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101 Dalmations (1996)

101 Dalmations (1996)

It's strange how most animated movies back in the day were about dogs. Then came cats. It was all cats and dogs (sorry, dogs and cats), two fractions of tame animals that apparently everyone could relate to because everyone had them as pets.

I've never had a pet cat/dog... but I still relate to them... and I guess that point was proven somewhere along the line (The point that people don't need to have an animal as a pet to relate to it, and for that matter: the fact that humans can actually relate to other species. Or maybe using animals lets humans distance themselves from the characters and find better qualities in themselves... but lets leave that discussion for another pair of brackets!), because now they're exploiting all kinds of animals in their movies.

Cats and dogs are still popular, but then along came hamsters, exotic birds, even slugs!

Time's change!

Note that my cat and dog speech doesn't apply to sidekicks. I just realized there have been all kinds of those throughout the years, since way way back... think whales and parrots and what-nots...

Anyhoo, 101 Dalmatians tells the story of an outcast, a dog with no spots, very reminiscent of that other story about a weak little puppy who gets looked down upon and then one day stands up for himself and shows the world what he's really capable of. It's a feel-good story, with a fair dose of drama and comedy... and lots of dogs. There's also the cruel Cruella De-Ville, a particularly strong-personality nemesis. Watching this movie again, it's not as awesome as the first time I saw it... but I guess we all grow, huh? At least the animation is all manual, without the overdose of 3D effects permeating pretty much everything nowadays. Good watch!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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