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The Golf Course

Exclusive pictures from the best golf course in Scandinavia (!), which we happen to live beside. Yearly membership costs more than I dream of earning and instead of playing a few games you could buy a brand new computer. So - I don't play golf here. I just walk. The scenery is beautiful. Here's a munchbite. :)

Green Grass, Blue Water

Wide Lake

Main Course



It's that time of the year again. The time when we spend our days hiding within our freezers waiting for the sun to set. Ocassionaly we run outside for 5 minutes to get a daily dose of suntan. Yes, summer. As previously announced at ZM and NG, I just graduated from school, and I'm now leaving on the longest summer vacation I've had in 12 years! It's been a busy school year, one of the busiest in a long time . . . but it's been great. :) Its amazing to finaly be through with it, though I know I'll be missing it in the future. Hard to comprehend that school is actualy over, finished, forever . . . that I won't be back there after my great vacation. And I am unsure what path to chose now, what to do with my life, but the possiblities are endless. Will be back in 3 months! See you then.

See additional info for graduation pictures! More will be up later one, possibly after summer.



The satellites are following you, they swoop down to get a picture. Calls are traced. Addresses and personal information are neatly archived in fast supercomputers. There are already many sites available to find people, I wondered how it would be in the future. How about pictures of all citizens, the ability to trace millions of people by satellite in present time, viewable on Internet mapping interfaces and the function to call people directly from your computer, free. Neat, but scary. Heres a rough draft:

Peoplefinder Idea


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NOTE: CyborD no longer lives, he was not ported together with his posts from the old engine. :( If you're interested in his story, you can read more about him here.

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