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137 Shots (2021)

137 Shots (2021)

Here's a documentary about Mr. and Mrs. Tim Russel, for a moment.

It starts with a wedding - most pixelated footage thereof you could've managed to get, and from there it moves on to the tragedy, and to other people, and to the madness that was the sixty car police chase through Cleveland some years back where two suspects got shot up with 137 shots - with one of the police officers standing on the hood of the car, shooting straight into the cockpit.

It's a documentary on cops and blacks.

On the injustices within the judiciary system of the USA. On the problems with and lack of proper community policing. Of how police officers who accidentally shoot an innocent person don't get prosecuted properly, and innocent people die, and it all just sucks.

Not less for the police, though, traumatized and scared as they most probably are and seem to be with what situations they're faced with - and that most of them probably do seem to be doing for the right reasons.

It just doesn't always turn out that well.

When it's over I feel it was maybe skewed a little too much to the disadvantage of the popo. They're only humans too. Who can actually have a job like that and NOT fear for their life? Is it possible?

For psychopaths, possibly, but it doesn't seem they'd be a proper choice for the black and blue either. You need officers with empathy, yet those will inherently feel fear too.

Injustices like this seem like an issue that needs to be worked on from both sides, and that the side this movie takes focused a bit much on the one of them, though possibly the one that's typically also focused on the least.

Maybe it is fair.

It was a good recollection. Captivating, compelling, but in the end not with a proper solution presented for the problem, yet...

Hope some day we sort out all these problems somehow, and until then: figure out how.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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