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Serene Sky

Isn't it beautiful
The bright red sky
The flaming clouds
That slowly pass by

The ocean the skyline
The fish under the sea
Isn't all this pretty?
Or is that only me

Serene Sky


A short poem I wrote a few seconds ago . . .

All hopes that we hoped to reach
Were lost, on that barren beach
The waves rolled in the waves rolled out
A meaning. What was life about . . .

The clouds roll over the clouds roll away
The day turned to night the night turned to day
I sit under palmtreeys swaying
Daydreaming of days without sayings

With soft blue waves to drown away
Rafts to ride on through foreign valleys
Sleeping snoring resting rampaging
Through eras without aging

Food is obscene fatality is scarce
The source for the force we found
Now we wait in caves for decades
Silently, without sound

Cyberdevil's Beat/Song Thing (1:01)



So many questions
Running through an open mind
Chaotic and clear


To The Left



Merry Christmas 2007

Have a good one!

Merry Christmas!

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