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2023 - April

April 1, 2023


April 2, 2023

I'm slightly ashamed of my day one entry this month...

That's the joke though. That it's not one. That life is serious like it's Gotham. Like if you work hard then you'll get fan. And on the hard days you know you got fun. And when you're in dark you know you got sun. When you were outside in day on hot run.

The work you leave it will last forever. If you make them remember. Won't be forgotten. Just try to be good and you won't down. The world is wanton. You need your own crown. The God of goodness.

April 3, 2023

Time to start this month too eh!

The batch shows up three days late now, but it shows up, still. And so I throw some rows up, still. It's night now but this morning I rose up, still. I went to the office and threw some Joes out, shrill. Bozos no doubt, they can't not go out, chill.

Inspiration ran out and so did my sense I guess. My sensibilities. I get nonsensical. I have this will in me. To mend or end it all. To hone abilities. To get some pent up withdrawal like vent out!

I'm building me.

April 4, 2023

Had such a bad headache today.

I didn't even write today, apparently. I left it for later. I forgot about it. I started watching movies since I couldn't think clearly - it's something I often resort to when I don't have the energy or willpower to do anything else - and through the pain a lot of them come across even stronger.

You immerse yourself better. You feel the emotions characters go through. Become one with them. Appreciate them for all their nuances, and hardship, and get lost in the world of cinema for a little while; forget about...

That bolting PAIN.

April 5, 2023

Oh boy.

What do today. I mean I have work to do, but after work/apart from/in the ever expanding and all encompassing time that after all work should just be a small part of - in this day and age where we've not only conquered the world but made such substantial technical innovations and progressions for comfort and ease of life that you wonder why we need to work at all...

I guess I'll ponder the yonder huh? Philosophize. Why I'm not yet wise.

Sit on a rock inside this forest without green just lots of lies.

Society... the deity strife.

April 6, 2023

Headache again today... but it faded.

Easter's here, and we're cleaning the house today cause tomorrow it'll be celebration time.

I'm still not in ideal shape, I ate a bunch of candy yesterday, and I'm not entirely positive about eating even more sweets this weekend, but not setting on refraining either. Feel like I'm in an unhealthy spiral. Lack confidence. Lack discipline. Not this again.

These day just keep going in circles don't they? Same dues, same faults, same duties, same diligent striving to strive but eventually just trying to survive...

In time though I will climb till I'm...


April 7, 2023

Took a long walk to the store today, with my mom.

She's 78 years old at this point, and usually when we take lunch walks - longer ones when days are free, she's somewhat reluctant, and slow... it takes a while. She needs a break occasionally, and sits on a bench, or slows down at the peak of a hill, or generally just... seems a little old and tired.

Today though she was baking cinnamon buns and we had to get home before the dough had risen. And oh my what a pace we kept!

I'm relieved. She's still got it.

April 8, 2023

Easter party today!

We had waffles, we had a Jansson's temptation comprised of French Fries and four full packs of anchovies, and waffles, and sweets... played some games, booked a trip, said some quips...

I feel like I probably wasn't in my A game entirely until I had my first cup of coffee there - walked a long way to get there - and maybe I was tired after the walk, but it was a good time. Stayed for maybe five hours, now I'm back home and...

I think I'll go to sleep a bit earlier today, cause I'm worn.

Happy Easter.

April 9, 2023

Who would've thought I'd be typing this at 8:22 AM today! With an hour of dues already in the rearview. With somewhat dry and tearing eyes, but also a feeling of bliss and accomplishment fleeting through my body, that's still resilient and fresh after yesterday's long-ass walk...

It's true what they say about exercise. That it's the best fuel.

And also sunshine. And fresh air. And time spent with good friends.

I hadn't planned to, but I think I'll be asking the cousin I spent a portion of yesterday with if he wants to hang out Thursday too. Time's low but: fun's due...

April 10, 2023

Proud today.

I woke up late but started it a good way. Sunshine walk outside. Followed by a little computer, a quick lunch, a photography session, then seven hundred fifty words worth of pure rhyme! A full song, you could say - your unorthodox poetry - scripted for my daily 750 Words bundle. Kept the rhyme going till the end. Concluded well, too. It took no more than ten minutes; no more than my regular session of writing there usually does.

I don't think I've managed that before, so I'm pretty happy with it. Flow state in writing. It's improving, slow but...

April 11, 2023

Proud of myself today too. Hit the gym. It's been the longest time ever, I've stopped counting the weeks... hadn't been at all this month at least. Not one or two weeks prior either. We've been Easter feasting like there was no tomorrow so: it's time. I'm happy I did it!

It really isn't the nicest gym in the world, but it wasn't that crowded today, and the other two ladies I shared it with were nice and talkative too. Also finally had proper gym clothes, and it felt well!

Think I'll be getting back there this Thursday too!


April 12, 2023

Hot Ones Sean Evans, Tony Hawk, Jason Ellis... in the podcast world of today it seems they have combinations for everyone. Everyone's a guest everywhere. Everywhere there's something going on, with someone on the pod, somewhere across the pond...

I do love the format, but I can't help wonder if podcasts will eventually go the same way as talk show hosts and radio did. When there's just so much. Even if it's free it just doesn't feel like the one-all form anymore. The one that everyone wants and needs and relishes.

Wonder what's next. Maybe nothing? Regular talks, offline? Reality?

April 13, 2023

Woke up too early today, had to drink some water, think I ate too much salt yesterday... was snacking on sunflower seeds with salted shells, and that's what happens huh?

One nostril was thoroughly clogged as well, I sneezed a couple times when I got up, wondered if I might be getting a cold, hoped not, though if I do it'd be better now than later - have trips booked from the start of May and onward.

Tried to get some more sleep, took a cold shower and D-vitamin drops and right now though... I think I feel alright.

Knock wood.

April 14, 2023

Hey hey hey! I'm up at eve and tide, trying to get some done, and I'm feeling fine, it's my redemption time, when I get in line...

I got three projects mainly, but procrastination daily, gets in the way of these dues, my own distractions fail me. I don't just play games or movies, I do things that consume me, I write reviews and blogs and all and important stuff keep eluding...

But in my daily plan today I'm including all those dues I need to do and I will do them mind me you I'll keep on going till it's groovy!

April 15, 2023

Gym today. :)

Hell yeah. It wasn't crowded either - even though it's a Saturday today.

THAT is how you start the week! I just have a few minutes to spare before I head off on a brief work-related assignment, but I'm already getting more done than I did in the entirety of yesterday.

You need that morning fuel, you do... if you can't get to the gym just get outside at least. Take a brisk walk. Get your system activated; get back in focus mode.

That billionaire I forget the name of, who partakes in podcasts and stuff... it's true. What he says. Daily exercise. Important.

April 16, 2023

After a high day comes a low day! Oh well, oy vey, no way...

Everything went so well yesterday, for the most part. And I was motivated. I was plowing through things as if there was no tomorrow - as I sometimes do - and then for the entirety of the day today I've just had a hard time getting through the simplest tasks. I had plans, man!

Then again it is Sunday, so maybe not a bad thing to slow down a bit, catch up on newspapers and sit on a bench in an unusually warming sun...

New week tomorrow.


April 17, 2023

Up early today! Hey! 7:20. Who would've thought.

I did manage to fall asleep earlier yesterday, but I should've been up around 8:30 now... haven't gotten the sleep I really need but can't sleep further, so what do? Be efficient. Got dues.

My nephew's coming over tonight too, and has had an equally early morning, so maybe it'd be a good thing to get daily routines in sync a bit. Usually we stay up late. Play games. Have times great but... finna be an early day tomorrow too.

I feel good now anyway. Getting through things. Woo hoo. Woo.


April 18, 2023

I've known about Linkin Park a long time at this point. You could say it's one of my favorite bands. Since Hybrid Theory first came out and blew me away - nothing sounded like it - it was sharp and rhythmic and remarkably heavy - and I was just the right age to take it all in. Didn't appreciate Chester as much as I did Mike initially, but with time I learned how amazing his vocal feats really were...

Listening to a little documentary on the band today. I'm still learning. They played some three hundred twenty shows back in 2001.

Work-ethic. Crazy.

April 19, 2023

Wish I could bookmark the 'Write A New Entry' page here... would save a few seconds each day I come here to write stuff. It's the main downside to having a CMS entirely based heavily upon JS I guess. That even the URLs are dynamic. But maybe you could change that, maybe it's more so a design choice... I don't know enough about that particular language.

Otherwise it's a good day so far today. Trying to save up on time a little and get things done -as usual. I'll be heading out on the daily lunch walk in a bit.

Finna stay productive.


April 20, 2023

Good day today! I've been gaming with my nephew, playing all sorts of nostalgic contraptions from the way-past golden age of gaming where all ideas were novel, and even hobbyists could code fun little puzzles and runaway adventures, hoping to make a small buck on players who liked the shareware version so much they'd be willing to pay for the full game.

I have CDs packed with hundreds of these little games, and apps, and I wonder if any of those shareware offers still apply, would be pretty cool to actually play some in their entirety...

Gems. From a special age of new.

April 21, 2023

Had such a killer headache today. Hellish.

My nephew was leaving - we had been up real late playing games the day before, and a good buddy buddy was coming, and I met him at the station, and then walked home, and walked my nephew to the station... and then walked past the pharmacy to get some painkillers cause I really didn't know if I could handle this one. I never take painkillers. I never have. Not in my entire life thus far, but today I did and... it worked. :)

Didn't get any side-effects, just sweet relief.

Good thing these things exist after all...

April 22, 2023

Played frisbee golf like there was no tomorrow today! One course in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Played a game with my nephew the day before yesterday too, and my shoulder's still sore, wasn't sure it'd hold but... it did! Had fun. Good times. Good sun.

Think I'll be noticing certain muscle soreness after this weekend but it sure was worth it after all... had a blast.

Buddy Andreas might be coming back down again in August too, if all goes well maybe we can catch the third and final frisbee course then...

Or disc golf. Pro name.

April 23, 2023

Oh my, I'm tired, I mean really tired, sore and worn, but without scorn...

I've perspired more these last few days than I've done in a long time, but I survived... I made it through the trials together with a guy who seems to live his whole life just striving to go fly. Who's in so good shape that in a moment he could lift. Me I can only wish. I do wish more than to get by, but I'm not of such a mind that I don't have pastimes, and other trials that try me I...

Stay alive ye.

April 24, 2023

Work, at work, homework, on work, on dues, peruse, the blues...

What's the use of trying to keep up with things concurrently, when you are stuck in the same of empire of death and anguish? Greedy people living lavish. Looking down on you from their towers. If people cripple them call them bandits. Only heathens seem survivors.

I wonder what it was like to live in a time of tribes, when leaders had to fight to get by, when we had honor and integrity...

I'll keep fighting for a better world... I fear it may be the death of me.

April 25, 2023

I went taste-testing today, watched a lecture via phone on a bench by Kungsholmen, walked into Stockholm via Västermalm, caught the Super Mario Bros movie (hope plenty of adults catch this one too cause it is GOOD) and have since a couple hours been home again, trying to catch up with dues as usual...

The day started well, but I lost my drive along the way. The city tires me out. Too many people there. I can't look 'em in the eye. I put my headphones on and delve into the realm of podcasts; experience something real.

Binging hazel chocolate sweets now.

April 26, 2023

My sight worries me.

I was in for an eye exam recently, and it's definitely gotten worse. Drastically, you could say. Though it's also been - I believe - fifteen years since my last exam, and it's not strange it would've declined since. If it keeps declining at the same rate henceforth though I won't see much in another fifteen, much less another thirty... I get by on glasses much lower than my prescription requires, but I don't want to admit it's worsened.

I need practice. I need to make better lifestyle choices... I need hope.

I need to get going today.

April 27, 2023

Got a haircut today - feels good!

I woke up with a bit of a headache but it seems an extra cup of coffee and the cold shower chased that away, and I've written a couple blogs, and the daily review, and I came up with a pretty dope song idea too...

I've been bailing out on a lot of things otherwise lately, and spending times on unplanned pastimes, like TaskMaker. Nostalgia run. Emulation. All things.

I'm not really happy with it but I'm about to get back into that world now too... what am I running away from? It's a good game, though...

April 28, 2023


If you Google that don't put a space between the words, or you might find something different entirely.

It's a game I've been investing time in the last few days, to a great degree, and I find myself even whilst doing other things just thinking about it; wanting to get back to it... it's such a good game!!!

It's not really. Is it? I don't know. It's simple. It's black and white. It's like a rogue-like RPG with a GUI... but it's fun! It has character, and charm, and witticisms hidden thorough. Also puzzles, and loot.

Old gem, it is.

April 29, 2023

Hi hi hiii!

I'm up early today! Suitably so. Decently. I did go to bed in good time come to think of it; I slept nine hours...

I'm a little worn after yesterday, Had a full day. A lecture, taste-testing, an hour-long walk that gave me blisters and chaffing, computer and studio help session, a party at my sister's clinic, two movies (at the movies) and back home for a late dinner and TaskMaker before the day was done...

How to avoid chafing? If my legs weren't so big I feel like I could walk forever. Cardiovascular exercise is painful...

April 30, 2023

The gym plans man... I'd planned on going at least once every week, but here's one without. It's been a busy one, I've been working four out of five days, I've been plowing through things the remaining three, but it's not been that busy, I could've made time, I could've probably done everything I have done quicker if I had made time too...

It's a plan for tomorrow then huh?

New month tomorrow too. Good time to get through my dues. A lot's been piling up and I'm not happy with it but... a little stuck.

Time to move on.

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