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Today I'm here to share with you a story from Lion. One of my unknown buddies at the free cpanel host. I have edited spelling and grammer mistakes. ;)

Well it's a horrible story...
it all started one sunday afternoon, when my mother said to me
that I should go deliever some apples to my grandmother who was not well
so I went there and met a wolf
who told me that apples were bad for you
and he replaced the apples with special chocolate
this chocolate had an addictive substance which is very rare and only found in special places
apparently it's called sugar but I'll need to get a scholar to check
that..anyway so I ate one along the way to my grandmother's house
I was instantly addicted."

How about you? Do you like chocolate? Post a comment! ^_^

One Piece Direct Downloads

ADC will now be uploading all One Piece episodes for direct download! So look here all anime fans. Click here for more info.

Why this is good great amazing incredible revolutionary news :
- No more waiting for torrents to be completed
- Fast FTP downloads
- Updated Daily

UPD: Link gone. Why? ACD fansubs are gone.

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