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2022 - November

November 1, 2022

Feels great to be back to normal writing for a change!

Inktober gets taxing really. The days fly by at a faster pace for each day that passes by. I sleep less. I keep going. I don't always feel like rhyming; it doesn't always come to me naturally, as it often does when I write otherwise, but when I force it it comes. And it goes on. And you're reminded once again of your true creative potential under pressure...

So that's a good thing! And I'm still going with the daily verses this month too. Never stop.

That's my cue.

November 2, 2022

Work work work!

I thought I'd have more time this month but what kind of acid was I on when I thought that huh? No acid, for the record. I do not do acid. I do condone whatever. Be free. Just be safe. Be yourself. Be kind.

As for this week... it started off with a slight sense of euphoria, having gone through October and managed to both write my daily verses and extras and these and draw up doodles also. But a day later... it feels a little empty. The challenge is done, and I won, yet that purpose...

November 3, 2022

Where is that purpose now?

So I went on a cruise today, and I tried some cryotherapy with buddy Bear, and ate a delicious soup at Kajsa's Fisk in Hötorgshallen. Great restaurant. Not too expensive, but great and wholesome. Plenty of fish in said fish soup too - unlike some soups out there...

I went on the cruise myself, and had a good time, but in the end it felt a bit pointless. I didn't interact much. Read: at all. Really. Except with a waiter and a cashier and a couple other crewmen... that's it. Bought stuff. Ate stuff. That's all.

More on the cryotherapy later.

November 4, 2022

Started downloading GOG games again.

Legally. My own games. DRM free.

I seek to build an offline archive of the titles I own, and so I have once again come into the habit of download 'em in bulk; consecutively; in the order by which they are listed on my account... and there's a lot of games man!!! It'll take a while. The site loads slow too. There's a lot of manual clicking around required - I can't just queue all of 'em for download at once...

Wonder if there may be tools to effective this endeavor.

Think I shall look around...

November 5, 2022

Headache today... and what a day for it to come a knocking.

I had sooo big plans. So many things I was hoping to do today. So many things I will do, still, but it'll be with considerably increased level of discomfort and in some cases disinterest.

If I can leave a due for tomorrow maybe I should. Maybe I should rest today. I don't feel in the best of shape, and lest I wait... it might not get better eh?

I know what caused this though. Tensions. Dissipating. I was prepared for it. What a week it's been but... ugh today.

November 6, 2022

I'm up! Today.

I wrote the above when I was, and when it was. It's afternoon now, but I've been out shopping, bought some ingredients to make burgers for the folks for lunch, made sure the tow line for the car works - something for next week, and now I'm finally back to writing stuff again!

Oh I took a walk too. It started raining.

And I shaved! And I'm about to cut my nails. What else am I forgetting?

Needless to say it's been a much better day than yesterday, and I'm going strong still.

I feel good.

November 7, 2022

Upset stomach.

I've had it for like four days now. Since the cruise? Since the cryotherapy? Since the fish soup? Since the fish? Since the tofu lasagna with year-old soy sauce with mushrooms in it? Since something else...?

I'm trying to figure out what it might've been that I couldn't properly process... but it's not so bad. It's just not ideal. It's like I should probably think a bit more about what I eat right now as to keep this from being an ongoing thing. But I'm not feeling nauseous, at least, it's just my gut.

Stomach inflammation again...? Something's up...

November 8, 2022

I STILL have this stomach thing.

I'm starting to think it's not just something but I ate but rather everything I ate. A culmination of bad shit. Just like the old days. When I did eat gluten on the regular. For a few days straight I was now, and even with enzyme capsules it doesn't seem to do me any good.

So it's just shredded apple and banana for breakfast today, and a tiny cup of coffee. Cutting down on coffee but don't want the abstinence. So maybe this'll suffice. Tomorrow: no coffee at all.

Feel like shit but this is probably good for me...

November 9, 2022

I'm a little stressed at the moment...

Best possible time to write. I'll do it quickly.

I'm waiting on a repair shop to call me back, regarding if it's alright to hand over the keys a day earlier than planned, and so as soon as they call back we'll be towing my car there... and work starts in about one and a half hour...

I'm deciding that if they don't call within ten minutes I'll call them again instead. Arrived at call service instead of repair shop. They're busy. Not sure how soon they'll see the message...

So yeah, that's today.

November 10, 2022

My car is wrecked...

Might be possible to fix. Might be costly. The repair shop couldn't say for sure, what they could say for sure was that it'd be costly regardless, and considering I also need to swap out the cooler, and the AC doesn't work, and there's still the issue with water leaking into the trunk... I think this is about as much as I'm willing to pay for this car.

So it's salvage what you can salvage and sell it for the best price possible... I am no longer naïve enough to think I'll get the value back, but as much as possible...

November 11, 2022

Apparently I skipped yesterday here!

Must've been a busy day, though albeit still with certain gut issues it wasn't bad. The boss bought some ice cream at work. We ate good. Worked hard. Came home. Felt tired. Booted up the old NDS for a little Advance Wars just before bedtime too... it's still addicting, but not quite as amazing as the first few... years. Holy shit have I played that game a lot.

And I think my stomach is getting better. I feel like I can eat regular food again. It's not perfect but slowly so...

Best just keep it mild.

November 12, 2022

Went to a cloth swap today.

You bring in clothes you want to get rid of, and pick up a few other items in exchange... it went alright. I handed in five items and I brought five back, but just one of them is an item I may actually use in the future. The remaining four... they're going into some other cloth swap event down the line!

And I made it back home with the train ticket, so ultimately: success. Not too expensive an outing. Next time hopefully there'll be a better repertoire...

Now to draw something for Father's Day.

November 13, 2022

Lex Fridman man. He's dope. He's the goat.

I'm listening to his recent podcast with Kanye 'Ye' West right now, and learning so much. Of character if naught else. Of how complicated the world is. Of how we socialize. Of how anger can make us do things we maybe shouldn't have done; say things we shouldn't have said...

Maybe it is as he says that we focus too much on history; we ought to live now. That being offended by references to a past is irrelevant. The past invokes emotion. The change we do today, however... change our trajectory entirely.

Interesting cat.

November 14, 2022

The commuting time really does steal the day.

I'm getting used to it. I quite like sitting on the train at this point, reading a book or looking out the window - even more so the bus, but it's hard to shut off surrounding conversation entirely, and it's hard to not be conscious about the people around you and how they perceive you.

I'd like to use the bars in the train as a jungle gym. I'd like to just hang on 'em a while and stretch my muscles. Try hanging as long as possible every day.

But no one else does so...

November 15, 2022

I'm up reaaaal early today!

Well early for me. 7 AM. Set the alarm at 6:55. Jumped up and powered on the computer and here I am now, feeling surprisingly cognizant considering the time of day. It's not like I went to sleep before 0:49 either.

It does feel good to be up in the morn though.

Before the sun's actually risen. Before life has fully commenced - but is just stirring. And when you know how much time you actually have at your disposal if you make the most of it, when you're up now... pretty cool prospect!

Good morning.

November 16, 2022

Not up as early today but I'm feeling good about myself today.

I slept well, though I could have gone to sleep at least an hour earlier easily. I was so tired, yet played games instead of sleeping. Could've honed my bedtime habits a bit instead. That's what happens when you're tired though: you don't want to sleep either. You just are.

But today? I think I'll accomplish some stuff! I'm still up earlier than I usually am, and I'm feeling pretty energetic. Quick morning workout two.

In two days we leave for Warsaw. Tensions brewing there. Hope it calms...

November 17, 2022

Getting kinda stressed up now... it's trip time tomorrow, off to Warsaw, and it's exciting but a little nerve-wracking too, as trips usually are.

Maybe more so since I'm going with a buddy who has very different sleep times than I too - I expect I'll be trying to fall asleep some ~3-4 hours than I usually do. It's good time to hone good habits but there's a big possibility I just won't sleep properly, and sleep deprivation can be a real strain. Just two nights though. Should manage.

Maybe also because there's some border tensions with Ukraine btw.

Tense times...

November 18, 2022

Such a stressful day today.

I thought I'd have plenty of time to prepare for the trip, but though I woke up in decent time it still flew by. I finished my packing, we took a quick walk, I barely had time to gulp down a quarter omelet and then we were on our way again! Just like that.

My buddy stayed in the airport lounge for a bit and I stood against the wall with the common people - reading a book. Jack Higgins wrote it. Day of Reckoning, it's called. Not religious. Just action.

I smell... adventure! Off we


November 19, 2022

I was pretty stressed out about traveling with my buddy Bear honestly. And staying in the same hotel room.

Our sleep time differential is around ~4 hours, and we both have trouble sleeping as is. In different ways. I have trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep in case of weird sounds, and he spontaneously wakes up and drinks water and sometimes wakes up at 2 AM and gets up then cause why just lie around and do nothing.

But it went alright! I've been getting up earlier now and I hope to keep those habits alive... catch the day. Carpe...


November 20, 2022

Came in with the plane late today, in the middle of a snowstorm, but we arrived forty minutes ahead of schedule, and the bus went right on time, and the train to, and the next train, and before I knew it I was back home again and cozy and warm and ready to sleep to get up early tomorrow!

It's always such a weird feeling moving from one country to the next.

Shifting cultures entirely.

One moment you're in one place and the next you're somewhere else, but your mind hasn't followed along yet... the world's big, yet small too.

November 21, 2022

I'm baaaack!

And Poland was a blast. Warsaw. The city of cheap food and liquor... though I didn't drink much liquor. I mean I drank no liqour.

I did however try their variant of Glögg, which turned out to be not just a small shot of a spicy de-alcoholized (by heating) shot - as we have here, but rather a big cup of 14% wine, and my buddy was feeling the effects so he poured me another half of his.

I don't drink much usually. Had to eat a banana real quick. Metabolize that alcohol. However that works.

Anyway it was a fun trip.

November 22, 2022

I shoveled snow like a madman yesterday. Wet snow. Heavy snow.

Didn't notice much fatigue during the work, but when I was done my arms were shaking and my shoulders were sore, and I wondered how I'd be feeling today... and I feel great!

Magnesium works wonders. Coffee too. Arnica if you need it. A little stretching soon after maybe the most important part.

I'm about to head out on a walk and post some letters, and do some shopping, and figured I'd get this thing done first.

Then book a train ticket and prep for Christmas...

Busy times always these days.

November 23, 2022

I'm a bit surprised I don't miss the car more than I currently do.

Life without ain't so bad. You have time for other things. The car was nice to get around with, but it was a constant element of consideration to, be it something that needed fixing, or somewhere that needed driving to, or just parking space or winter tires or what have you... there's always something.

I really liked the freedom said ownership entailed though, so in that particular regard I do miss it. Just thought I'd miss it more.

Maybe I can actually start saving again too...

November 24, 2022

I got a cold!

Who would've thought... I would have thought, actually.

I've been going to bed too late. I've been sleeping too little. I took a trip to Warsaw last weekend and didn't sleep ideally there, and then came home late and got up early for work the next day, and stayed up late that day, and the next day, and got up early again... and suddenly I feel a little something in the back of my throat...

Do humans ever learn? Next time I'm tired... I'll rest. Sleep's important.

Chocolate bars after dinner might not have helped either...

November 25, 2022

I'm feeling better already!

Knock on wood, but I think I'm good. Better. Getting there. I kept going with my daily cold morning showers this time - took a pause last time I caught a cold - and I think they help! I think they might actually be giving me the boost I need to recuperate and still feel cognizant and focused...

I'm not moving around as much as usual but I'm still by the computer; moving onwards with life and all. Have a few recordings that wait on me though, can't do those now...

Hope I don't F this up now. Feeling alright today.

November 26, 2022

Still got a cold! Still, probably not surprising. I haven't just been bad at keeping bedtimes lately - been too involved with AW DS again while half-assingly attempted to rest more, and I succumbed to temptation yesterday too and ate a block of chocolate... and had a caramel Frappuccino after lunch...

I'd be surprised if I'd actually managed to rid myself of said cold despite these bad habits and allures of the life lately.

But then again you usually don't chase away a cold in a few days anyway, so it feels alright. I'll keep resting. More AW DS today too...

November 27, 2022

Still got a cold! Still going slow but I am still on a roll. Still on hold though with all my voicing projects, and I got loads of it, coasting through this life otherwise and it is mostly soft... need to jostle joints a bit. Get out and feel the biting cold. See the snow that slowly wanes. In my head a growing pain. Till I get a cup of coffee - without this I'm so estranged. That and sugar be my drugs, come to me and feed me love, and maybe we can huddle up and cope. There is hope.

November 28, 2022

Still got a cold! So I'm at home today. Working

Can't take a sick day when you just work two days a week anyway, that'd be a 50% paycheck cut just on the one day... but if you can stay home you can work from home. So why not! I may sniffle like crazy but I am all but lazy and this cold won't phase me I'll go on and raze heat till I feel amazing!!!

I thought I could kick this cold earlier though, but no chance, it seems it'll be the normal 1-2 week ones after all.


November 29, 2022

Got hooked up on this cold.

Maybe I feel better today. But it's still here. A constant element of disturbance. I need to fetch a package from the shop before the first of December, and that's just one day away, what do...

Of course I could go out and just fetch the package, but it's a few kilometers away. Not ideal right now. I need rest. I need to play more AW DS! I can't seem to ace some of the War Room campaigns - I keep getting A or even B instead of S rank!!!

Oh well. Coffee. Let's go.

November 30, 2022

I'm writing I'm writing I'm riiiiding along this life in a thong! A metaphorical one: out of my comfort zone. Gotta try what you're on. Be wild like a prawn. Why style when you can be yourself, and feel good and be of health, and live like you're destined to be forever a relevant emcee, embellishing in the jelly ink of a golden era that coasts on scarce, the toast zone is near, the time when the world, of binds is unfurled and to the wind-away hurled, will such time emerge... I've a thirst for words I'm gonna surge.


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