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The Mighty Net #10

Hello and welcome to yet another great edition of The Mighty Net! Today we'll be talking about web comics, a great entertaining and insanely time-consuming genre of the world wide web. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but here's a list of only the best and biggest (in my opinion, that is). First up is

- VG Cats . COM
( )

A web-comic about videogames and cats, specifically. Lots of random entertainment here. It's been around for years, and if you read your way through it you'll notice that it just keeps getting better and better - in terms of graphical design that is. Anyhow, if you like videogames, this is the place for you. Another videogame related web-comic is

- FanBoys - Online . COM
( )

Despite the long domain name that I so often forget the "-online" in while writing, it's a great comic, composed of random witty jokes and a few inanely hardcore videogame nerds for all the major console brands out there. So once again, if you like videogames, give it a go. Another semi-videogame/more computer-related web-comic is'

- Apple Geeks . COM
( )

A professional designer and a professional scriptor gathered together to make this, and just look at the great job they did. Not only is there a shitload of content here, but the drawings are amazing, as professional as they can ever get. Marvel - Style, and sometimes even better. The plot is a great one as well, with lots of witty commentaries and action-filled short stories. At the moment this is my favorite one, so go take a look. Another comic with great drawings, and a more military themed story ( still with insane and random action though ) is

- Alpha Shade . COM
( )
This comic combines modern and oldskool in an amazing adventure that will keep you glued to the screen daily looking updated! If you get addicted, that is. One way to avoid getting addicting is by simply not clicking the link, but you know you want to, go for it. Addiction is a good thing, it keeps you occupied if you have other things you should be doing (?). Anyhow, a few more comics you should check out are as follows

- Bonus Stages . COM
( )

Yes, it's another videogame-related webcomic. Seems like most comics are infact videogame-related, and there's nothing that can be done about that!! Or is there?

- Girlyyy . COM
( )

The official name is "Go Girly", and it's a long ( currently at ep519 ) and well-drawn comic featuring a bunch of girls and thier sometimes random adventures. Fun for all genders, so go look.

- Lang Lang . Comic Genesis . COM
( )

Nothing special about this one, really. Of course it has it's unique ideas as all others, but it doesn't stand out much. Regardless, it's a good comic, updated at rare intervals with short comic strips to read

- Mac Hall . COM
( )

Reminds me of Apple Geeks, and it is indeed very similar to apple geeks, even the main characters look alike. Also, they both involve macs, and they both have great drawings, great site layouts, and lots of witty action-packed adventures. If you liked Apple Geeks, you'll love this one as well.

- Smileville . CO . UK
( )

Drawings aren't the best, and nor is the plot, but I'll mention it anyway. Click link to remove curiosity.


- Blast Wave Comic . COM
( )

It's about red blue and yellow. Three teams traapped in a ruined city, caught in battle for who knows how long. Clever, welldrawn and unique. It's a must to see. Now lets be random and reccoment

- White Ninja Comics . COM
( )

The most well-known random comic on the net. If you want random, this is the place to go. Like pineapples on a solemn day. Like gravy to my dismay. Anyhow, hundreds of comic strips already released, and thousands of fan-made submissions. It's big, getting bigger, and it never seems to lose it's sense of randomness either. Despite the sometimes completely crazy comical inputs, you can dig deeper into it, find underlying meanings conveyed from our modern day society. No need for me to continue blabbering about it, just go there, and take a look for yourself.

If you're looking for sprite comics, 8-Bit theater is the one and only ( well not only, but first, biggest and legendary ). You'll find it over at

- Nuklear Power . COM
( )

Another nice and randomly comedied sprite comic, with a similar name, is

- 8 Easy Bits . NET
( )

In other news, it's amazing what fun you can make out a little good photography, photoshop and speech bubbles. See for yourself at

- Alien Loves Predator . COM
( )

Now, lets end this thing providing you with a link that will most definitely provide you with countless decades of reading if you somehow manage to get through all the great comics I've mentioned above. The place this link will take you to is a directory of web-comics, more specifically the Webcomic List. Have fun browsing around! Until next time of The Mighty Net.

- The Webcomic List . COM
( )

The Mighty Net #9

Not happy with just the previous scripts and frameworks? I knew you wouldn't be, so here's more great script and framework sites, and other sites, about scripts and frameworks, and other things. Enjoy.

The Yahoo! User Interface Library
Interesting. Google also has a useful code section, Google it.


Google Code
In case you didn't feel like Googling the suggested above, here it is, in linked form, with a cluttered description above it. Lots of neat snippets, scripts, and a community of developers striving to make the net a better place. Join in and learn, it's growing constantly!


Web Development Mistakes
This is good to know, read it through, learn them, see to it that you don't follow the flow and do all the mistakes everybody else did.

- _mistakes

Biggest Mistakes in Webdesign 1995-2015
Yes I know it's not 2015 yet, it's not my title, just read the blogpost and be happy.


Hot Scripts
Get it while it's hot! Here you'll find Ruby, PHP, AS, ASP, JS, JAVA, and so many other script forms you won't know where to start! See their PHP script collection with over 10,000 independent projects waiting to be download? One word, wow. I could spend days here, literally.


Here's a nifty place for you to go to and register when you get started with your coding, it's the worlds largest open source development site, and features hundreds of thousands scripts and software within many different languages both finished and in development. You can host your files here, post screenshots, demos, revisions, everything. Very useful.


This is the world wide web, the site of the founders, with a great deal of information on valid HTML/CSS/ETC. Mostly organization information here, presentations, introductions, etc, they have a separate website with more detailed guides and references for the different languages they created. See link below this one.


W3 Schools
Here you go.


Dynamic Drive
Simple JavaScripts, examples, reference and a big community. If you want to add a bit more nifty navigation to your site, some special effects in clean JS, maybe a time display, text scrollers, etc, this is the place to be.


Fat Scripts
A site similar to Hot Scripts. They have lots of scripts, just not as many. Regardless, if you don't like the above for some mysterious reason this is a decent alternative.


There. Ten more links to kickstart your future on the net. Hope it helps. :P

The Mighty Net #8

Welcome to yet another edition of The Mighty Net! This time we focus on programming, all the sites you'll need to know to get into the great world of code, if you want to, that is.

Ruby is a relatively new language, with a very simple structure and great functionality. It's not that well-known, yet, but the demand for programmers within this is good, and it shows no signs of disparaging either. It's not a language you have to learn to achieve something on the web, but if you already know PHP and want to try something new, or want to be different from everyone else, give it a shot. It has much in common with PHP though.


Now, lets move on to the most widely used programming language on the net, after HTML that is, which all other languages are in fact based on and produce all script output in. PHP is simple, easy to learn, easy to create gigantic dynamic websites and all kinds of nifty scripts with. The different between dynamic and static is = static websites stay like they are until you change them, dynamic websites can change themselves according to users actions and requests. Hope that didn't get too complicated, lots of guides and references over at


Cake PHP
CakePHP enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications. It's a framework, a script of sort that facilitates your script developing. Take a look over at


Here's another good PHP framework.


Ruby on Rails
Now, here's a great framework for Ruby, the most well-known and widely used one available. And it's good.


If you want to work with databases, which you should, since they make things so much easier for you if you try running larger user-based websites, you'll find the most commonly used one right here. SQL stands for structured query language. My SQL isn't the language itself, but more of an interface to put it all together and let you work with your database on your server. You can use SQL in combination with PHP to out or output specific information from/to your database.


Now, on to JavaScript frameworks. If you want to become a good web developer, you need to learn JavaScript. Here you go.


A good JavaScript library.


Oh yes it is, another groovy JavaScript framework!!


Dojo Toolkit
Right you are, another nice JavaScript framework!


There's the ten links for this edition, see you soon in another outcast of the castout Mighty Net from the one man cyberdevilian cast! More programming websites coming up. Bye Bye now.

Emails 37th Birthday

Seems like this is becoming a tradition. I really don't have much to say, other than Happy Birthday Email! Hope you have a good one. ;)

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