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Slight Changes

Made a few layout changes today. Added some padding to the main content box, shifted colors in the side menu, added a "back to the top" link at the bottom of all pages and remixed the logo a little. New font and pictures. More great news is that Dyze and CyberDoze will be up/ready the 29th ( in two days ). Vista sure has some sweet wallpapers, go, download. Iv'e spent the first two days of my vacation reviewing as many submissions as possible at retrogade before running out of comments ( taking over the #3 top reviewer spot tommorrow ) and watching tons of anime/movies. Watched G.I. Jane, Transporter, Transporter 2, Borat and all 26 eps of Samurai 7. Highly reccomend you go see all of those, they're all great. I'll be going to "town" tommorrow morning, early, and be getting back at 14. Have a nice night! :P

UPD: Links removed, content down.

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I'm Free! For a week I now have endless time on my hands. The weekend before this week starts is almost over now, and it seems like these 2 short days have lasted for more than I expected, but when I say that I have a weeks vacation it still sounds so short. Now I have 5 days to do everything I havn't had the time to do earlier. So many projects I'm working on at the moment . . . A GTA SA Stunt Video, Adding content to my websites, transferring all my old hand-written scribbles to my computer, catching up with the #1 reviewers at NG and RG, Studies. So much to do, so many movies to watch, games to play, sleep to sleep . . . and sleeping takes up more time than you expect you know. I really can't get any more stressed than I will be now, haha. Anyway, happy days still. I'm off to play some oldskool playstation one now. It's been a long time since I played Croc 2 and I actually cleared a previously unbeatable level on my first try. I must be getting better. I'll be seeing you around!

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