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99.5% uptime per month. Fast servers. No restrictions. Everything you need to run a professional website. No catches, no ads, nothing you need to do to get hosted except send me an email (use the contact form). Include name, email, site name (will be used as both login and domain). Also include some example work (images, sound, whatever). We will only host quality websites. That's all. You account will be set up within 24 hours.

We have been on the web since 2004, and we have no plans on going down. I have been on free hosts myself, all of which have disappeared. We will not. We are reliable, that's where we differ from the rest. We have 5GB space to spare, to give to our users. We don't "oversell", so 10 accounts is the most we will host. Sign up while you can! Enjoy.


Ever wanted to know what modern English words used to sound like 600 - 2000 years ago? It's called Etymology, and you can look up words right here. Have fun.

Doom Is Doomed

I am tired yet restless, and utterly unmotivated. Also slow an unneffective. Only today. Though I should be spending all possible time preparing for a presentation tomorrow and finishing another big assignment, I instead chose to dust of my GBA and play Doom. Sped through the games 3 episodes in a mere 48 minutes. I know my way through all the levels. I know all the secrets, I know which corners the monsters are lurking behind and how many hits it will take with each weapon to kill each enemy. After all the years of wad collecting and extensive playing I've grown tired of the game, Doom is doomed. I've played it enough. Now, moving on to the next part of the series! Doom 2. A game which I have played at least a few hundred times less than it's predator. And if my computer could handle it, Doom 3 as well, but not now, I have stuff to do before days the stuff has to be done. Days that are approaching by the minutes that pass writing this. Summer, is bliss.

GTA SA DoublePack

GTA SA For Real

I'm in the movie business, all of a sudden, sorta. :D

I threw together a GTA SA Music Video yesterday. It took half the day. I had a lot of extra material, so I threw together another one, it took the other half. They turned out pretty good though. Since I moved over most of the files on my computer to my external HD, making movies is a lot fast than it was before. I don't have to wait for minutes between every added clip anymore, hehe. They're in the FTPDB, and on YouTube. I'm not very active there atm, so people don't find my stuff. When I have time that will change though.

Watch them

- GTA SA - Collapsing
- GTA SA - Beautiful


Everchanging changes. Never stillstanding placement. The site has overshifted and inbacked for face replacement. Then everything was ended, and everything was done. But through these dark ages, a new era has begun. It has emerged like the sun! It has rosen from under it's cover. It's great, a miracle, a wonderful wonder!

</poetry ends>
</post starts>

Moving the website to the new server took longer than I thought. It's a good thing I started in good time though. will expire in a little more than a week from now. I sent them the cancellation today. We are now hosted with WHB ( So far they work great, with fast speeds, good support and a great control panel. They gave me a free domain for life as well, hehe. Some stats for those interested:

Disk usage - 11030.93 / 30000.00 MB
MySQL Disk usage - 7.47 MB
Bandwidth (this month) - 206.62 / 1000000 MB
Apache version - 1.3.37 (Unix)
MySQL version - 4.1.21-standard
PHP version - 4.4.6

...and the server load is currently 1.28 (2 CPUs).

I felt like changing stuff. Therefore, new layout. Also, there's an FTPDB now. Stands for: File Transfer Protocol Data Base. It has nothing to do with FTP, since it's HTTP, but that doesn't matter. Point is, you can go there to view and download tons of files. Both mirrors of all downloads on this site, downloads for files that previously were undownloadable ( such as music from the music section... games from the game section ), and, we have large collections of other useful resources such as Wallpaper and Art, not forgetting to mention old Junk previously used on CyberDyze that is now but a reminder of the past. You can view all the files without doing anything ( other than browsing around ), but to download them you'll have to login. Don't worry, you will be able to, and there's an account for everyone!

Login information is as follows : user - citizen and pass - 070809. The password will be changed every month to prevent unwanted visitors ( those who don't read my blog ) and abuse. I've managed to get my little bot CyborD to help out. She will be posting a randomly generated pass the first of every month, together with some other useless information and statistics. So enjoy! I predict that the FTPDB will be receiving quite many visitors... and the URL is : Remember it, there are no links, yet. I was actually not intending to password-protect the directory in any way, but since the world is full of assholes my files would probably be leeched and hotlinked all over the place. That's all I have to say for now. I have some more news to post, but that will be in a news post ahead of this one. Have a great day! :)

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