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Beat 49 (0:05)

Beat 48 (0:05)

The 3RD Hacking

OMFG! CyberDyze has been hacked once again! O_o

I found the problem though, and as far as I know I have fixed it. hopefully. It was a vulnerability in the Domes KB mod. In the process of fixing it I accidentally deleted some important files (it's 6 in the morning here, I'm kind of tired), but I will restore them ASAP... and thus the Dome will be back up again soon...

Thanks to D3f3ct3d R3b0rn for notifying me of the problem... although I would have preferred an email instead of him hacking my site, lmao. Heres an attachment of his image to all his honor of being the probably last person to hack CyberDyze.

The 3RD Hacking

Beat 47 (0:05)

Beat 46 (0:05)

Crack Crazy Fairies

We have yet a new affiliate. Fairies love crack. A pretty messy site, but with lots of unique content and entertainment.

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