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2022 - October

October 1, 2022

It's time again! And I'm surviving friend. I will get by to the end. My head might be a little fried at times - today included - but try no mind.

Just think of different things, and better things, like bigger things. Like being king. Like sitting on a sunny beach somewhere just sizzling with a dish of bling...

I should probably get some ointment. Or better yet get an appointment. Could use a chiropractor to fix my head and spinal fracture? Don't know why I have these migraines. I think it's strain and tension. Wish I could befriend some... cures.


October 2, 2022

It's a new day and I'm cool yay! I'm going back to school play. Play that I can educate myself like a bottle of Coolaid. I don't know what that has do with anything, but I know if enough I'm much of many things, and in life I'll just waltz through enemies, become greatness; be come a remember me. Just like the password. Just in their memories. Just like the savior of humankind with the hugest mind... I truly find that I... get hyped this month. And slightly conceited. The greatest one on Earth? Best believe it! Gain some: confidence.

October 3, 2022

Almost didn't get my recording done on time today! Now what have I to say? Work was long. I came home late. I ate some dinner. Then perked my face. Recorded again and again and again, cause my voice was more enemy than a friend, but every challenge is welcome, and I think I did well. Said hello to world. Went to sink and raise hell. And then drink some apple juice, it's of use when you need that sweetness.

Tomorrow I will emcee with a beat yes. Show off some of my 1337ness.

Have a feast and maybe even...

October 4, 2022

Morning ! Cinnamon buns today, best get performing! If you haven't floored 'em yet (pedals) then get out and get ready to be devouring! It's the day when here you eat them. Treats all day and still beat the weight. Can you do it? I dare you man!

I'll be going up like an aerial gram, but if I eat nothing but buns... maybe I won't gain much. If I skip both lunch and dinner, and have just something such, with a cup of coffee that further metabolizes?

This the spice of life is. Daily events are nice surprises.

Right on.

October 5, 2022

Six times more like this... can I do it? Can I write even beside of making music? I mean with the music I also write to it but this is different. If you listen in I will keep going truant. Only if you move me. Only if you fuel me. Only if I get at least one response will I catch the groove and can prove. That I truly do what I set my mind to, and how about you? If the tree falls in the woods when no one is there... oh that's not it? Somebody's gotta chop it.

October 6, 2022

Will I really last the month... I feel I went in other years with vastly greater creative guns. I'm getting stuck in doubt again. Repeating all my tracks. Trying to make them better, when I should just try to make them end. Try to get them out there in the morning! Late night it gets dark. The spark and all gets called in. I write with all my heart, and my soul, but it wanes a bit lately, it doesn't seem to grow... but I will keep on going. Yes I will keep on going. Yet I will keep on. Yes.

October 7, 2022

I'm losing hope yo. Just want to put on a dojo. Where's my motivation though - where's my mojo? I've skipped my cold shower two times... feels like a true crime. I should be like woohoo! every morning like it's not just out of bed I do climb.

I'm feeling aggravation. So much in the making. Got important projects I'm forsaking - and feel a bit complacent. But that's the challenge this month ain't it? You need to push yourself no matter the hurdle, and you will make it. No matter how you delay. No matter how you forsake shit.

Go on.

October 8, 2022

It's a new day and I'm on queue yay! I'm up early... mostly because my buddy Bear called an hour earlier than I'd planned to get up and woke me. But I didn't take the call. Too tired. Stayed in bed at least another half an hour and almost fell asleep again but... oh wait I'm forgetting it's Inktober! Here's for the coal and clover! For the goal that'll show ya I can do this the whole run! if previously I thought my inspiration waned... it's all the same game man. Keep on playing the fabled game. Early morning today...

October 9, 2022

My car is pretty broken... spoken like a true pessimist, but I took a quick tour with it today and tested it. It isn't running well. Engine pistons to hell? Fuel pump or something? Overheated aluminum bumped in? I don't know want to do. Want to fix it and sell it. Would be a waste to scrap it but so easy to say to hell with. The reason to kill is compelling. Reasons to save are so costly... I'm lost for easy solutions, I wait and wonder and maybe... something will come my way and all will be great and wavy.

October 10, 2022

I gotta moderate! Do too much in a day it's concentrate. Gotta water it down a bit, a bit beyond the gates. It's just past midnight while I write this, and I have dry fists, and dry walls in my room but soon I might just start to snide fish cause I draw too... Inktober is a raw queue. There's so much on my plate but it's all cool. I love how inspiration seems to falter for a while but then comes flooding, then it leaves me in the mud gasping for air like I've done nothing. Its a pudding.

October 11, 2022

Planned to type this up late last night, but hexalist updates and other dues got in the way then, and it become late then... so I'm up in the morning and feeling kinda refreshed! Not so much like I'm aging as just ready to take steps!

Past all my regret and the limits all that bind me! Leave the woes behind me and just keep on going blindly! With eyes closed to distractions. But a focus and a fast. Only chia pudding and some coffee in my glass. I'm powering. I'm rash.

And that is how you start a day.

October 12, 2022

It's alright! The day's go by but it's all highs! I haven't had a headache in days... and I'm amazed. Still taking my magnesium and coffee every day. I'm waking up too early though. Tired but OK.

And Inktober it runs on! Get up with both guns drawn! Inspirations comes a running every time my mind's blank. Creativity I think. This strange entity that somehow enters me and lets these words seep through... with the energy.

I'm feeling pretty good though a little nervous too. Going North in a few days. Hope we will emerge right through! With no cold...

And no other tolls...

October 13, 2022

Stress... I'm feeling it yes! I'm flying North tomorrow and I've tried to prepare. It's a trip every year. Out to the clear air, and the bear and the deer. And it's awesome to be there... but an effort to prep. Tonight may be sleepless, but I'm taking my steps. I'm doing the best I can to safeguard the dailies, recordings beforehand, if local ones fail me. I'm slowly morphing to a professional uploader, but then again the challenge's only real on the day. I'll go that way till it's over every year if I may. Just taking precautions... I am cautious...

October 14, 2022

So I'll be up North again, good friends... be up at the wharf again.

Though I don't know why I say wharf - isn't that more of oceans? And I don't know why I stay forked in these emotions. I don't know why I keep hoping for all these trips, when I spend like a total day on travel time and then that's it. And you barely manage. There isn't time for much. Yet you get back to civilization and feel kinda flush. With just a little accomplished. But you are getting buff. steady but slow, with each journey, on the road...

October 15, 2022

I love planes.

I love just soaring by the clouds. I love seeing the houses dwarf down, and the plane cancel out all sound. Everything seem to insignificant and tiny on the ground. And a mist drifts, a thick mists, and some things it surrounds... and some things it doesn't! The lakes are open. Sometimes streaks. Of forest or a street. It doesn't worry me but I am curious, as to how these open areas come to be... where does the warmth come? From the water? From industries? From the sea? Sometimes it's inexplicable

Anyway I like to be free.

So planes.

October 16, 2022

Hopping around. Hopping till I am top notch. Hopping around like I'm still out playing hopscotch. Like I'm still a kid at heart, and I just want to fill my day, with the funnest things to do; in the end come out okay.

Just look at this world and all the mess we made... wasn't it all so much better way back in yesterday? For every step we takes it worsens, we're really not good persons, I wonder how it all looked before our first one...

A chance of paradise we were given. A fantastic place to live in. For families, for children. Now look...

October 17, 2022

Back from the North! Late night. Hella tired. Already prepped my Inktober thing... it's not hella fire. But I fixed it up. I recorded. I mixed it up. I powerboarded through the night then fell in the bunk at like... one.

And I felt spent. Totally complete. Done. I still have more to do. More goodness yet to come. And I hope it's something good; I hope it's something worthwhile... meanwhile I'll be out here just surfing earthpiles.

Just sliding around this world. Just trying to make something worthy of the surface on this Earth see. It's quite frail and slick...

October 18, 2022

I took some ColdZyme tonight, in case a cold does bite. I haven't been feeling one coming but you never know aight? When you least expect the thing, it might creep in with a grin, and just take you by surprise... and that'd be this Inktober guys!

But no, I plan to go until the days are all done. Until I've had my dose of fun and been overcome by work and glum. Until my energy is spent and inspiration too. So every day leading upto that I will make my move.

And progress. And obsess. And squander. My time.

October 19, 2022

I'm stalling again man, and it's calling again! My will to work, but my work is like a cauldron again. There is too much in the soup. It's a stew. it's a mixture. I need to let it brew. Need to sift. Need some fixture.

The day it started great though. Woke early and awake. I'm sitting by the PC now with coffee and a plate. A plate of work to finish; a plate of dues to do, and I think that I might even make some progress before two...

And before I start work, no less! Feels pretty awesome.

October 20, 2022

It's a new day and time to catch up! Time to do mad stuff! Have like seven halflings lined up to polish; make a match-up. And to port onto my site. And others to do the same with. From NG to CDB, though I'd much rather get into gaming...

Should call some workshops too. My car is still just still. But I'm over complaining, I'll get it fixed, eventually, hopefully, don't want it to go to the cemetery... because that's no: renewable future.

My rhymes they wane I think I've rhymed to much.

Just wait though till I fire this up.

October 21, 2022

Black Adam. What a bad-ass man man? I thought The Rock was about to quit acting - but can The Rock really end it? He still seems in his prime, and is making unusual friendships, with Kevin Hart and Tech and all... and now he's a real wrecking ball!!!

Awesome seeing him in DC though I would've preferred Marvel. But I do marvel at these see, they just seem a bit more superficial. Ill-paced and badly scripted, with more focus on the visual. They don't fully have it, but this madness still is in us all. The age of superhero movies...

Still standing. Teht Adam. Strong.

October 22, 2022

I need to get out... I got up early but I've been sitting around. And my inspiration doesn't come out great when I haven't moved. The words don't flow fluently as they usually do. I need to put on my jacket, and put on my shoes... and move out. When in doubt: move out.

Still I thought I'd do this first today! Just write my daily hundreds. Then I have verse to make. Then I have VA lines. Then maybe blogs to post. It is the weekend but these days... I don't think of those!

Gotta move on. Move on.

October 23, 2022

I gotcha! Glasses broke and opened problems, yesterday... but I'm going anyway. I'm shelving issues.

I still got things to diffuse. Got something in my sinuses. I will keep going time and time again until this month does end though.

I had more fun with it last year, I think... not the same circumstance. More work, more cash. The car rolled, and fast. I was heading up in life and I could smile and I could laugh...

All those moments seem fargone now. Aft. I'm not where I'd like to be. Feels I have to fight to breath. But I...

Will keep going.

October 24, 2022

Time to deal with all my troubles... I'm starting double early. Got up this morning and have not yet had a cup of coffee. I have some burdens that I really want to get right off me. I'm not sure what to do first... is that cause I'm a softie?

Have a todo list that I prepped last night though, and I'll be going all night, till the dawns new light, worst case! If I don't face this right away and incite some real change. My dreams. My solutions. They're in range!

Let's keep on going yo. Problems over flow.

October 25, 2022

I'm up before ten and writing something again! The day starts the right way, with effort and with pen, and with hope for what's to come... though this car thing is so dumb. Can't let it stress me up though. Can't let me make me glum.

I will call some workshops. I will get it sorted... though my plans on making bank on this car are severely thwarted. Somewhere along the line my grand ambitions shorted, like the electronics in my car, now I just fear my mornings...

Always the same due on queue but I gotta due it. The car. Gotta get it moving.

October 26, 2022

The month is going fast now! So far had a blast but wow, I didn't expect the days to go this quickly... I'm happy I still have energy and that I'm not sickly, though I wake up way too early, and get to sleep too late.

I skip my breakfast plate, and every other shower. I've started using glasses all the time cause it goes faster. When you see what you're doing on the screen with utmost clarity. I don't like using these cause they disparage me - but what to do?

Just a few days... I'll stay true ey! Stay true.

October 27, 2022

A hundred words... a hunger first. Why I am on this Earth I don't know but it don't matter. I focus on just shattering my tiredness and gather: inspiration rations for the day, just like Marshall Mathers. There's MORE that I want to do! MORE that I've got on queue! Double verses, hundred words, drawings I should bundle first, voice recording and birthday packing - I'd say it's a bit nerve-wracking but... It's my way. How to live this life? I choose the highway. The bigger the faster the fly way. Next year maybe I can do .. 750 word dailies too?

October 28, 2022

A hundred words... I write this on the way. To my work in Tyresö, while I am on the train. The time has started flying. Still it does feel okay. I use my moments wisely. I scribe when I could play. And while I am in transit! If I was on a plane I'd be writing too, but no trips booked in a while for me. Still I am flying high and free. I'm still on a path to make it. My aim a hundred words, lets see the counter break this... ok a few more, here is the sacred...

October 29, 2022

Just three days left now, I feel the stress... I woke up tired but I'm going strong! The day's barely started and the day is long, so maybe I can lash out some good stuff and song. I have drawings to catch up on, and daily verses too, and there are two I really want to collab with - can I see through? They're longer ones. They require a bit more prep and tomorrow's a party. But I do have the full day today. I do need to get started! Oh and some voice lines too. Let us do the due...

October 30, 2022

Second to last now... I reckon I'll fast now. No time for breakfast. Just time to lash down. No time for seconds, just time for firsts! And I'm going like a madman cause I'm primed with the thirst! I want to do good things - scratch that to do great things! Don't care about the reviews; don't care about ratings. I'll keep going harder until the day wanes and it's over. The playtime. It's nay time for convert operations. It's time for flowing over great ones. It's time for going till the day things with a great grin; rich on contemplation.

October 31, 2022

I finally made it! Made it through the month now, I'm just saying. I'm still not done with my verses, or my doodles, but I'm conveying that I will for evening... first step's a hundred words, then I shall keep on pressing. Each one step feels freeing. And spice my other verses with a dressing you've never tried in your life, strange and spicy like dragonfruit chives and lime. I need to keep going... still just warming up but I'm low on time. For today... it's creative dues all day, to imbue my prime. In words. In vocals. In artistry.

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