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2022 - March

March 1, 2022

New month, new year, new me, new everything, awesome, grand and bright and joyful newness - though at the time of writing I'm somewhat belated arriving here, and writing up the first two days looking back, realizing I wrote in my final entries of the previous month on slightly wrong dates than they were intended to go on too... thinking I got back from my trip to that Buddhist temple on the final day of last month and not the first of this one.

Buddhist temple, say what? More on that later.

I will write. I will find peace. I will...

March 2, 2022

So much easier to write the dailies here.

You've done well, 100words team! Whomever is hiding behind the scenes! I thought I was happy with the old design as long as the counter and RTE could become functional again, but now that I'm here I realize how much more modernity I was missing.

A few things feel maybe unnecessarily modernized. Like how all months now have their individual boxes, and don't all load immediately when you open your archive. You need to scroll. And it takes time to scroll when they're all in individual boxes.

But otherwise? This is great.

March 3, 2022

Took me a while to find the new 100 Words site, but I'm here now!

I wonder how long it's been here, wonder if all the other peeps formulating their daily word hurdles (Wordles, heh) found their way here already, or if the beta was floating around thus far by most unknown... and finally someone actually reached out to staff and they added in that redirect link...

Anyway here I am, and it's good to be here.

I am super happy both the word counter and the line breaks seem to be working again too! So much easier like this.

March 4, 2022

I do like this new layout. :)

Just a few days in but I'm sold. I feel inspired to write again. I feel both encouraged and in control. Though I just discovered the tiny tiny tine 'write' icon on the top right... and it's kind of tiny isn't it? Could maybe scale those up a bit according to device? Or have an account option to choose what size icons you use, or style, or if there's text to accompany them?

I shan't get sidetracked from appreciating what is to be appreciated here though! I'm re-discovering the site, and this is FUN.

March 5, 2022

If you're looking for reliable covid-related information, then check out Dr. John Campbell.

I'm still not sure if he is a doctor or no, apparently he used to be a nurse, but this is the name he goes by now so I guess he is? Aren't all doctors initially nurses anyway? Seems obvious when I write it like this.

He's seemingly one of few who seem to have kept a clear mind all through the pandemic though, and chased the truth. Data. Facts. Graphs. Science. Nuances. How things are and tie together.

A stable force in a sea of madness.

March 6, 2022

I'm pretty happy with myself.

I'm writing on the daily lately. I'm going through dues I'm supposed to go through. I'm finishing things I'm supposed to finish. I'm blogging, and reviewing, and recording, and conversating, and working, and still having time for the occasional relax session, and daily walks, and up till yesterday my bedtime habits were getting better too, then I go all martyrdom and totally botch it with a post 3 AM game/movie/other session...

I'll get back on track today though. Have to. Have work tomorrow. When all else fails there's nothing better to motivate you. Go do.

March 7, 2022

I watched The Batman today, and what a movie! Masterful. Both in the ominous tone and the artistic one - and I never would've expected a Nirvana song to play through both the intro and the ending. In the latter one with orchestral tone added in. It fit so well!

I love how stylized they made it, both the logo and the movie. They fit together. The characters fit together. Gotham seems united through their interactions, even if it seems a hopeless cesspool of crime and tragedy otherwise.

How can they possibly trump this one? I don't know, but looking forward.

March 8, 2022

Embarrassing moments.

I gave my boss a ride yesterday - he had to pick up his car at a workshop on the way, and the drive in went nicely, but then he offered to guide me back to the main road... and I missed my exit turn. -_-'

Ended up following him further, and he stopped, and I drove past, and he caught up with me and stepped out of the car by a red light and explained the by then clear misunderstanding. I said I'd be alright by GPS, and we drove on our individual ways.

But embarrassment moments. Ugh.

March 9, 2022

What to do about this Ukraine/Russia situation... I don't know anybody in the Ukraine, but i do know a couple peeps in Russia, and their freelance operations are falling apart. Can't accept payment via common card providers. Can't use PayPal. I wonder if I can help out...

Don't want to get involved in anything that seems like money launder9ng though, which might be a thing if you channel funds via accounts unaffected by these sanctions. I need to read up...

I hope the war calms down too. I wish we could speak about it, and why it happened. Problems. Solvem.

March 10, 2022

Left my car at a workshop today. Drove in with my mom, and walked home, and have tested a new miniature compressor on my bike tires with car tire valves - it works! Now I'm trying to not wait on phone calls regarding the car whilst I do other dues. We shall see. Maybe they will call me. Maybe all will be fine and dandy, eventually.

Maybe I'm a little tired and not certain what I'm typing out here...

But it feels good to start the day this early, and to have all the regular routines sorted before lunch.

Hungry now.

March 11, 2022

Got my car back from the workshop. They replaced both silencers, and the middle pipe, but the little pipe before the catalyst didn't need to get swapped out after all, which was probably a good thing all things considered! The universal parts I'd bought to replace it might not have worked so well, and it would've cost about a thousand crowns extra.

It's crazy how fast your crash trickles away when it comes to cars. I bought a second-hand one to circumvent certain costs, but I'm starting to understand why people like to buy new...

It's whole again though. Vroooooom...

March 12, 2022

Was a little bit worried yesterday!

100words disappeared on me. The new .net domain wouldn't load, and the old .com one kept referring to the new one, and so I assumed there was a move going on, and the DNS would just take a while to propagate, but usually an admin can do certain things to mitigate things like this, like keep both domains working in parallel until the first one works as intended...

Maybe not so easy with larger sites though.

But it's back, I'm happy, and on a track with precise hundred word posts for a while now.

March 13, 2022

I feel like I'm continually disappointing myself lately.

I have projects I need to complete, but find myself playing games and watching movies instead. I do try. I fix little things instead of taking care of the big ones. I go about days in a frenzy, rushing from one item to the next, and then as the day nears it's end I feel like I might as well watch a movie instead, and play some games, and push the bigger dues on till the next day...

Procrastination might've always been my biggest issue in life.

And how to sort it.

March 14, 2022

This new design is awesome.

I haven't felt a will for writing like this in a long time, although I still do daily blogs too, and weekly reviews, and all kinds of mediocre correspondence with peeps around the globe, like with this Russian friend who's currently trying to salvage a bright freelance career, but clients use PayPal, and banks don't send money there no more. What a mess...

I need to find my coherence, still. But I found my bearing and will. So here we go until the inner mist's a clearing. If you chose wrong: get a second earring.

March 15, 2022

I'm vibing. I'm getting around. I'm smiling. I'm still on the grounds. I'm trying. To get out of home, and get into town, and get wild and... get some newfound... purpose in life.

Still searching in life. Still lurching around like an urchin on the seafloor. But you cannot make me poor. Experiences fuel me. The greatness resumes when I get out of my room see... though I'm comfortable in it, want to start with a can of spinach and go strong! Go long. Go far. And you can't go... wrong.

In this dim age where seconds are our minutes.

March 16, 2022

New day. Same old problems.

Responsibilities. Relations. Dealing with other people, and with yourself, and furthering yourself, and feeling good, and interacting, and moving around enough, and looking around enough, and getting fresh air, and getting sunlight, and getting nutrients, and getting peace of mind, and getting stuff done too.

I forget which billionaire it was who spoke about how you need to exercise at least once every day, and I assume a walk's not enough. Run, or lift weights, or do something that really gets your heart pumping.

I do push-ups, sit-ups and walks. Think I need something more...

March 17, 2022

Mom's got a cold. She caught it from dad. His cough's pretty bad.

I'm doing by best to avoid being bogged down by their sickness. Eating healthy (relatively - chips do occur), exercising (walks at least), and taking those amazing morning showers that end with a brief sojourn into the realm of uncomfortable cold before I properly commence my days.

And *knock on wood* I do feel like those cold showers are working! I'm not hurting. So far I'm doing pretty good. Do have a little phlegm, but I've had that ever since we all collectively had the covid.

Getting better.

March 18, 2022

I'm writing down... thoughts that come up in my mind. My mind has melody... when you read this rhyme though you'll find. It doesn't sound the same to you. It doesn't flow the way I reckon. It'd go if I record it. Be with you in a second.

I'm going to go places, I'll get the wrecking ball. Going through my inhibitions, cause I have recollections. Of times when I was younger and I wouldn't stop for nothing. How I would beat the system. Now I just wait and listen.

But the lesson: every day's a new mission. Get it.

March 19, 2022

It's time to get serious! And stop being so serious. To calm down, and laugh a bit, and go about business the best way possible without treating every new day like a potential post-apocalyptic beckoning.

I'm not sure where I stand with the world order, or in the world order, if I profit off of our collective misery, or contribute to it, or manage to stand outside it. But it's not my intention to further malevolence. I'm not a fan of the societal order of the modern world, I'm an involuntary part of it.

And I've got stuff to do.

March 20, 2022

Mild headache today, but it's alright, I'll still make the most of it.

I think I stretched a muscle too. Can't turn my head properly towards the left. The pain radiates down over my shoulder, though a little Arnica massage oil and it seems better... and cold morning showers do wonders for brewing headaches.

They're a problem every summer though. If the sun shine's the room's warm and stuffy when I wake up. if I actually start getting up earlier in the morning though...

But no matter. It's all going to get better. I'm working on it.

Slow but steady.

March 21, 2022

This weekend was a bit of a disappointment wasn't it.

It seems most days are lately, and the reason for that unfortunately is that I'm just not doing what I should be doing. I'm not prioritizing things in the correct order. I have a queue of dues, yet I just keep coming back to the most trivial, monotone, and mundane things. The everyday things. The things that you can keep coming back to over and over without making much progress at all. Like Wordle.

I promise when (if) I win a hundred rounds I'll stop.

Quit while you're ahead? Right.

March 22, 2022

Not as stressful a work day today! A little calmer a pace, though a little more tense the verbal exchanges. Albeit with a good morning meeting, and some good progress, and a good walk and lunch and good things overall...

I start writing this and get appalled by how stuck in a rut I can become though. As if there's nothing in a regular work day that stands out to me. No lessons learned. Nothing notable, entertaining or enlightening, that I can ramble on when it's all over...

Need to get a grip on life. Get it right. Grasp surprises.

March 23, 2022

Stressful day at work today... but good. We sent out a newsletter to our workshop customers - roughly 1,500 - and I always end up double and triple checking (and more) just to make sure it's 100% correct.

The wording, the links, the prices, the every little detail of it all. Managed to get it done right at the end of the day, so stress was a building...

Raspberry panna cotta and coffee though. A little leftover fish soup for lunch. Sunshine. Good talks. Good things going on overall. Vacation times coming up quick too; we shall negotiate...

Stressful but good day.

March 24, 2022

Headache today.

I might've missed a few mentions of that here earlier - remember now how I promised I'd start each daily post with a mention if I had one, so maybe I could look back on these posts later and see how common they really are.

Most days they aren't so bad these days though. Most days I can take a cold shower and they fade away. Or a cup of coffee. Or just breath deeply, sniff some essential oils and get on with life regardless, but some days it does get pretty bad, and today...

Well see. There's time.

March 25, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're just stuck in a rut? Can't be plucked out or wake the F up? What to do then? Get a job driving a truck? And roam around the world seeing sights and living it up?

Or more so: wallowing in doubt and woe and feeling remorseful. Regretting each past day each new day that's at your dorsal. You feel you're small. Just stuck in the world without help to guide you, but you help yourself if you help the helpless one beside you.

Be selfless, and you realize... you're life's better than someone else's.

March 26, 2022

Started watching Hunter X Hunter again yesterday. The 2011 version.

I have plenty of other things I need to do, but night was calling, and from somewhere the urge to watch something worthwhile crept up and beckoned... so I caved in, and stayed up way too late again.

I'm telling y'all now I won't watch a single episode tonight unless I am done with the dues I've set out to do today, mainly a set of voice acting recordings and revisions on my site.

Nothing overambitious, but time-consuming.

Will I make it? We shall see. I'll let you know tomorrow.

March 27, 2022

Summer time! The time I both loath and love. That time starts today.

So I had to get up an hour earlier than usual. And I should've gone to sleep an hour earlier than usual yesterday too, but I was caught up in Hunter X Hunter episodes and had no interest of taking the reasonable road out. As Gon persisted, and Killuah mentioned how he could stay awake for three days straight, I felt that maybe so can I.

It clearly is not the case though! It's fantasy. But it's an inspiring such. It pushes you to better yourself. Rush.

March 28, 2022

Arr I don't think I'll manage all the dues I'd like to today either...

The work day is done, I'm back home, I have a lecture to download, and I'm writing and Wordleing and I can feel my mind drifting away to Hunter X Hunter now, it wants one more fix, just one more, just today too, even though I ended yesterday on an episode without a cliff-hanger...

I wonder what my life would be like if I never procrastinated. I do have the tenacity to do things. I can marathon through a show.

Like would I be a millionerd?

March 29, 2022

Dayum, I'm tired! I'm not going about the daily dues as I hoped to today either, and apparently the side turn signal lights on my car aren't working, and it'll be in for inspection in a couple days... think I need to do something about that. But they're not easy to swap. Maybe it's a fuse though. What do. Need to read up.

I'm not making total bad use of this particular day though. I'm watching Hunter X Hunter again. Just a few eps. Just before I make a brave attempt to catch up with stuff. Tired or no. I gotta.

March 30, 2022

Second to last day of the month...

Crazy how time flies. I thought I'd have made more progress with this one. Thought I'd have figured things out. Maybe finally. Maybe with a finality, now. Maybe for good. Not that you don't keep growing continually, but I always hope for that one revelation that changes all, the ultimate life-changing epiphany...

Instead I've started watching Hunter X Hunter again, and I'm not even being productive about it. I'm not even documenting the episodes. I'm just plowing through. It's kinda addicting...

One more day to get things sorted though. But I'm starting today.

March 31, 2022

Last day of the month right here!

And the first one I'll have completed on the new 100 Words site right?

I hope I'm doing it justice though. Not just blabbering on about non-essentials, and a fruitless strife for self-betterment that leads to self-fulfilling detriments rather than affirmation each time I speak about how disappointed I am, or how tired I am, or how I blotched something I'd hoped to accomplish. Big dreams, futile efforts, it seems...

But it's just a month innit. A little segment of time in a big life. And in the end I will win right.

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