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2023 - February

February 1, 2023

February started with ardor.

With no fancy parties or stardom. With no Fancy Pants or Starbarians. Without much of a care at all - but a little stress yes - I fear to stall. I keep on going! From here tomorrow, to greater places, way down the line! I speak my words when I find the time, and I'm impressed sometimes when they climb out my mind and are so much better than I thought they'd be... like malnourished slaves that I thought I'd free, and with a day of feed they are great indeed! Strong and resilient, now running bakeries.


February 2, 2023

Went gymming again today! And I feel great.

So far I'm averaging around two visits per week, and at least for this month I feel that'd be a good average. I hope I keep going. I hope I don't falter. I hope I don't eat too much crap food and get sick, because for some reason there's a bit more of that lately...

I know the reason though. It's because I'm working out, and thus feel like I can maybe burn a few more calories than usual, and thus eat a bit more crap than usual...

It's lying around.


February 3, 2023

Finally I can write my hundreds again!

It seems like the gap of acceptance grows longer here.

The number of days at the start of each new month before said month actually shows up in the active batches list - at least it's been that way for a couple of months now.

I wonder if it could be that the script counts each month as an even thirty days, and so after a couple months with thirty-one it's suddenly behind a couple... wonder if it's this way for all though or something bugging out on my account...

But we're back! Whoop.

February 4, 2023

I really do like writing stuff.

I realize this when I'm keeping up with both this and that other writing service *cough*750 Words*cough* and my diary and blog all in parallel, and actually feeling like I'm better for it.

Though I'm not sure if I feel that way just because I'm being prolific - as I define prolific to be - or because it's actually getting me somewhere. If I'm self-developing or helping or just whelping and yelping and complaining and belting... 'a technique of singing by which a singer carries their chest voice above their break or passaggio'...

Can I do that? Hmm.

February 5, 2023

Party day yesterday - explains why I missed my writing then.

A cousin's dad hit 75 y/o, and I was invited to the party, or rather the game day/night. I walked there in blazing sunshine + snow (awesome weather) and then spent ~8 hours playing Shogun! A pretty grand board game that took some time to learn.

Ate fried salmon with teriyaki sauce and French fries, smörgåstårta and blueberry princess cake and overall... just had a grand time.

What a good day, though I'm bloated on unhealthy foods. Got back home and ate a couple leftover waffles, and then goodnight...

Good morning.

February 6, 2023

Hey hey! It's been a good day today, even though I woke up so tired, at 5 AM no less, way too early than I'd intended to... but I did my daily dues and I'm feeling... finished. Satisfied. Satiated, too.

Yesterday I felt like I might be getting a cold, but it feels like *knock on wood* that's hopefully blown over. Not sure, but I don't feel the same sensation in my throat anymore at least.

I'm going to bed a bit earlier anyway, and up early tomorrow (relatively). Maybe I'll get to the gym before it's back to business...

February 7, 2023

Hit the gym today!

I think I'll start starting my daily writings here with that every time I do, as to maybe keep track of how many times I go this year - I'm hoping it'll be a lot more! A morning work-out, cold shower, light breakfast... it really is an immaculate way to start the day.

I feel like I'm ready for anything right now, and am about to get to some much overdue recordings next, so far so good...

I felt a bit crappy when I woke up too, but a little exercise and it's all better.

Don't fret: go get.

February 8, 2023

No gym today!

I won't be starting each day I don't gym with that, but I had hoped to... I went to bed early and thought I'd wake up early as well, and maybe have time for another quick session before the job, but instead I l slept almost ten hours and woke up still feeling... a little tired. With a little phlegm I've been spitting up all day. Feels like my body's dealing with something right now...

Have a trip coming up tomorrow so I'd better be healthy then. I feel alright though. Should be good. Knock on wood.

February 9, 2023

Been to Köping today!

I took the train early this morning, and didn't sleep too good - had trouble falling asleep in the first place and woke up too early anyway. But I got up and took my cold shower and got the car (borrowed - my own's at the scrapyard) and drove it to the train station in Bålsta, and off we went...

I've been walking all day. Like five hours. My legs ache but I feel great.

Should take short vacations like this more often. Both to relax and to get a change of scenery and: interact more.

New people.

February 10, 2023

Missed the alarm. Slept over ten hours. Suddenly it's around 10:50, I'd set the alarm at 10, I wonder if it went off at all or I just didn't hear it...

Did I mentioned I'm tired today? Ugh man. A day of walking around Köping took its tool apparently - though I assume it was more so the sleep-deprived night before it. I've rested up sufficiently and back it and but not really in tip-top shape today.

Head's pounding a bit. I feel sore. My feet are sore. Blisters aren't visible but there's definitely something there...

Time to walk some more!

February 11, 2023

I'm kinda nervous honestly.

Just sent out a request for collaboration/session work to an artist I'm a pretty big fan of. It's intimidating not only since I admire their work, but I suppose for the fear of rejection; for them potentially not liking mine... though it's a long shot either way. They may not have time. They may be busy with things. They're a professional artist after all.

But it doesn't hurt to ask does it? So I did. And for that I am proud, and for I am making progress on that one thing I've been working on TOO LONG.

It's the title track.

February 12, 2023

I slept for ten hours again!

Even more actually, more like 10:20. Kind of. If my wake up time was the time I looked at the time, you never know exactly when you wake up do you...

Apparently I've needed sleep.

Planned to hit the gym this morning but... seems it'll be another week with just one gym session. I'd planned on doing at least two every week. Starting to feel the pressure a bit. And disappointment in my discipline. Can't control my tiredness but I need to catch up.

And get better habits. Sleep better. Eat better. Feel better...

February 13, 2023

Busy work day today. Stayed half an hour late too. But we did do dues, and listen to some more Jocko Podcasts, it was time well spent...

I got a whiteboard in my office too. My own little one to note down dues on; keep up with the current projects.

The intent's to jot down what I'm currently at work with on it, so my boss can see the progression of things, even when he's distanced; more focused on his own stuff.

So will that work? We'll see. Usually dues pile up and there's little time for annotation...

Work hard, play hard, go yard.

February 14, 2023

I need to judge some entries!!!

Oh my god man... I thought I had more time. I thought only judging categories had to be done by this Friday, but apparently it's the whole shebang... that's the deadline for the Treasure Hunt itself. That's when we start judging. That's when my brother and his family are coming over and staying all weekend and when we celebrate dad's 80'th Birthday (which is actually today) for REAL...

Today's looking to be a busy day, but I do have Thursday free too... think I need to make this my main focus today.

Full steam. Reviews.

February 15, 2023

Aah... I wish I could respond to messages quicker.

Sometimes it takes a while to decide on the right way to phrase things. When you don't want to hurt people's feelings. When you want to be bipartisan, or neutral, somehow appreciative even when you don't entirely appreciate something, to say 'this isn't really my thing but thank you' in better wording... maybe if my vocabulary was bigger? I know there are better words for this but none come to mind right now.

Gotta get stuff done today though, no time to dilly dally on simple responses. One down and go...

February 16, 2023

There's a slight delay in the selection loading when you're choosing your batch to write on here at 100 Words... it's not a big thing, but I was just thinking now that the little moments you wait for that little thing to load really amount in the long run. Would be ideal if it was there right away, on page load, maybe there'd be a way to cache that element...

Or speed it up.

I seem to recall it was faster before, when the engine was mainly HTML/PHP.

Lots of stuff to to today and I'm a little stressed. :)


February 17, 2023

Busy busy busy!

My brother/family are coming over around midnight today... and staying for the weekend. Still have the audio judgement panel thing going on. Still have a title track on the backburner - I hope to get some vocal files for it on Monday (possibly late Sunday) and send it over to my buddy Nick right away for mixing...

Monday's a work day, and Tuesday I'll be working on a website with my nephew, and then it just keeps on rolling. Rolling rolling. Next weekend I'll be in Boden.

Listening to some reaction videos to calm me down... it works. :)

February 18, 2023

Big Birthday Celebrations today.

My dad hit eighty years earlier this week - Tuesday to be precise - but we've been celebrating within the family this weekend instead, and it's been good.

My brother and his girlfriend, and dog, and nephew, and my sister, all came over all at once and we've been opening presents, and eating cake, and having a jolly good time overall, but to prep for all of this... oh my.

To say I've been a little stressed the last couple of days is an understatement. But I'm glad I managed. When you have to, you do.

Humans are amazing creatures.

February 19, 2023

I'm not sleeping too well these days... not sure if it's the anticipation or the exhilaration or a sense of having to do things that I'm trying to push onwards as to such a time that my time is once again available, and yet they're still in the back of my mind somewhere when it's sleep time, compelling me to wake earlier than I need to...

I'm not sure what it is, but it's uncalled for isn't it? I'd like to sleep better. Need training. I fall asleep instantly but... don't sleep enough.

Two days in, maybe more, kinda tired...

February 20, 2023

Is it just me or is suddenly the dropdown selection of dates here at 100 Words loading a little faster?! Maybe someone's been reading my entries. Someone in higher standing. Someone of influence. Someone with the power to change such things...

Maybe my Internet's just quicker though, or my perception's changed, or it's just my imagination. Who knows.

I've been a bit stressed this morning, but it seems like things will probably work out fine after all. Just talked to my nephew. As usual plans change quickly when he's around, suddenly I have a bit more time at my disposal...

February 21, 2023 I'm using this time to catch up a bit around these parts!

Not enough time for full 750 Word posts though. I have scheduled vacation time over there since it's nae possible to catch up when a day's over. But it's alright.

Turns out that participating in the NG voting panel and working on a title track and celebrating my dad's eightyith birthday and taking care of visitors the last few days and barely sleeping since I've been sharing my room with my nephew on an inflatable mattress that squeaks... is alright!

We can handle more than we assume we can.

It's been good.

February 22, 2023

It's over! Woo. Phew. Hey. Woah.

My nephew rushed off this morning - almost forgot a piece of moldy cheese wrapped in plastic! I ran upstairs and fetched it for him. Long story.

it's been a busy set of days since before the weekend started, and I'm tired but happy about it... the only thing I haven't managed to do during this time that I wish I would have is be at the gym. I need to keep my exercise regimen going too.

But good things are going on all over otherwise, and I'm hopeful about the future... Boden weekend next!

February 23, 2023

Oh my, times are flying again...

I've gone through a bundle of things this morning. I've packed in good time. I assume the coffee will be ready in a few minutes; I'll have a quick break with that and move over from writing to music...

Flying up to visit good buddy Andreas tomorrow, and though that's always a little nervous in regard to sleep times - he usually gets up around 6 AM, and I around 10, and thus we usually go to bed accordingly and very differently - it usually works out. It's just two nights.

Catch up in a few days! Ciao.

February 24, 2023

Oh my gawd. 5:50 in the morning. Ah... well... actually it's not so bad. I went to sleep in good time (a little after 11 PM), and slept until I woke up, and you know what... I think I'm getting used to this...

Slightly better bedtime habits.

It feels good you know. Getting up earlier and greeting the day. Being away for a flight before the sun has risen fully - the bus driver said it's a good thing it was as bright as it was though or he wouldn't have seen me.

But I'm flying away and feel good today!

February 25, 2023

Boden! Boden Boden Boden... Boden Boden Boden! Woohoo.

Winter sun. Felt a sting of fun. With a kinship run. Just get out and go! Through the snow that folds... it's a winter wonder, hear no bangs or thunder, except the military practicing...

Then get back home and relax again. Maybe eat some cookies. Relapse again.

In the world there's always so so so much happening! And not by happenstance. But by careful calculation... conspiracy? Of good journalists we truly are in dire need!

That don't polarize that just report. That take it slow and iron out. The truth that the hired doubt.

February 26, 2023


What a wonderful place it is.

What snow.

What brightness.

What wondrous walks in the icy outside world, furnished with pine and hillsides, inhabited my snow scooter-besting maniacs, with chimneys that let seep out streams of soft - almost translucent - smoke and humidity. That smells of birch and summer.

It's so utopian.

Walking on scooter tracks over the lake. Staging a little photoshoot behind a pile of snow. Eating good, and sleeping... decent, and overall having a pretty good time with a good buddy I've had long!

Though I do get a little stressed up occasionally, dues... it's calming.


February 27, 2023

I stressed up way too much over the voting panel thing!

I just have about ten entries left at this point... meanwhile my contemporary panel members seem to be averaging somewhere around a hundred each. More or less. It's a lot.

I do have a busy day stacked up for today, and a movie at the end of it, and a trip tomorrow, and Wednesday will be a lot of work... but it's not so bad! There's still time.

I'm doing more and I shine. I feel like I'm nearing that line, where I can finally be happy with myself.

February 28, 2023

Final day! Actually yesterday, wait...

I'm late. But it's alright I'm going and gaining weight... I need to fix my components - get to the gym and in shape. But I'm inspired these days. I never tired it seems. I get high on the change. That might shape up my dreams.

And there's fire in wait. I was made just to be. The baby king of this place! Oy vey baby is me. Pay some homage to greats, who maybe strayed from the path. I hope I'll last. I hope I'll grind this dynamite until I can blast.

Come on... march.

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