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1000 MBit

Early 2007 the first 10,000 customers will be able to enjoy their 1000MB connections, at first they will have to pay about 1100KR ($120) a month but since the net is open and therefore invites competing ISP's the prices will drop dramatically in the first year. Sweden was first with 10MB And 100MB connections and will be first again with the 1000MB connection. Sweden continues to be the world leader! :D

At first the connections will only be available in Lund, but it will soon spread around the whole country. Isn't Sweden great? :D


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  1. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    I only have 2 MB at the moment, but when 1000 arrives in my area I'm getting it immediately . . .

  2. Dave
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    You get it before America?! :O

  3. Richie
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Lucky you! :D

  4. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Yeah, lucky me! :D

  5. Joe
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Yeah, lucky you. But for $120 wow, atleast your correct the price will go down.

  6. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    lol, yeah. I don't think I'll get it when it costs 120, have to wait.

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