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Them Cats

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Enjoy. Source - 4Chan.

The Mighty Net #1

Ingvar Bergman is Dead! But that does not mean that his creations will go to their graves with him. This newly created site from the people behind provide easyread information about this legendary Swedish film producer and also includes a list to torrent files and descriptions of all the great movies he's made! If you, like me, havn't seen any of his legendary movies. Do as I will as soon as I have time, visit

- Bergman Bits . COM

A new free image hosting supplier has arrived! It's driven by the people behind It's free. It's fast. And it's uncensored! This does not mean that it's the new place to host perverse pictures. This is a huge step for taking away the boundries of the net. Need a place to quickly upload your avatar or a few pictures? Try this!

- Bay IMG . COM

Just like paint. No? It is! Except that it's better, that it's free, that is has a multitude of special effects. The original replacement project for windows basic paint program has become as big and featurefilled as photoshop has ever been. Looking for some new image manipulating and creating software? Try this!

- Get Paint . NET

Tra Baten. With an aw and an ehhh. Take a look at the nicest rowboats they build here in Sweden. All in wood. Great designs, built for functionality as well as great appearence. I will definatly buy one as soon as I have enough cash. Will you?

- Tra Baten . COM

Overheard in NY. With all them people there there's got to be some interesting verbal exchanges going on, and there is! Amuse yourself, go to

- Overheard In New York . COM

Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer

( There I was, atop of a mountain . . . you can see our summerplace by the lake, to the left, it appears as one of many other dots that in distance resemble houses - but you'll find a picture of higher resolution to study more thoroughly in the galleries later on . . . )

I'm back!

It all ended so abruptly. The leaves started turning orange, the water turned to ice, and the midnight sun stopped to rise. We flew to Stockholm for an hour by plane, and here it's suddenly summer again! Vacation was great. ^_^ Over two months without connections to the digital world and completely isolated from all international events. Hehe. Any new wars raging in the world? Any important people killed yet? I need to catch up . . . Watched the 12 newest episodes of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece today. We upgraded from our old 05,MB connection to 8MB as soon as we arrived back here, and everythings going sixteen times as fast as normal! WOOOO!!! It can't get better.

During my vacation I not only managed to paint four buildings, build a bench, a jetty, a wall for my throwing knifes, fill a few buckets with cloudberries and do various other placecarettaking things - I also filled a few hundred pages with poetic scribbles, and will be hoping to get a poetry collection published sometime this year, if time ( studies ) so allow. My studies in Japanese and Japanese History before 1686 ( samurai, ninjas, all that ) at Stockholm university start on Tuesday. Pictures from my vacation will be up in the gallery as soon as I have time ( maybe never? lmao ). I even had time for some real vacation too, hehe, swimming everyday, paddling a little, playing badminton, soccer, roasting perch by the fireplace. My buddy Björn from Stockholm came to visit for a week. We had a great time, but it's apparent he's a real city boy. :P Some typical traits being - never walking without shoes, wearing suitable clothes at all occasions and asking for radar ( bug poison ) at first sight of flies. Heh. Would have been interesting having him visit before the Mosquitoes disappeared ( most of them die before August ). He's a fishing maniac though, so we we went fishing 6/7 days. Next summer it will be my turn to visit his place, hopefully. My brother David and his kid Rasmus came to stay for a week too, and my sister for a little longer. Unfortunately their both too busy to take out a full length summer vacation.

Anyhow, I noticed there was a problem with the contact page when I checked my email and found a pile of empty emails from cyberDB - it's fixed now. I'll start building on the site as soon as I have time. I have 37,5 points to study at the university ( 30 is "full time" ). I have to start working on my drivers license, I have to transfer my "book" from regular paper into Word and I was thinking about getting a part time job to get some extra money, but I think that's out of the question now, haha. I've updated my twitter, newgrounds and zellomesh pages - take a look. Will try to regain my activity there too! Soon. Btw, for anyone who needs a new avatar, here's my new one. Feel free to use it. The photo is by Maud Axell ( my sister ). Au revoire!

Promtly Commanding

So you'de like to be a dos god? Heres what to do - in Windows - Open the command prompt (Start > Run ) and run "cmd". Then enter the following :

title 1337

Now take a look at the title bar of the box. Change the 1337 to suit your titling needs. Have fun. :P


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