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Trance 14 (0:03)

10 Days Left

10 Days left,
Only ten days!
Until we celebrate
In many different ways

No matter the place
Puts a smile on the face
And there is no competition
Still every thing's a race

Waiting till late night
For some its early day
When presents are opened
And everyone goes YAY

While everyone in snoring
Some wake up in the morning
Somewhere the sun is shining
Somewhere the rain is pouring

Here it's hopefully snowing
Outside the plows are plowing
I peacefully eat my porridge
Watching the moon glowing

Through mist and clouded clouds
The sun looks curiously down
Upon the rare footprints
Of creatures moving around

Everything is still
Everything is quite
Still people sleep restlessly
In the late of the night

Suddenly I remember
It's already the 14th of December
And I still haven't bought a single gift
So much thoughts I miss

The next week
There will be little time
All shops will be crowded
People standing in line

I have a lot of assignments
I have to get done
But after all is finished
Then it's time to have fun

When everything is over
And it's Christmas in the air
I'll wrap in all the presents
And I'll have time to prepare

Then I can stop these updates
Then I can relax and chill
Beside the Christmas tree
With endless time...

To Kill.

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Trance 13 (0:03)

11 Days Left

11 More times, with short one-line rhymes...

Today I bring you smiles. My second packed package with smiley packs arrives, and at it the public dives and laughs and strives to download in extreme server overload! On another note I abruptly quote - "Nakamada!" from Luffy's famous speech when the Swordfish castle his crew did defeat and beat and bend, the nose from his his sworded unfriend. Today I wait, for the newest One Piece episode - thats a little late! O_o Oh, how I rhyme well so...

Well, I watched Shinobi a few hours ago, before scraping together the last few smileys you know, and it was so goddamn depressing! Not in a fashion that makes you with great passion, cry. But in a way you'd commit seppuku and die. Reminds me of the last Samurai, everyone dies but this guy. All of the Samurai's were destroyed, no one could machine-gun bullets avoid. This movie's about a pair of enemies and friends, their villages fight against each other till the end. Both are Shinobi who posses great skill, but be happy they never will. The king in thought that the villages will be a menace, makes them kill each other before they attempt this. In the end the one survivor makes him realize he was wrong, and they all live unhappily forever on. There was indeed a lot of great fighting, and feelings that made the whole thing so frightening. Sad, friends just die one after another. This is a depressing movie like no other. So, to make my day a little better get, I made this small smiley set. Here you go...

Later, Cyber

UPD: Find the smileys on the stuff page.

Trance 12 (0:03)

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