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Posting For The Space Of It

Do you know what I have been doing the past week? And even more importantly, would you like to know? Well, it's up to you. You can either continue reading below... or you can read something else, or do something else, or sleep. You actually have a lot of choices. My choice after writing this has already been decided. It's to take a nice warm shower and then nestle down in my fluffy bed for a good nights sleep before my national exam tomorrow. Well, onto the topic.

I have been working on my site... surprised? The great news is that I am coding my own site CMS, so no more WordPress or phpBB power anymore, I will call it the CyberDyze Engine. Right now I'm in kind of a hurry with all my national and final exams, especially the Math ones which I dread, but I have managed to get the basic structure completed, and I am now in the process of adding various features, most importantly a forum and blog, to replace the former ones, but also much much more. Security will also be a huge issue in this one, to prevent anyone hacking my site anymore. In an additional week, in the worst case scenario 2... I hope I'll have gotten so far that I can begin moving all blogs, comments, users and pages to the new system. No more wasting time with blogs for the next week or two then. I'll see you soon.

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