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12 Strong (2018)

I would have loved to watch this on for the story, and action, but unfortunately propaganda signals kept popping up to bug me.

What signals? Signals like how the bad guys were dressed in dark and the good guys in light. How the foes binoculars were black with red lenses, and the right side had no color at all. How the patriotic music keeps playing in the background. How the final helicopter flight was highlighted. How the Americans were always at the center of the action, and the others stood idle on the side. How they were always right, and even their Afghan allies - grizzled veterans of a warring desert country, often wrong. Those signals.

The ending redeemed it a bit though. You can't ignore the truth when the credits come streaming. They all survived. The General became Vice President. And they fought on horseback! In this day and age.

Was this Al Qaeda's biggest failure? Was it all as glorious a battle as they portrayed it? I don't know, but when you know it's based upon a true story it becomes a pretty empowering movie nevertheless.

Even if a lot of it gets repetitive towards the end, even if they never properly build up relations, even if there's no sacrifice so notable or a sadness so great it tilts their world around, and even if the special effects fire wasn't very realistic... it wasn't bad. The explosions looked authentic, and the action great. Chris Hemsworth seemed like an odd choice at first considering his other roles (and nationality), but he worked. They did good.

One person on the team actually looked somewhat like his real-world counterpart too! See the photo before the credits roll. ;) Good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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