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Penguins Running

It's cold. It's winter. It's snowing, tomorrow, I hope. At least on Christmas, it has to be...

Penguins Running

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No school today! So I spent the day well, finishing up the brand new great sweet CyberDyze layout and launching!!! In celebration of this great event we have now The Great Hosting Posting. I'll quote what I wrote at CyberDoze:

To celebrate our launch, and at the same time bring some activity to this community. We are giving away free hosting! The first 3 users who reach 100 posts will receive FREE hosting with the following benefits:

+ 1000MB Space
+ 50,000MB Bandwidth
+ 20 Domains
+ UNLIMITED Sub Domains
+ UNLIMITED Email Accounts
+ UNLIMITED Email Forwarders
+ UNLIMITED Mailing Lists
+ UNLIMITED Auto Responders
+ 20 mySQL Databases
+ 20 FTP Accounts
+ DirectAdmin Control Panel

So start posting already! Good luck! ^_^

It's not just free hosting, it's free hosting for LIFE! And if everything goes smoothly you will have the change to win more space and features in future contests. Get over to CyberDoze - sign up - and start posting like a maniac if you want an account! Be one of the first I can test my new reselling account features from Rey on.

The Great New News II

CyberDyze style 9. Launched. The focus lies on simplicity and speed this time. I took away the side menu completely, it's all one column. You now also have the ability to advertise on the front page by just posting a few posts at the forums, more info at the bottom of the page. New logo, new menu, new design, new design page, new support forum, drop down list for the pages and a policy page. And some more...

Language Files - I've been busy translating this week. Swedish translations are up for the latest versions of ludhost, phpBBHD, imperialBB, easymailform and m8bcounter. Translations of wowBB, xenoBB and Phorum are in process.

UserBars - Coming Soon, tonight, hopefully. A huge selection of userbars you can link to from forums and blogs.

phpBB Mods - new section, with my first phpBB mod written. Alphabetical is its name, and its function is to order forums alphabetically. Very, very, simple. ^_^

Doom Sprites - Saved em from a site long gone. Can now be downloaded from the resources section (all sections now available on the 'stuff' page).

HTML Guide - I'm working on it, atm. It will be a guide of guides for learning html, and a useful code section. :P

That will be all for tonight. CyberDyze BanZai!

Btw. I watched Get rich or die trying earlier today. My thought involves the MTV intro, featuring a bunch of astronauts, sitting in a cinema with their suits on. One of them has a bag of popcorn, and some of the popped corns are slowly floating upwards in the air as the picture zooms out and the MTV logo appears. At first I thought "cool", but then I realized : why the hell is an astronaut with a suit on holding a bag of popcorn in his hand?! He can't eat it with a suit on, so should I be surprised about the fact that he has a bag of popcorn or that he has a suit on when he has a bag of popcorn? Am I slow on reacting? Did they make a mistake? Is it meant to be that way? and how did they make the popcorn float like that? Maybe they had to have the astronaut suits since it would seem strange with popcorn floating in the air without them. Anyway.

Have a nice Day,

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