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Week 6

This week has been going great. :) I recently signed up at, the Swedish version of ebay, and I instantly became hooked. What started out as originally just a small experiment to see if I could buy some products cheap and sell them more expensively turned into addiction. I found myself bidding more than I actually intended to, just to compete with other bidders, and eventually getting products that I didn't even really need or think I could make money from. I stopped bidding on new products a few days ago, and will get started on selling them tomorrow. In total it's about two hundred items. Fortunately people have raised the bids on about half of the products I still haven't won, and I hope they raise the bids for the other half quickly as well, to spare me the expenses. I really can't afford more. Well, technically I can, since I still have money on my account, but I know I shouldn't. I've used almost $500 already, and that's just too much. Anyhow, hopefully everything turns out nicely and I get to sell all the random articles (ranging from soft air gun ammunition, earrings and Malaysian swords to game-cubes, dream-cast controllers and memory cards) for twice as much as I bought them for. I'm putting together a small scheme with a friend to get bids raised if they're too low, and I'm thinking about which strategy I should use - start the bitting at just a few cents, or offer free shipping, included in the base price, or put an expensive base price that maybe a few people will actually bid on due to greater expectations. Also, how many days to let the auction run is an important factor, more days might not be the best choice. The smaller the time-frame, the higher the bids, people get desperate, maybe placing high bids on worthless products just because the time is running out and no other bidders are present. Product pictures are also important, with a little lighting and professional angles a product that previously looked like shit can get a whole new touch Maybe I should even try photo-shopping them a little? Hehe, there's so much more involved in this auction business than you first think. It's both scary and exiting.

About other jobs: I've been searching for a few jobs as translator/web-designer/etc, and I've been receiving replies this week too. The translation jobs are a nono, since I don't have the right qualifications in terms of universial education, even though my knowledge in the language is all there. As for web-designing duties, I might be getting a freelance assignment, but the client is still busy looking for the best prices available, so we shall see. Found a nice place for freelance designers to bid on projects too, and I'm throwing together some example works so they'll know what I can achieve once I start bidding. I've been working a little on my sisters business website this week too, adding pictures, updating the logo, colors, etc, and working on my own site. The main site, and my musical site Adding a more professional look to the designing serives and working on a contract for my song-selling business, among other small bug-related fixes and tasks. I still can't seem to find anything wrong with my contact form script that still doesn't work. Anyhow, I've been writing articles too, new songs, new poems and various forms of literature as additions to various places on the net. There have been popping up lots of paid posting opportunities around the place , and hopefully I can jump on one of those jobs too, it would fit me perfectly. Forum posting is something I usually do a lot of without getting paid for. Cash for hobby = yay factor.

We celebrated Rolf Strömbergs birthday this Monday, it's a big year this year, symbolizing sixty years of survival. And my dads 65th birthday is drawing near as well, the final stage of retirement, so that's a big event as well. Problem is I don't know what to get him, but maybe I'll find something in the last few minutes as always. Anyhow, "we" gave Rolf a tie/shirt/vest and jogging gear (featuring a thermos + thermos holder). We stayed and communicated for about eight hours or so, eating delicious food (sandwich cake, with salmon/shrimps/etc, I don't know what they're called in English, but it's one of the greatest things I've ever tasted - among many other dessertish dishes) and playing games. More specifically Speed Kings and NFS Carbon with my cousin David, lots o fun. We went for a long walk too. This now passed week, on Wednesday, he dropped by for a surprise visit and we played WWP for about six hours. A bit frustrating, since I was in the middle of business, but we had a fun time nevertheless. Anyhow... other than that I've been watching movies like a maniac this weekend, so far a total of 12, and continuing my blogging-spree. I suppose the final guessing game (#999) will be reached before summer, at least. Speaking about summer, I'm planning to enter to the Polar Circle Marathon (80,000 meters) in June, so I'm a bit stressed about getting into great physical shape. Been reading a book about driving as well, before I start rolling around and acting a serious thread to all other trafficking things.

Other than that, lot's o walking, lot's o forum posting (over 100 PPD), paying for and fetching bought auction items and eh... that's about all I've been doing this week, I think. c U l8t3 ERR

The Mighty Net #6

There's a lot of interesting material out there, on the net, but it might not be the easiest thing in the world finding those things. So here's yet another edition of sites you maybe hadn't been to before. Enjoy. :P

Ever wanted to see your face on a magazine cover? Here's the chance to fulfill that very dream, and you won't be the only one seeing it either.The whole community will be able to view and vote on the magazine cover you quickly create by

1 - uploading a picture,
2 - chosing mag,
3 - chosing size and
4 - pressing the submit button over at

- Mag My Pic . COM

Need more entertainment? No doubt you know all the entertainment in the world is collected on this site you're viewing, but if that isn't enough, here's Zwingo, a fun game for all to play, simple and entertaining

- Fun Game

Here's another fun game, one available for both single and multi-player ( at the same computer ) featuring small white tanks rolling around on a black background with various blockades. Unlike most online games it's not flash, it's Java, and it'll give you a swift amount of fun if you have nothing better to do, so rumble over to

- Turbo Tanks . COM

Ever wanted to see what it looked like inside an Airbus 380? Well take a look using this simple rotatable panoramical flash application. Try to see how many buttons you can find or simply watch the rain outside, over at

- Airbus A380

Want to take photos like a professional? Or take a look at lots o professional photos? Why not head over to

- HDR photogallery . COM

Right away. Other than that? Nothing for the moment, that concludes this short edition of The Mighty Net.

The Mighty Net #5

Welcome to yet another short edition of The Mighty Net! This time giving you links to some of the most useful community-related websites. Keep reading . . .

I found a site I doubt you've been to before, even though it has existed on the net for now almost nine years and peacefully co-existed with all the other great communities out there, it's name is

- What The Fuck . COM

It's a site with text, lots of it, userfull interaction and new ideas. No porn, no incest, no gross pictures, nothing that you'd expect, just a peaceful place of scribbles and brainstorming. So go take a look if you havn't already! Another community, with a similar name, but a different kind of content is

- What The Fawk . COM

This is a site packed with random forms of flashy and comical entertainment. It's a more unprofessional site than the previous, for a younger generation, with a different style and different less quality-based themes. Nevertheless, it's still filled with entertainment. Need more like this? Take a look at

- Smosh . COM

A site that used to be the nets second largest flash portal, but is now, after a server crash about a year ago, instead a place for two normal dudes and their abnormal filmographies. Lots of entertainment, if you share the same humor as I do, and a community with lots of users as well. More entertainment? Why not take a look at

- Odd Todd . COM


- Geocities . COM / Kill Town


- Toon In . COM


- So many other sites filled with random entertainment

Back to the communities, a site where you can talk about whatever is

- Talk Whatever . COM

It's a nice community covering just about all subjects of conversation you could think of. It's not a community as big as you'd think, the users are friendly, and there is plenty of activity despite the less frequent posts. It's not your typical pile of spam, but a place for more serious discussion. Talking about communities, if you want to start your own, I would have told you to visit

- BBGrounds . COM

. . . but since I shut down that service a long time ago, I'll instead give you the link to:

- Forumer . COM

A place where you can easily start your own forum in just a few seconds. Don't start planning big though. If you want a community ala talk whatever or newgrounds, you'll have to get your own hosting. If you're greedy and don't want to waste money on paid hosting, why not visit

- Free Webhosting Talk . COM

You'll find lots of advice here, and offers, and a place to post requests for custom plans. Best of all? It's all free. The problem with free hosts is that they tend to disappear after a while, either due to too much expenses or the owners simply getting bored and changing hobbies. Most free hosts are driven by immature teenagers with a lot of interest and dedication, but just not enough money or knowledge about how hosting works. Still, there are a few high quality free hosts that stay alive for longer than expected. Take a chance if you want to save money, just remember to back up constantly. If you however don't mind finding a good paid host instead, take a look at

- Webhosting Talk . COM

That's all for now, hope some of the links were of interest. :P Until next edition of The Mighty Net

Week 5

Another occasionally opportunity filled week has arrived! I've mostly been looking around for jobs and signing up at various places on the Internet were I think I see cash-related chances. Those being auction sites, ad services, forum posting services, forums, etc. I'm also getting ready to launch a new business-related site, which I suppose most people here at newgrounds will be interested in, so look forward to that in a month or two. :P It's about making money on the net, and I hope to make a lot of money from referrals and ads on the site itself, both admin and visitor will profit. :) I've gotten all my diverse license preparation papers ready as well, and I'll be starting my practices soon. Other than that I've been watching a shit load of movies, updating my movie list, staying active at the communities I occasionally visit, working on my music, working on my site, reading two books (both finished now) and exercising regularly. My buddy Bear came over on Friday as well, and we watched a few movies and went for a walk. Also, pizza.

Other important announcements? None that I can think of at the moment, I'll see you next week!


Now that's what I'm talking about. Real screencap, no modification. :) Bigger version here.


UPD: Whoops, resized the full version of the picture, so it's the same size. :(

Cybedevilian Design

Need something done? I can do it. Post requests in the comments or send me a PM or an email to (email removed, contact me here). If you need something small like a logo, a few site images, help with a certain script, etc, I can do that for free. For larger projects I work at a pace of $10/hour.

What I do

- Static or Dynamic websites
- Flash Animations
- Soundtracks
- Voice Acting
- Site Graphics
- Site Layouts
- PHP Scripts
- Translations
- Brand names/slogans
- Vectors
- Lyrics

Programs I work with

- Photoshop CS2
- Adobe Illustrator
- Maromedia Flash 9
- Fireworks Fireworks
- Macromedia Dreamweaver
- Macromedia Flash 8
- Fruity Loop Studios 4
- Dance Ejay 7
- Hiphop Ejay 6
- Techno Ejay 4
- Audacity
- Wordpad
- Filezilla

Programming Languages I use


I Design Whatever

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