally. No life without health. I won't just oxidate and rust away, I will thrive and flourish and make greatness! Every day that goes by.


A new day... new days really do feel better than old days! When it's all cold/gray and you feel like you're still just trapped in that cold cage. Just want to go out and road rage. And I did get to bed a bit earlier, and I feel great, I do believe in the benefits of sleep. Just like I do believe in the benefits of keepsakes. I wonder if i write a bit slower right now. I wonder if I maybe need a wee break? But I will keep on going with all power I can muster and I trust you won't tell me off; that you'll keep faith. Yeah...


Today went so well. Well so so well. Well... it went well. I woke up with a headache, but didn't let it get in the way of my daily dues, and I've been working with a vengeance all day. Occasionally... maybe succumbing to certain distraction, like the new Hot Ones interview line-up, whilst trying to keep it in the background while I drew up my maybe most detailed Inktober doodle of the year, though you wouldn't think so if you look at it... I'm caught up with the art though, going strong with audio, have some voice acting lined up too. Good day today.


Final day of the month, and I am here to see it! I haven't yet recorded the final Inktober verse but I'm soon about to. To at least start with it. To start polishing up and uploading my halfling verses too. To get the daily doodles so far only on my site over to NG as well. And to hopefully formulate a couple blogs about it all before the day is done and all. It's been one hell of a month, and that's a suitable way to conclude it considering the daily festivities a brewing no? ;) Let us go. Onward... to the monsters.

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