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12 Rounds (2009)

12 Rounds (2009)

John Cena's at it again! After The Marine I wanted more, and this movie provided just that. It's a shame he doesn't star in more of these awesome action flicks!

Just like the priorly mentioned title, this movie is just brimming with action. It starts off early in the movie and it keeps going till the end of it, accompanied by plenty of explosions, fights and other crazy stunts. The story starts off with an intimate moment between Danny Fisher and Molly Porter, (probably soon to be-) man and wife, and a plumbing issue he's been stalling with that she wishes he'd take care of. He promises he'll get it done, but she leaves on a bit uneven terms, there's an air of 'can I trust you' (which goes the full circle till the end of the movie, where you can practically picture the rings on their fingers already), and soon after they part ways (she leaves for work) he receives a call from a stranger telling him his wife has been kidnapped. He steps out of the house to have it blown up behind him - the plumber with it, is told it's the first round of a twelve round game, and if he completes all rounds he'll get his wife back. The rounds are all on a timer (kinda like Die Hard 3) and so - pedal to the metal - he blasts off down the street in the first of a long day (and start of a night) full of eventful action!

I love the tension in the movie, how it goes from one thing to the next, and after fully immersing myself in the action (featuring a variety of not so deep but plenty charismatic/definable) characters I am pleasantly surprised to realize that there is more to the plot than at first was revealed. It's not just a game, it's about something much bigger, and as the viewer you are given the same clues the main character is; free to figure it out as you go along. I'm giving you a head start here. ;)

In many ways the plot is similar to The Marine, with the main differences in scenery and in how he is confined to a certain set of events, and the action has the same pace as the former. It's almost like this could've been a sequel. He could've started working as a cop after his post-marine job-searching in the last movie, he could've stuck with the same wife (who I would've liked to see again, too) aaand they could've skipped that other partial-Marine fiasco and called it something else that wouldn't have had the same expectations linked to it - I wouldn't mind if they made a whole series out of this. But anyway, it's a good watch, tense; intense and almost as fashionably actionable as The Marine. There's even occasionally some comedy value (in quick wit and punchy lines, mostly), something the sequel really doesn't provide.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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