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I'm a bit late at posting this, but the amount has been reached, and aint that amazing then I don't know what is! Well actually I do know what is, but that's just a way of saying, ya know...

Happy... ehh... yeah. HAPPY! :D

The Obligation Of Progress

I've experienced a lot in my life so far. I've been at nine different schools, partaken in small jobs within varied genres, lived in six different countries, learned to know a lot of people, and gained lots of knowledge. Oh, and at the time of writing this, I'm 18 yrs old. I started school one year earlier than everyone else in my year, I skipped one grade, I rewent one grade, I even completed three smaller courses at the university last semester, and last year I managed to watch over a thousand movies, which is an average of three per day. I've always liked the notion that I'm ahead of everyone else in life. It seems to me that the gap of experience between me and my sister has almost been filled, despite the ten year gap in age. Maybe that's just me being overconfident? I think it's not, I've always been aware of my flaws, so it shouldn't be.

Nowadays it feels more like an obligation than a natural process to keep the pace however. Don't misunderstand me, I love learning, I love working hard and I'm very satisfied with getting as much as possible done in one day, both in terms of work and entertainment, but I don't like seeing life as this constant race. I want to be able to just relax and keep working effectively at the same time, gaining new knowledge and creating new concepts for every day that passes without feeling like it's a must. Even when watching movies I try to be as efficient as possible, sometimes watching two movies at the same time, skipping past the introductory credits if they exist, working on a simple task while watching. Tasks such as practicing spinning knifes in the air and catching them by the handle, juggling, writing poetry, posting at forums. I never watch the same movie more than once, and I never watch series. That's a good thing though, the addiction level on those is extreme. So, does this big block of text have any moral at all? Nope, just venting out my commotion of inner emotion, time to watch a few movies in as short time as possible now...

How To Sleep & Have More Energy Than You Did Before

There's an e-book with this incredibly long name, I recently read, and learned a lot from. It displays the different sleep cycles with simple drafts, describes the different stages of sleep and explains how our body adapts to temperature changes and sunlight. The author doesn't seem like a very smart person, all the facts have likely been taken straight from Wikipedia. Just to point out one of the few intellectual flaws in it, I quote:

Have you ever wondered why people only sleep at night? Did someone just make the decision one day "Okay guys! From now on we're all going to sleep when the big light in the sky turns off!" That could be it, but there's actually a sleep system inside of us that uses light and darkness to control certain sleep hormone levels.

End quote. I suppose there is a certain factor of comedy there, but did he really not think of the fact that the day is light and the night is dark? Why people didn't try to live their lives in total darkness isn't much of a mystery at all. It's thanks to the artificial lightening nowadays that some people chose to stay awake during the darker side of the day, which btw is throwing our natural bodyclock completely out of balance, as are all the streetlights and unbalanced people outside, but I'm not posting this to explain or rant about that. I'm just annoyed at the unappearance of valid info for such a critical point, which may even be the reason we humans adapted ourselves to live our lifes in the light and drowze away in darkness. That's all? Anyhow, good e-book, if you have insomnia, throw away that pile of pillaging sleeping pills and read.


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:C Assholes ...

Week 17

This will be the shortest weekly blogpost ever made until present date and for all future cyberdevilian decades to come! I've been writing dog articles this week, freelance, 400 words each, about 5 per day - being active on newgrounds - working with my websites - organizing my hardrives - driving hard everyday, organically and nicely. Been watching a minimum of two movies per day too, and taking a short twoday vacation at my buddy bears house this weekend. Overall it's been a short sevendayed semiunmotivational era with creative shortage and lack of usable time, short passages through dreamland and tiresome sunny days. Over and under and out.

Week 16

Week passed. Posting one day in advance due to occupying plans on Sunday. Short post due to immense movie watching marathon consisting of over 17 movies in only two days. Almost finished. Other than that it's been a lazy week, been playing Super Mario, Boxxle 2 and Pokemon Gold the first three days waiting for the right computer parts to arrive, among other things, then fixing my PC, and then sitting by it loyally scorched by screen-burns until movie-quota filled and ready to be throughgoed. Goodnight.

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