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So the layout has been slightly changed once again! This is version 4.3!...and I have decided that I have to get my site finished before October, so I will be working very much this week (and the next), I still cant get the shoutbox to work, and I don't get whats wrong with it, hope I get it fixed soon though.

New Layout AGAIN!!!

Yes, the layout has been changed again! What you are looking at right now is version 4.0 of the perfect layout for this perfect site!!! It's not completely done yet, just be patient! There are loads of small bugs I need to fix and so far this is the only page with the new layout, although that will probably be changed soon. If you find any bugs it would be great if you could email me and tell me. It would be great to know what you think about the new layout too! Oh, and I also added a shoutbox, and this kick-ass news thing that lets you write comments!!! Unfortunately the shoutbox doesn't work yet though...

Guess Who's Back?!

I'M BACK from my vacation! So now I'll start catching up on my site.....

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