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2000 Posts

Or should I say twenty centuries? Maybe ten times two? What am I babbling on about you ask? Well, the blog just recently reached a double thousand posts, so I think that deserves a post of its own, and a plus one towards the next thousand mostly interesting maybe inspiring hopefully entertaining sometimes useless pieces of text hereon posted! +1. :D

Actually it’s way above 2000 already because I just posted this post and I hadn't planned posting this post before I posted it. Post for a hundred is right here, and post for a thousand right here. Have a nice few remaining hours of your week before the end!


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    so is this actually post 2001, also, did your post count rise exponentially from 2009 to 2011. that may explain your NewGrounds absence

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    It's probably more like 2432, though right now there's no way for me to know without backtracking through all posts prior to this and counting them... or counting year by year up till this one. Feeling up for the task...? ;)

    The post ID is 13891, but counting revisions, abandoned posts etc etc that's not a reliable count unfortunately.

  3. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    So I gave it a check after all, bit easier through the admin panel. It's post: #2525! :D

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