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CyberDoze UPD

Added a massive update for the masses at Link us buttons and links to the rest of the network, as well as about a hundred new artworks for this year. Take a look.


Clear blue is the sky,
The daylight passes by,
I sit inside and dream,
Forever it may seem,

The minutes they are countless,
Like sandgrains on the beach,
When I am all but working,
With fewer goals to reach,

I cough up blood and apples,
For breakfast that I ate,
The clerk comes to my bed,
To hand me another plate,

My soul cries my heart aches,
From a dream my mind awakes,
Simple fever is all it takes,
For total outbreak.

Short poem by the Cyberdevil


The world is awakening! It's getting warmer! The ice at the end of the world keeps melting causing the waterlevel to rise a few millimeters each year. I'm sick. It's a really bad time to catch a cold, so much work to do . . . but theres nothing that can be done now except eat gigantic amounts of garlic, drink large quantities tea and rest. Visit twittermap, a land for twitter critters. I vote and wish for Asia, but most people seem to think GTA 4 will take place in Europe. 8 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds until the trailer will be released. Count the seconds, here.

Wicko disappeared, and ADC-Heaven are, once again, looking for new translators and staff. I'm hoping they find some, quick, I wish to see the latest 10 One Piece episodes, subbed, in a near future. Dattebayo just released their 2nd feedback forum! YEAH! A computer that can run 5 hours with just one deciliter methane has been invented and cars can now be driven by air! No joke. A Russian genius is also researching how to store up to 450GB of data on a simple piece of paper!

phpBB is back! With a new fabulous layout. ThePirateBay are giving a diploma to the king of Sweden. Buysealand hasn't been updated since the 1st of Febuary. Twitter is getting bigger and bigger and . . . slower. They know it too. Banthis are still not finished with their redesign. The new episode of WeedS has still not started. The newest episode of Bleach is still not out. Episode 301 of One Piece has been released RAW. I stayed at Big Bears house last weekend, slept over 2 nights. Showered for hours in their amazing sauna shower and watched a dussin movies ( Devils Advocate, Spaceballs, Boys of Brazil, Blade Runner, Periode 1, Immortal, etc ). They have great food. I dedicate this entire paragraph to Bear.

The new CyberDoze is up! Now a yearly dozage of 99 quality artworks from all around the net. Feel free to submit your own masterpieces, or somebody elses. If your wondering why I removed the old forum it's because I hate forums, or because I'm busy enough at other places. Chose your pick. A little more than 100 games have also been added to the games section, and your really missing out on some of the strangest news in the world. I'm working on a bunch of sweet flash projects atm, and they will probably never be finished, but maybe they will. Anyhow. All this brought to you unlive, at cyberdyze. Have a happy days everytwo. Really.

UPD: Links gone.


Apologies for the recent hour and a half of downtime, place all blame on our host. The cause is unknown, but the site is back up. In other news I finally found a good webhosting offer and will be switching webhosts in the end of April. Preparations for the move are being made ( saving money, lmao ). GTA4 is coming out in about 230 days, can't wait. Eagerly awaiting screenshots, trailers and all possible info. Lots of schoolwork atm, therefore not many recent site updates. There, 2 weeks summarized in a few sentences, hehe. Seen about 20 movies too, beat NFS UnderGround and am going to stay at Big Bears house for the weekend. Have a nice day/Bob

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