Bob Axell - One Hundred Beforehand

01. Beforehand
02. Let Me See!
03. Soaked Indense
04. Registrationary
05. Brakes Or Crash
06. Iller Brave
07. Desser
08. Parlai Saquim
09. Fields Of Opium
10. Salvage Crew
11. Selfdom
12. Dream Sweet
13. Man Of Steel
14. Spine
15. Dry Lake
16. Camp Dear
17. Prisonly
18. Don't Need Do
19. You See Her, She's Beautiful
20. Words Here
21. In My Mirror
22. Zeus Likes Me
23. Doubletrippledeus
24. Four More
25. Engine Error
26. Correctioneer
27. Mime Him
28. I'm Openminded
29. Drive By Lucy
30. Whilst Aiming
31. Floored And More
32. Red And White
33. Lock Your Locks
34. Unstoppable Glockshop
35. The Magnificent Astounding
36. All In Order
37. The Thirteen
38. Paint Bling
39. High Up In My Castle
40. Distortive Base
41. Dancer With
42. Magic Mumble
43. Live Like Ike
44. Uncle Dead
45. Just A Tribute
46. Creational Flawings
47. Floored With Magma
48. Behold The Gold
49. Miner
50. Be Whore
51. The Oracle
52. The Outside Story
53. The Moonwalk
54. An Idea
55. Edgy Polly
56. Be Boiled
57. Fourwheeldrive
58. In The Eighties
59. Parental Negligence
60. Dee Architect
61. Light My Lighters
62. No Reason
63. Beat For The Stranger
64. Pea Soup
65. Sheep Dog
66. Just Like She
67. All That We Leave
68. Sinister Cyllinders
69. Double Bend
70. Speck Of The Art
71. Don't Bleak Cross
72. Speak Of The Heart
73. Thimble Simple
74. Simple Symbol
75. A Demon Bound
76. Ropes Of Thinner
77. Peace Of The Cake
78. Opes And Eeks
79. Olives
80. Loyl Dwince
81. Keep It Kept
82. No Left
83. Ehs
84. Believe That You Seize To Be
85. Handle Fist
86. A Fight For Senses
87. Big Burden
88. Ate Y Ate
89. Handle With Care
90. Band Aid
91. Without Seems
92. Dress Me Down
93. Router
94. Flythrough Paris
95. But A Pawn
96. Breadless Butter
97. Rotation
98. Escape The Dawn
99. Fistful Of Flames
100. The Sentence

Hello & welcome to this spectacular collection of poetry written during summer 2009. Navigate through the poetry to your left, read the poetry to your right, and try picturing it above you. Syncomical anomaly pertitioned. Go!



I tend to write what I think, then think about what I write, and label it relentlessly like I like, then I suddenly collided with the creativity that flows in form of prose unlessened like the stream from a hose through my veins tween my head and my toes. AND, I thought, why not undergo a temporary change of flow and write titles without vital liable idols to label and see if a hundred or so will still be able to convey my message through by this lake view to you wherever you make do with a book and waste two or more hours highly devoured in this riddelistic twiddles that reside within. And remember, you can do, anything. That you crave. Be free, be brave.

A voice from the grave, in a hundred.
years or so.
(unless I gain immortality within my limited lifetime)



I thought, to myself, if I had to choose eleven of these, which ones would I choose? And then I thought, if I had to choose just five of those, which ones would they be? And then I thought, maybe other people would like to know what I think, so here they are, poems I would have selected. The ones with a * made it through both semi and finals. Enjoy.



Cornering the Poet

Sometimes people ask me questions. This time even the people who haven't asked me questions get to read the answers to the questions they haven't asked. Behold! Word is gold. ;) Also, two of the questions below haven't been asked, but I included them anyway, move onwards.

Q - Why so few happy poems?
A - When the sun is shining, I tend to go outside. When it rains, that's a good time to write. Rain is beautiful, but the sky is darker, and so my thoughts tend to be - they are freed by poetry.

Q - Did you have an unhappy childhood?
A - Not at all. Perfection breeds false illusion and imminent changes in the coming times.

Q - Why do all your collections have poetry numbered 00-99?
A - If I lable the first poem 01, I'll have to lable the last one 100, assuming I include 100 poems. I think 100 is a nice and even number, and it's a good amount of poems to include in a collection. As a poem number it gives false expectations of a new start however, two zeros mark another beginning, and there is none coming. 99 seems like a sublime number to end poetry collections with while still including as much writing as possible within the hundred.

Q - Who is your main inspiration within poetry?
A - I'd hate to name just one, and I couldn't name all of them without missing someone. My first inspiration, however, was Dr. Seuss.

Q - Do you plan on releasing a material poetry collection sometime?
A - I've had it in mind for a long time. Poetry by mostly unknown artists isn't beneficial in terms of income, but, if all goes well there should be a threehundredsomething paged collection arriving sometime soon.

Q - Can you autograph a printed piece of your poetry? I'll pay you $9000 for it!
A - Absolutely! My benevolence just knows no limits! Anyone else want one? Just let me know, you can pay even more if you like. ;)

Q - Is there a secret page in this poetry collection?
A - Sure, but they're more like error pages. If you want a challenge, try random filenames to find them!

Q - Have you noticed that three of the poem link numbers are wrong?
A - Yes, but the links work, and search engines might have archived the pages already, so I won't be changing them. If I become famous maybe they'll become as valuable as those old stamps without stamps eh? ;) Anyone want to buy the HTML code, send me a bid (I kid).

Q - What does (enter poem title here) mean?
A - Not telling. Nobody reads a poem the same way as another, and this is what makes poetry (and any form of media for that matter) so interesting. It's all a part of your perspective, you define and relate to the poem based on personal experience and knowledge. My poetry means much to me, and I won't spoil your meaning by shouting out mine. Unless the text is clear as chrystal, percieve.

... And now for some unused subtitles and phrases ...
~ Poetry is as best - unplanned ~ What lacks poetry, packs art ~ Titles first, verses secondary ~