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15 Mini Reviews

A bunch of quick reviews from the old anime page.

2×2=Shinobuden (2004)

It's crazy & filled with ninjas. What else do you need? If you're weak of heart you might want to stay away though... you might die laughing.

Afro Samurai (2007)

This is the short story of the legendary afro-bearing samurai and his path towards avenging his father and defeating number one. In this world there are 2 headbands, number one and number two. The number one resides in atop a mountain, and only the one with the number two headband can fight him. The journey is long and the enemies strong. Voice acting is by famous Samuel Jackson. This is one of extremely few American animated series (with Japanese animation style) that have actually been watchworthy. It consists of 5 averagely sized episodes with many different characters and battles.

Akira (1988)

A legend. If you haven't seen this one already, do so now. Not because it's good (though it is), but because it's just one of those animes you really have to see.

Air Master (2003)

Air Master is a hidden gem among street fighting anime-series. It's fast, funny and dramatic at the same time. One of my favorites.

A.LI.CE. (2000)

The plot might not be so bad, but the crappy 3D animation that ruins it. All textures look like plastic and the characters moves look extremely fake.

Angels Egg (1985)

Great movie. Detailed, depressing, inspiring.

Azumanga Daioh (2002)

Funny as hell. Maybe even funnier. If you love random, you'll love this series!

Beck (2004)

Great series about a boy and a band.

Beyond The Clouds - The Promised Place (2004)

Beautiful movie.

Bleach Movie 2 - DiamondDust Rebellion (2007)

Kurosaki Ichigo takes a break from the filler-filled anime he constantly resides in to fight a new monster in this detailed and powerful movie sequel. Things get out of control in Soul Society, like always when they decide to animate a story out of it, and all the inhabitants get together to fight of their foes. Except wonderful special effects and overexagerated moves that blow chunks of earth away like sand grains. If you like animes, you'll love this. It is recommended you watch the first movie first, however, even though this has nothing to do with the primer.

Geneshaft (2001)

This seres gives the formerly horror-related Ring concept a whole new definition. It doesn't come in the form of a young pale Japanese girl here, but instead in the form of a gigantic golden ring that charges and fire highly destructive lazors from it's center, and the shaft is the only thing able to stop it. So a small team of future earthly inhabitants with superior DNA strains go against the government and fight the rings that keep popping up from nothing at all. It starts off as yet another spaced out gundam-ish anime, but eventually the characters all develop unique personalities before dying and the storyline gets more advanced as it goes along. There's even a talking dog in it, I mean, seriously. The pilots all use the most complicated words they can find to make the digital dashboards and various system functions seem more futuristic than they really are, but nevertheless, it's a great series. With a well-thought storyline and characters you'll actually miss when they fade away. It's only twelve episodes, so you should easily be able to get through it in a week. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it.

Gunslinger Girl (2003)

An organization on the outside devoted to taking care of young female orphans is actually brainwashing them and using them as assassins. Even tough criminals have a weak point for kids. This 12 episode anime series focuses on the lives of a few young girls devoted to killing people

Shigurui (2007)

Shigurui is an anime unlike others. It combines bloodbath, the noble samurai art, history and madness with spectacular animation. The story follows an array of different samurais and scholars within the various arts of fighting, especially two, with spirits and dedications greater than anyone else. In the beginning they meet on the battlefield, one with only an arm, the other blind, and a cripple, the story goes back to show their history, a confusing sphere of events that caused them to turn out as they did, both expectional swordsman, with uncluttered minds, and without fear of death. The anime is very depressing, the style of animation is detailed, a bit grungy, and always gray and oppressing, not once does the mood let up. It's not something I will watch again, but it is one of the few series I will never forget. From the first episode it grabs a hold of you and drags you through, no matter how despisable things turn out.

T&A Teacher (2004)

Short one episoded hentai featuring a female school/martial arts teacher. Ends abruptly.
Simple plotline, expected consequences, bad graphics.

Woman At Work (2005)

A two episode hentai with a bit of comedy to it.
Different, and entertaining!


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