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Red, The Game

Red, The Game

The best flash game I've ever played. It's not new, it's old, so it's not a game that I just recently discovered and posted about immediately. Go play it here or at armor games if you haven't played it earlier. Have fun. :P

Crazy Christmas

Christmas is here
Fear is in the air
Santa Clause is coming
You better be prepared

You can't hide nowhere
He knows if you're scared
He'll strike down upon you
Abuse you to tears

No end to nightmares
Now that the big red is in town
So don't show your anger or hate
Don't you dare frown!

In two days he will leave
All the kids have been deceived
There will be no presents
To nice children in need

The criminals have been freed
The world is chaotic and clear
Now that Christmas has arrived
Now that Christmas is here.

ArmorGames Beta

Just tried it out. Looks cool.

Armorgames Beta

Reality Is That Which...

Words From The Wise

Reality Has Become...

Words Of The Wise

Shifting Size

CTRL & + or -

Play around, have fun. :P

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