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Northern Lights

Same frequency as AM radio. Seems like we only listen to FM though, I doubt AM stations even exist...

Northern Lights

The New Year

A new year has arrived
A new year is here
Filled with hopes and goals
And new fees to fear

The fireworks bloom
Though it's only afternoon
The clock will strike zero

The New Year


I wonder when I stand
There upon the damm
Who I really was
Who I really am

Then I throw myself
Out over the edge
And bounce up and down
Between sky and ground

My life has no bounds
My life is even like a spikeball
I'm not wise enough
I don't know it all

I'm pulled up and I fall
I run against the wall
That's everything I know
That's all



I dreamt I was flying
Somewhere far beyond
The borders of our world
Of which we are so fond

The ground was dark and grey
Two suns shone in the sky
I dove down towards destiny
But destiny was dry

Our world is so flooded
So filled with hate and fear
The dimension which I surfed in
Was forsaken and clear

I dreamt that I was searching
And that I could find it there
The item that I couldn't find
The lost piece of my molten mind

The riddles twist and churn combined
The questions creep and crawl and climb
They stick like glue like soap like foam
And dreadful dead lie in dark tombs

Home, Sweet Home

1000 One Piece

1000 One Piece

It's a legendary screenshot! A cookie to anyone who can guess/knows which site it was taken at. :)

Bob - It's All Me

It's all me, 2006 - 2007. Might post a bigger version of this later, but I'll have to cut out some of the crappier photos in this bundle, there's space for more too.

All Bob

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