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Quick Launch Apps From The Run Box

Simple. Create shortcuts to your favorite programs and place them in C:/Windows. Now press Windows + R, type in the name of your shortcut and the program is opened! I put a shortcut to 'Run' on my desktop, all I need. To make things simpler - rename your shortcuts and make them as short as possible. A few examples of how I use the shortcuts, 'in' launches Internet explorer, 'f' launched Firefox, 'd' launches Dreamweaver.

Quick Launch Apps From The Run Box

If you have a very cluttered desktop this is a great solution.

Also, why the hell does my glasses post from Nov 9 display before the father's day one from yesterday? O_o Fixed it anyhow, yeah...

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Happy Father's Day 2006

I started this with the goal of drawing my dad standing on the desk in a mountain of cash shouting a victorious warcry, but it was a much too difficult task, so this is how it turned out instead.

Happy Fathers Day 2006

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day.

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