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Free Music Googeling!

Download all songs you want using google! Free! All you have to do is copy and paste the text below and replace SONG with any song you want.

-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "SONG"

The Mighty Net #3

Now ten wonderful websites instead of the previously fived!

Hellish T-Shirts! Looking for humoristic, brutal, insane and provocative designs? This is the place for you!

- TShirt Hell . COM

. How is the world twittering today? Take a look.

- Twitterverse . COM

The Urban Dictionary. Define Check My Spam : Checking one's email though certain one has received no important communication. Compulsively and frequently checking one's email when one is not expecting an important message.. Example : Between friends in a cybercafe: "Hey could you hurry up so I can get on and check my email?" "Who are you kidding, little bro, you know all your email buddies have dropped you like a brick!" "Yeah, I gotta check my spam. . . vamoose!"

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Userbars for all
! Need a new userbar form some forum? A small barlike image to include in your signiture, displaying a few of your main intrests or beliefs. Over three hundred throusand to chose from here :

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You Fail!! Insult your friends by leading them to

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Zune Artworks! A few interesting pieces of creativemedia for you to watch, without taking note to their commercial purposes. :P

- Zune - Arts . NET

. 34GB - 167 episodes - 3340 minutes to waste.

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The Forum of Japan! A great place for everyone interested in the culture of this foreign ( for those living outside Japan ) place.

- Japan Forum . COM

Cave Story. Oldskool pixel games come again! You will find one of the most entairning games in both past and present day - along with much information and other material here. Enjoy.

- Game Flaws . COM / CaveStory

Link Protection. Have a sudden urge to protect a link? It can be needed when hotlinking files, linking to illegal files or trying to steal someone elses site, or more unknown noble causes. It's not perfect for the above, but it's a good link cloaking device :

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People with interesting links to share, send them in! Links will be reviewed and all quality ones published in Tthe Mighty Net" listings. Contact link is in the menu to the right >


woot, Happy Madness Day! I contribute with this blogpost. Unfortunatly I have had no time to throw together any flash or artwork. Did my share of voting on todays great madness contributions over at NG, and the day has just started! Here's a few random shards of madness to check out.

San Andreas

So, I was racing the Cobra circuit in the Mount Chilliad race trilogy when this plane came out of nowhere and crashed right into me! Seriously. It's something that really doesn't happen often. It's never happened to me before in the 173 ingame days I've been wandering around the world of San Andreas. Wish I had the chance to capture the moment on video, heh . . .

Anyhow, collected all Oysters today, woot! Without cheating. I'm working on a "GTA SA All in One Map" with a bunch of important locations . A few locations are taken from other maps, like the rusty chair, ghost car, tikki theater, etc. I had no idea they existed. Will be adding tags, place names, etc, later. Also! I found a bug!!! It's a bug that to my knowledge has not been found before, and therefore I am naming it "the Bob Bug". Entitled after me! Woo! :D

NOTE: Pictures removed since the image hosting services hosting them was taken down, they'll be posted again sometime, in the future, or not. I started hosting all images at localhost after this.




So I thought I had left the messy days behind when I graduated! According to everyone I know, the university is a perfect place. Deadlines are to be kept, projects are to be fulfilled quickly, all information is to be memorized instantly and everything works without trouble. It's also said to be much, much, tougher than any previous form of education. Out of 250 applications to Japanese, 180 were accepted. I was one of the lucky ones. Especially lucky since noone believed I would get in anywhere with the grades I had from highschool. It's great to prove them wrong! My grades aren't below average though, it's just my surrounding family that have an "olskool" view on everything. People studied harder and achieved more in the old days my parents learned from. Now everything is sooo easy.

The first day was tense, as it always is. I had gone to bed early the night before, but had still not been able to sleep as much as I had hoped. I took the train to Karlberg, walked to St Eriksplan, took the subway to Odenplan and the bus to Albanon. It only took an hour, an hour less than I had expected, and therefore I was one of the three first people to arrive to the almost empty classroom. The introduction had been meant to be held in the Aula, but since another group had booked it we had to help cram 60 chairs into a smaller classroom. The principal talked for two hours, introducing the course. Our first section of this 30 point course consists of 12 lectures and 12 movies about the Japanese society and history, most of which are two hours long. Out of the 180 people in total we are divided into 3 groups, but for the first 24 lessons the full group is to be present.

Our very first movie was called Sansho Dayo. Thanks to the wrong region settings the movie did not start playing and our teachers frantically fiddled with the different settings in vein. One of the students even tried downloading VLC and MPC, but without effect. Another one tried plugging in his laptop instead, but could not get it to function properly either. They called the IT department and they arrived to fix the problem. Our next movie, the week after, was called Ninjo to Kami-fusen. This time everything was trouble-free. However, when, last week, we were supposed to watch Sen-nen no Koi, further troubles appeared. The movie was locked inside a room to which there was only one key, and this key unfortunately belonged to someone who was at the time at a funeral. Luckily though, one of the teachers had the same movie at home, and also had his father home visiting him. So he called his father and almost an hour later the movie began. All movies so far have been fairly interesting, despite their black and whiteness, and our lectures are stuffed with information. I do though, not agree with whomever said that this place is trouble free and serious. I can find just as many flaws as at my old school, and now there's no free food either! . . . so I have to eat at home, heh. It's a challenge not eating anything for six hours or more.

Can't complain about efficiency though, there's more information in one lecture here than there is in a whole week at school. The difference about this year and the past is that now I'm studying my own chosen courses, which should mean I have more motivation to learn than I had before, which seems right. Today is a no studies day though. I've watched the Bourne Supremacy, updated the games page, the ftpdb and finally added some pictures from the now rapidly vanishing summers vacation. I've discovered a few Windows XP powertools that resize all images for me. Saves me hours. I really wish I had used this tool when putting together all previous galleries and stuff. Took a long walk with Andreas too . . .and had the opportunity to test his newly upgraded supercomputer. woo.

Time to gain some lost sleep now. Goodnight.

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