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Microsoft Buys Mozilla!

Microsoft buys Mozilla! O_o Nothing more to say, just visit this site and see for yourself!!! This sucks...

UPD: Site is gone, they probably got sued or something...

12 Days Left

12 sessions of 1440 minutes, until the long wait is diminished...

Yet another day gone by, until the Christmas arrives within sight! YEAH! To celebrate this great daily event only occurring 23 times this year I hereby give you 4 fresh comic strips over at WonPeace, doubling the current amount. Quality comes before quantity of course, I've been working on these half the day... the other half I've been working with schoolwork, finishing 3 already late assignments. DAMN theres a lot to do just now before Christmas vacation.

Also, heres a picture that explains exactly why zebras are so cool.


Later, Cyber.

Trance 11 (0:03)

13 Days Left

13 Only, until the day we feel for so strongly...

Yes, it's the CyberDevil back again with todays great double-update. Since I hadn't time to update yesterday a double today is obligatory. First of all, I have created a comical experiment over at WonPeace, the newest expansion to the network. Check it out. It's not much of a comic, yet, but when I have time to put my ideas inside frames this will start being a real web-comic. Haven't had much time lately, but during the long Christmas Holiday you can look forward to a few new boxes.

Second, I just finished drawing the characters for a music video that me and the rest of my group are currently working on in multimedia, take a look at us! From left to right - Robert, Hanna, Bob (me), Madde and Jocke. Turned out surprisingly good! I'll be sure to post the finished music video before 13 days have passed.

Team 17, or not...

Usually Mondays are a pain in the ass, I start at 8:30 and the day ends at 17:00, thanks to this music video project we have a bit more flexible times though, so I managed to get away 2 hours earlier. See you later, Cyber

UPD: The WonPeace project is abandoned, you'll find the old site on the design page.

Trance 10 (0:03)

14 Days Left

14 days still stand, until the day we all demand...

Hmmm, so the update today - you ask and I say, there will be none! but tomorrow, there will be two instead of one. The reason that I won't be adding today, is because I have not been here I have been away. Now it's time for me to sleep and rest my mind, so today no updates on the site you'll find. Later, Cyber

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