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13 Days Left

13 Only, until the day we feel for so strongly...

Yes, it's the CyberDevil back again with todays great double-update. Since I hadn't time to update yesterday a double today is obligatory. First of all, I have created a comical experiment over at WonPeace, the newest expansion to the network. Check it out. It's not much of a comic, yet, but when I have time to put my ideas inside frames this will start being a real web-comic. Haven't had much time lately, but during the long Christmas Holiday you can look forward to a few new boxes.

Second, I just finished drawing the characters for a music video that me and the rest of my group are currently working on in multimedia, take a look at us! From left to right - Robert, Hanna, Bob (me), Madde and Jocke. Turned out surprisingly good! I'll be sure to post the finished music video before 13 days have passed.

Team 17, or not...

Usually Mondays are a pain in the ass, I start at 8:30 and the day ends at 17:00, thanks to this music video project we have a bit more flexible times though, so I managed to get away 2 hours earlier. See you later, Cyber

UPD: The WonPeace project is abandoned, you'll find the old site on the design page.


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