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The Great Sacrifice

The anime section has been removed. All the music, wallpapers and videos took over 5GB space. Now, I know thats not much space at all on your hard drive, but it gets aggravating when it takes half a day to download the site backups from our server in Canada (man, I can't wait to get my own server). Anyway, I will be launching a separate site within the next few months dedicated to anime only. It will, other than all the wallpapers/music and videos, be featuring my very own webcomic called Won Peace (It's a tribute to One Piece... I was going to say that it was a 'parody', but it probably can't get much funnier than the original, lmao).

Videos have also been taken away, visit YouTube instead.

And I have taken away some unused and forgotten stuff too, cleaned up the server now! Also, and I found a section that I had forgotten about completely - Amazingly people have managed to find their way there despite there being no links pointing to it on the site, and it not being listed in any search engines either. It's been forgotten for months and still there have been about a hundred downloads. Eh. O_o Well, if you like old abandoned games check it out and download.

Play 7 (0:09)

ThePirateBay TV

TPB have added a page listing all the TV shows available for download on the site, neatly ordered alphabetically with links to the different seasons available below. The season links, link to a page with that seasons episode torrents. Oh, and there are about 500 shows currently listed... with the option of viewing the 50 most popular, the 50 newest uploaded or showing them all. Check it out!

Play 6 (0:13)

Play 5 (0:09)

Retro Retro

Hello People!

Launched D. A collection of 51 pictures resembling the different aspects of my life. It's deep and psychological, heh.

Also, throw some dice at Dyze. A small useless script I created last week... I have no idea where the images are from though, they're not made by me. Maybe I'll make this script a little more useful soon, I have some sweet ideas...

So whats going on at RetroGade today? Err, tonight. This morning it was doing great.

Retro Retro

Anyway, I just watched The Sentinel. Great movie. I love the ending music. Good night now.

UPD: You can find D here, the host above disappeared.

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