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I broke a personal record yesterday.

I managed to watch a whooping twelve movies within the short timespan of 12 hours and still manage to do my daily magazine handouts and go on a long informative walk with my mother. I'm feeling a bit worn down today, eyes not as wide open as they usually tend to be, brain running a bit slower, maybe due to informational overload from the previous day. If you wonder how I manage to squeeze 12 movies over 2 hours long each into such a small gap of possibility, here's the answer. I kept two movies running simultaneously, trying to focus on both of them, and the intertwined speech that flowed from my speakers.

Sometimes it was tricky figuring out from which movie the music was streaming, but since the movies all had different settings and themes I grew accustomed to it. To shorten off the process even further I skipped all unnecessary intros and ending credits, and some longer parts in between. If I'd managed to squeeze yet another movie into the list it'd have been thirteen. Anyhow, the movies I watched were:


Happy Earth Day 2008

Short post dedicated the ground we reside on.

The Mighty Net #7

Welcome to another batch of websites that interest you, probably. This time dedicated to design, graphics, flash and entertainment. Here you go.

April Fools on the Web
A collection of all the old April Fools pranks the bigger websites played from 2004-2008, and more to come! For every year the world keeps spinning.


Aninote is short for ‘Animated note’, which is different then a legacy e-card. Aninotes are musical animations that are customized to display the name of the recipient in the animation. So there you have it, here is a website with a short list of them, enjoy.


A blog about actionscript, flash, animation and other script development as well as a nice small collection of entertaining flash games and other artistry.


A relatively new website giving out free books and information for students. Note that this service is forbidden by international law, use at your own risk.


Ben Blume
If you for some reason don’t like me, or disapprove of my web-creating abilities, here’s a site for you. I don’t normally give out free advertising space to competitors as such, but he has such a nifty site that I could no no other. Pay attention to the Web-design and the Don’t use an E cause everyone else uses an E slogan, among other semihumorous concepts.


Lots of free flash games online! Sorted up neatly in hundreds of categories. Don’t be fooled though, there aren’t as many games as the numbers imply, same games go in multiple categories.


The department looks bleak yet unique, and the blog is great portal of inspiration.


Stun Bull
An amazing flash animation studio based in Istanbul. Great music, great graphics, and a funky interface to consume you.


Weebls Stuff
Never heard of Weebl? You’ve missed out on much of the early Internet flash culture, and you still are, so go there now. Childish humor combined with genius animation and ideal.


Sound Snap
Lots and lots of sounds, neatly sorted out in different categories. Great place to get the audio fx to flash animations, short movies, etc.


And that’s that, until next time. :P

Week 17

This will be the shortest weekly blogpost ever made until present date and for all future cyberdevilian decades to come! I've been writing dog articles this week, freelance, 400 words each, about 5 per day - being active on newgrounds - working with my websites - organizing my hard-drives - driving hard everyday, organically and nicely. Been watching a minimum of two movies per day too, and taking a short two-day vacation at my buddy bears house this weekend. Overall it's been a short sevendayed semi-unmotivational era with creative shortage and lack of usable time, short passages through dreamland and tiresome sunny days. Over and under and out.

UPD: Week 50, 2012 was actually shorter, and the previous weekly post 19 words shorter as well! Thanks to S3C for the shout out.

Vista Source

It’s been uncovered! Finally, after agetaking research by the most deviantly founding scientists around the globe, here’s the breakthrough. Not as big as you thought it would be, eh?

Vista Source

Banned By Clowns

Literally. A few days ago ( weeks ago now, I’m posting this blog a bit late ) I decided to submit my tribute to the clown design easter egg competition over at Here’s the starting message they posted :

Easter 2008 Clown Egg Contest!

Easter is quickly approaching, and that means Easter eggs! We’ve held a Clown Egg contest for the past two years, and everyone enjoyed themselves so much we’re doing it again.

For years now Clowns International has kept a collection of eggs painted with clown faces as a registry of unique face designs, and now it’s your turn to make your own Clown Egg. To enter, decorate an egg with a clown face; it can be your clown face, something completely new, or an homage to a famous clown (as long as it is clearly labeled as such; you may not copy a famous clown face and pass it off as your idea). Go nuts; you may use props and backgrounds as well. See the Clown Gallery for inspiration.

Take a picture of your creation and upload the photo to the Clown Gallery (in the Clown Eggs category) by midnight on Friday, March 21. The winner will be notified on by Clown Mail on Saturday, and the announcement of the winning entry made on Easter Sunday, March 23.

If you don’t have access to a digital camera, you can also enter by:

* sending me a regular photo through “snail mail” (send me a Clown Mail to get the address)
* drawing your clown face on the egg shape provided below, printing it out and mailing it to me (Please let me know if you need a different size)
* using a paint program to draw your clown face on the egg shape provided below and uploading it to the Clown Gallery

Please do not send me your eggs, unless they’re from the goose that laid golden eggs or Faberge.

This contest is open to all members of Clown Forum and their children. You may enter as often as you like. There may or may not be a separate prize for Junior Joeys, depending on how many enter.

Winner will receive a fabulous prize package including:

* the Clown Forum mug of their choice
* the Clown Egg Contest winner award icon next to their name (see past winners Sassafras, Shoq, and Flower)
* various extra props and buttons yet to be determined

I worked with flash for about an hour and threw together the artwork displayed below, submitted it, and went back the next day to check what the clowns had said about it. Apparently clowns have no sense of humor, and this message was displayed instead

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Why? So I traveled to the site via a Proxy instead and it seems they deleted my post too, what a bunch of clowns . . .

Happy Easter

I really spent a lot of time on that egg too ...

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