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I woke up late.

Late late late late.

Fading into a daydream I wasn't willing to fully whisk away - where everything fell into place. Where my future felt fulfilling, filled with fumes of passion and praise and plans and freedom and grace. I relaxed for a little bit longer; erased some of the wrinkles on my face.

I had weird dreams before that, as always. I was in a hotel bathroom for a while - reminiscent of one of those small ones they have on cruise ships. Though with a bathtub.

Come to think of it this one was probably inspired by the one I saw in Jack Reacher yesterday - where Jack is whacked in the back of the head with a baseball bat and falls into the tub, and two thugs come in and wreck havoc before he has a chance to react.

It's such a good scene.

I wasn't a huge fan of Jack compared to the contemporary John (Wick) when I saw the movie last time, but I think I've been turned now.
I appreciated this one so much more than I did then. For the intricacies; for the so flawlessly choreographed and necessary chaos to match his quick wit and professionalism. For the unorthodox and very cliché-combatting methods and mannerisms of combat and revenge. For the welcome minimalism in a world of action that's become all the more a mess.

In the dream I was just making a mess of that bathroom myself though.
It was a weird dream, like I said. And apart from the bathroom I was... somewhere else... wandering... not sure anymore. Fragments of subconscious thought flee me quick.

In real life I think I may have a tonsil infection or something. I'm chronically tired lately, the hearing in my left ear - adjacent to a paining tonsil - seems a little dull and obstructed. My teeth ache.

I hope I can rid myself of this shizzle before I take the train up to Duved next week, to celebrate my brother's girlfriend's 50th birthday. I have the presents ready, but not yet packed - hope to manage that and a quick watercolor card this weekend. Which is passing too fast for comfort.

Where does the time go. Row row row your boat... column.
(Say that like 'Gollum').

In more positive news that title track that's been on the backburner for all too long at this point that I believe I've mentioned in plentiful a previous post is nearing completion, finally! Hopefully it'll be up and out next week, and I can move on, and I'll be back to the gym with a vengeance after this upcoming trip.

Been playing it a bit safe lately. Instead of getting in shape lately.

On the one hand I still need to get in shape - I am working on it, and it'd be good with more routine exercise to fuel my focus; help me get more done... but on the other hand (or foot - why discriminate) I feel like I ought maybe as mentioned play it safe when I'm at this tier of tired.

Walks are a more moderate and sometimes suitable exercise option. The weather's rainy but I've been taking more of those...

And tonight I want to sleep! Already I just want to sleep. Just blackout for the night and

beep beep beep.

Speak more to y'all next week.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Mar/18/2023

    what a coincidence...I read this at 10:11...dozed for a bit and start responding to this at it really that late?

    Jack Reacher > Black John Wick (Equalizer) > John Wick...but if you like John Wick style I highly recommend Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt...

    I've been chronically tired too, well on and off, think I might know the problem...getting more tests done soon. But I have been working pretty much non-stop the past month and and a half, first time I'm taking a full weekend off in a while.

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/18/2023

    Unintentionally got back to it at 11:11 too? :O No timer no nothing? That is pretty cray cray! I started that aforementioned daydream at 11:11 btw. Got up just past 12. Started writing this around 3. The time!!!

    Hmmmm I think my order would be Jack > John > Black John (though actually Robert - had to check - would've made sense if he'd called himself John Doe too), comparing second Equalizer to first John Wick possibly with the latter two reversed, though comparing second or third John Wick to the second Equalizer... tough choice now! The second Jack Reacher was good too, wonder if it might've been better than the first even. But they're all so different styles. Jack Reacher and The Equalizer seem to have more in common than either one of them with the John Wick style. I like the latter for the more visually appealing and violent choreography, but realism ain't bad either. Feels like you need both. Maybe best varied according to mood and need.

    Ah I have seen Bullet Train. :D The review's in the queue. Reminded me a bit of Pulp Fiction - similarly bizarre and violent and dialog-heavy. And just masterful. Great characters; great concept. One of my favorites of last year I think.

    Nothing serious in regard to your tiredness I hope? Mmm seems like a good time for a break! Hope the tests turn out... however you hope and expect them to! In a positive sense, albeit maybe not positive, if they're more negative types of tests.

  3. biterr
    Saturday Mar/18/2023

    Don't worry bro, I have phobia of public bathrooms too!

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/19/2023

    Mmm I wouldn't say I have that exactly but there was this one time I was just minding my own business in a public bathroom and apparently the lock on the door hadn't actually locked or didn't work and a stranger just barged right in...

    Private bathrooms FTW.

  5. S3C
    Sunday Mar/19/2023
  6. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/19/2023

    lmao man I'd actually posted about that too! XD Didn't remember that conversation at all, impeccable memory... some things maybe you'd just rather forget!

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