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Oh The Wide World Of Webhosting!

You might have read earlier that I have been planning to move the site(s) to a new server. I recieved a great deal for sponsored webhosting by a speedy free webhost, I've been busy preparing for the server change, then I went to see whats new at their forums and it turns out the site is for sale! Holy shit, I just have no luck at all when it comes to free-webhosting. Or maybe it's really true, that free webhosts just aren't very reliable. I thought I could at least find one that was. Anyway, I hope the new owner will be open for deals, otherwise I'll just keep on looking. I have a few other possible sponsors if I'm in urgent need of an account.

You might think it's strange that I'm moving from a paid host, but it's really hard to find a paid host that offers all the features I need. First of all, I want to be able to host all my sites on one account, without having to transfer the domains to the new webhost or change nameservers, free webhosts allow you to do this, paid hosts don't. If you can find an exception, with a decent price ( which is between 1 - 10$ per month ) please help me find it ( in other words, post a comment about it ). The only negative thing about most free webhosts is that they either have filesize limits, or extremly low bandwidth per month, some don't though - I have found tons, but none of them seem to be able to stay in bussiness. Let me see, hosts I have been with that dissapeared : cankoo, two1nine, freehostcpanel, hosting4posting, freehostingspace . . . My current paid host is overselling too, so their servers are getting slower and slower. I need something fast, reliable, with at least 10GB space. I know great paid hosts with cheap prices that offer somewhere between 40GB to as much as 2TB space and tons of other features, but they just don't have what I need when it comes to domain names!!

Anyway, lets see how everything goes. I have a 4GB reseller atm, that I am temporarily hosting all my smaller sites on, but I'll keep searching for the perfect solution. Goodnight now.

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