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12 Rounds 3 - Lockdown (2015)

12 Rounds 3 - Lockdown (2015)

No rest for the wicked, huh? Cop killer John Shaw (Dean Ambrose) is back at the station - his first day of the work after a long session of therapy, and suddenly evidence lands in his hand that'll flip his whole world around.

In a cat and mouse chase through police HQ he confronts a whole gang of corrupt cops, all the while SWAT prepare to storm the place. At least they used to call him a cop killer because his partner was killed in action and they all blamed him. That's about to change now...

Cue the unlikely hero! He's good, and it's a pretty tense movie, but the loose ends and action choreography inconsistencies are a bit much. Too much focus on the rounds too. 12, 9, 6, 2...

Is using his own gun really more important than having enough bullets? More than once he could have picked up one of the others. It does look bad-ass at the end, but until that point it just looks like flawed reasoning. Incompetence. Overconfidence if nothing else.

Then there's his vague comments - on the phone, to the junior officer - that really don't make it easier for him. And when he spins around to attack the one guy, or manages to escape Burke in the hallway the first time, or is backing up behind the shield with his feet clearly visible - under a rain of gunfire, he could've been hurt so easily. Also when he hands over the evidence it doesn't really feel compelling enough. Not enough to suddenly make everyone aim their artillery at the other guy and let him walk out of there without question. It's little things like that, that ruin this a bit for me.

Overall he is one tough cop! And this is one tough movie. If you can avoid stressing the details it's definitely worth a watch. Solid action, tough characters and a suitable soundtrack. But not flawless.

I did like the John Cena round a bit better.

 rated 2/5: decent


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